Retail Stores Chains: Who Has Better after Sales Support and Warranty Process?

Hey all! So looking at buying a microwave and few appliances soon for elderly parents.

Previously I've had great support from Harvey Norman especially Moorhouse as any faulty kitchen appliance product under warranty just got replaced straight away.

Now, I'm not sure if that will be the case with PbTech. They sell a very small range of kitchen appliances at decent prices when on sale but can't decide if whether to buy from them because they are cheaper vs a store like Farmers.

Products that I'm looking at is exclusive to certain retailers otherwise I would have bought from Harvey Norman or Smith City etc.

I have also asked Farmers to price match but they wouldn't.

Anyone have previous experience who can advise? Would an every day appliance like microwave if becomes faulty within warranty period, would they have to "send it in" to repair/assess vs replace?


  • The choice to replace or repair falls with the retailer generally. If they perceive it'll be cheaper to repair that's what they'll go for. Oh and don't get hung up on 'warranty period' as that is superseeded by the CGA, (even though many retailers will tell you that you'll have to pay to repair the device because it's outside warranty - just go forearmed with CGA Knowledge, [perhaps even a printout or similar], in the event you have an issue). I've heard/read that PB Tech can be a bit difficult if you have a product problem and I had ONE instance of that several years ago with an SSD hard drive. They refused to replace an SSD drive which had faulted less than two years after purchase because there appeared to be some small damage to a sticker on the device. I got them to see the error of their ways pretty easily. Have read very bad things about Noel Leemings lying about the CGA cover to clients. Maybe they've learnt their lesson after they got fined quite a lot of $$ ? Anyway as I say if you have an issue simply go armed with knowledge of the appropriate CGA legislation and don't back down.

    • Agree completely. PbTech still is very average to deal with. I've had great service from a handful of sales staff but it usually tends to be their manager that makes life harder.

      I'm wondering if it's worth to pay extra and go with Farmers or Smith City maybe?

      I heard that JbHifi, Farmers etc offer "voluntary" 2 years warranty even if the manufacturer only offers 1 year standard. I wonder if that's because they know they'll have to oblige under CGA so may as well offer extra warranty as a sales incentive?

  • Warranties are something I just generally ignore. I"ve had a couple of 'loud discussions' with staff at various shops in regard to the CGA. I've never had them refuse service as they can't legally do so. The situation with parallel imports is a little bit different however:…

    • I guess the difference is that stores with "good" policies or in other words better after sales support, they just replace the product or order the faulty part straight away without any hassles.

      Otoh, some stores you have to go through fair bit of 'loud discussions' like you said, and or have to deal with the hassle of them 'sending it in' for assessment which takes 2 weeks minimum and then another couple of weeks for resolution etc.

      Just trying to gauge if one retail chain is better than the other from your personal experience..

    • Personally I always do this via email. Then there's no need to have to stand there and correct someone who should know the law, and have them get snotty with you because you did. Also a record of when you contacted and their response.

  • Well my Wife and I tend to use Betta Electrical as they will normally 'come to the party' or pretty much so in regard to equivalent pricing to Noel Leemings or other retailers. They may be slightly more expensive at times but not a lot. They also, in this town anyway, are a small local store and we DO like to support local. The other thing is that they are an electrical/appliance REPAIR store and they have 'In house' techs. So that if something breaks it doesn't have to be sent away. I would far rather buy from these guys than anyone else. Twice this year we have bought a whiteware appliance, (Dryer and new Washer), from them for those reasons.

    • Bummer, they aren't in my city! Sounds like a great store!

  • I feel like the after sales support can vary between individual staff members as well as individual stores/branches, so it’s kind of hard to make a general statement suggesting one company has better support than another.
    From personal experience and depending on the timing of the issue, i’ve had great support and resolution when contacting the manufacturer directly as opposed to going back to the store who act as a middle man.

  • Where are you based? Because of Costco's return policy and approach to customer service, they are my first choice when it comes to home appliances.

  • Being a cheapie, I'm happy with TWH and Kmart. Most of the time they will just refund.

  • Stay a mile from extended warranties at Noel Leeming. Under $500 replacement for critical items like Chromebooks are about as useful as it gets. Almost everything else is just cga repackaged. Check out how the first page essentially says that they're the same thing aside from some semantics around applicability and the lemon cover.

    Lots of brands are just pointless to buy on. Fitbit, JBL, surface items aren't things that are repaired. Microsoft used to just do refurbs (which leads to a graveyard of surface pro 4/5 in a lot of IT closets) (they actually offer a 3 year manufacturers cover to comply with NZ / AU consumer law, but advertise it as 1 year, I don't know why this is but, we could malicously assume that it is to do with who is selling them). (Fitbit and jb don't repair, they just replace so as long as the product should last more than 3 years anyway you will ge the same resolution.)

    TV's and whiteware are such a ridiculous category to buy extended warranties on in New Zealand because of the cga.

    If you go into a Noel Leeming with the 'I'd like to make a cga claim for ____' then 9/10 people will help, it'll be slower than it needs to be but you'll typically get the appropriate response or resolution. Same deal with HN or even PB. If you approach with YOU BETTER FIX MY SHUT HURRR DURR DURR like honestly 9/10 clients who bought up cga when I worked behind the counter then nobody is going to be happy to help.

    re: Would an every day appliance like microwave if becomes faulty within warranty period, would they have to "send it in" to repair/assess vs replace?

    I think this is a decision typically made by the supplier not the store.

    • Thanks that is very helpful

    • Fitbit are actually shocking - I've had three watches (the same one) replaced after a year because the strap broke and it "couldn't be replaced" when actually I ended up replacing all them with (better quality) straps from AliExpress for less than $10.

      Not the I'm moaning about getting brand new watches each time. Just seems a bit wasteful (and they clearly never fixed the issue).

      (I probably could have got the last one replaced too, years after it went out of production)

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