Calling All Veteran Cheapies Historical Knowledge- Would Latest iPhone Pro (14) Models Have Discount on Xmas/Boxing Day?

Thinking if whether to wait for boxing day to get the 14 pro/pro max + a watch and chargers to go with it. If yes, what would be the best potential best case scenario?
Or, in other words is there a better/best way to buy iPhones cheapiest way?

Update: I have just added a poll as well for my own sanity. My iPhone 12 Pro is still going strong but been thinking of upgrading for a while.

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    Wait till Xmas/Boxing day
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    Buy now and save time


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    Im gonna say no. Stock is still pretty scarce in retail stores. At best The Market may do a 5% off Apple sale but their last one a couple of weeks ago excluded 14 pro models as theres no stock in Noel Leeming.
    You might get a deal on the watch and chargers though

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    Historically I cannot see iphones going on sale during boxing day, for example for the 13 pro last year had no discounting during the xmas period and if you search cheapies for deals involving iphones, you'll see they are all 5% deals via theMarket or similar.

  • Apple seems to run the "buy product X, and get Y gift voucher" these days, as opposed to discounting the product. So assuming the products you are after are in that sale, you may consider buying them separately to utilise the voucher obtained in the first purchase.

    Highly likely to see some old iphone xr's, or 11's on discount from jb or somewhere, but thats just clearing stock generally.

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    Boxing day will come by in a flash. No harm in waiting it out especially if the 12pro is going strong.

  • As an aside, unless you’re specifically after the better camera, you’re desperate for the ProMotion display, or your current phone isn’t working well, there’s probably no reason to upgrade.

    I bought a 14 Pro Max to replace an 11 Pro Max because of 5G, faster Face ID, MagSafe and because my battery had degraded to ~60%.

    You’ll have different reasons for upgrading, but the 12 Pro does the majority of what the new model does.

    • I used my friend's phone with 120hz and absolutely loved it, display is one of the main reasons.

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