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TEMU - What Is Your Regular/Staple Purchases from There?

Wondering what all of you regularly buy from Temu. Or if you have any highly recommended products/successful purchases from Temu?


Best Way to Get Cheaper Hoyts Tickets

Wondering if you know of any tips tricks for scoring cheaper Hoyts tickets. Entx ones in Chch are getting pricey..

What Is The Lowest Cost Entry to Smallish Size PHEV World? Leaf EV Seems to Have Low Ish Cost but Unchartered Territory for Us

Hey all - we are after a small size (preferably small/max efficiency) car to travel around 50-60km/s per day. Obviously would love to travel 300kms+ but right now would be happy with run around car …

SD Card - 150MB/S+ Write Speed - NZ or Overseas?

Wondering if its better to buy a higher performance SD card from one of the local shops or order from Amazon or Ebay etc? Searching the history of something like Sandisk Extreme Pro - V90 /UHS-II …

Ferrero Rochers/Toblerone - Last Year's Half Price Deals from Warehouse

I bought a bunch of these last year and was great for gifting purposes. Have you seen similar deals come and go or is it too early in December for it?

Black Friday iOS App Deals? How and Where

BF deals on iOS apps? How and where do you find them?

Recommend Any Good CGM Continuous Glucose Monitor

There are some available for thousand dollars but some are around hundred dollars. Wondering if anyone here have any experience with these monitors and any recommendations? Thanks.

Mid-Size SUV PHEV Recommendations Please

Asking for parents. MG HS PHEV looks ideal in terms of size, budget and good value offers however NZ is still only showing the old model and not the new shape. They are open to other brands.


NordVPN Missing The Option to Connect to Turkey/India/Argentina etc

I was with Surfshark for few years and recently joined Nord but for some reason there is no Turkey or India option on the country list.. Really would prefer not having to sign up to Surfshark again …

General VPN - Was Looking at Reddit Recommendations but Not Sure if I Can Trust Them

There is a VPN comparison table which seems legit - https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/comments/m736zt/vpn_comparison_… Lots of reviews for PureVPN but when you click on the redditor promoting it, …

Hearing Aids Costing Upwards of $6000 - Is It Just Me or Are They a Total Rip?

My old man just got a few quotes to get hearing aids and they start around $4k to 12k! I tried on the ones that my mom has for shiz and giggles and it just sounded just like my airpods/sony noise …

Burner Mobile Numbers for Activation Purposes - Any Recommendations?

Hey all, wondering if there is a recommended site for getting mobile numbers for sms activations? I used to have 5sim but for nz/au numbers they keep failing to generate the numbers.. Tried a few …

Zero or low calorie Konjac/Shirataki noodles - anyone uses them?

Anyone here buy the “zero noodle” range ? Essentially noodles made from konjac, bugger all calories and wife has been getting into it but they are super expensive compared to regular ones. I …

Recommend Any Apple Homekit Compatible Smart Plugs/Lights/Automation Kits?

I can only find the ones on Apple website and searching here I can see that Belkin Wemo isn't recommended. Currently we have TP Link Kasa but the older one which doesn't work with Apple …

Kogan Mobile

Anyone Have Issues with Receiving 'verification Codes' to Your Kogan Mobile?

I've only encountered this 2 or 3 times earlier in the year but since then was all good. No issues receiving bank codes etc. But last night I was trying to log into Paypal, they sent …

poll Calling All Veteran Cheapies Historical Knowledge- Would Latest iPhone Pro (14) Models Have Discount on Xmas/Boxing Day?

Thinking if whether to wait for boxing day to get the 14 pro/pro max + a watch and chargers to go with it. If yes, what would be the best potential best case scenario? Or, in other words is there a …

poll Kogan Vs Kmart - Which One Generally Has Better Build Quality?

Kogan seems to have few things on sale that we are interested in but it looks like they are very similar priced to items from Kmart. For instance, Kogan air fryer is half price at $139 where Kmart …

Retail Stores Chains: Who Has Better after Sales Support and Warranty Process?

Hey all! So looking at buying a microwave and few appliances soon for elderly parents. Previously I've had great support from Harvey Norman especially Moorhouse as any faulty kitchen appliance …