This page is about placing display ads on ChoiceCheapies. If you represent a store/merchant, and wish to post your offers on ChoiceCheapies, please see ChoiceCheapies Guide for Store Representatives & Associates and Frequently Asked Questions for Merchants page.

Reach to New Zealand's Growing Online Shopping Community!

Thank you for your interest in advertising on ChoiceCheapies! ChoiceCheapies was launched in September 2014 and has been growing ever since! It hosts an online community dedicated to finding the best bargains in New Zealand, and reaches to hundreds of thousands of New Zealand visitors every month looking for hot deals. Do you have a business that you want to reach to one of the fastest growing online shopping communities in Australia? You will find that advertising on ChoiceCheapies is one of the most cost-effective ways.

Quick Stats

Web statistics taken from Google Analytics, as of the month of December 2022.

  • 578,389 browser sessions
  • 139,415 unique users
  • 1,473,921 page views
  • 90.22% New Zealand visitors
  • 50.60% search engine traffic

See Audience Overview exported from Analytics.

Display Advertising Opportunities

OzBargain does not sell our display ads placements directly. However we are on Google's AdX and you can contact our friends at Publift to set you up. Please email them at campaigns@publift.com.

Minimum Criteria for Direct Sales

  • $10 CPM
  • $5,000 advertising spend

Inventory Sizes

Desktop 728×90, 300×250, 300×600
Mobile 300×250

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that ChoiceCheapies does not sell its display inventories directly to advertisers or media agency. All display inventories on OzBargain are sold programmatically on the exchange.

  • If you have a larger budget, please contact Publift who can set up preferred deals for you on the exchange. Email them at campaigns@publift.com.
  • If you are a merchant with a small budget, you can consider placement bidding on Google AdWords to target ChoiceCheapies. Unfortunately we are not able to provide you any support on that.

No. ChoiceCheapies does not do EDM. While we do send out daily newsletter (~6,300 subscribers as of May 2019), the only way to get into the “Popular Deals” section is to post a deal on ChoiceCheapies that's voted up by the community.