Kogan Vs Kmart - Which One Generally Has Better Build Quality?

Kogan seems to have few things on sale that we are interested in but it looks like they are very similar priced to items from Kmart.

For instance, Kogan air fryer is half price at $139 where Kmart standard price for something that looks exactly same is $139.

Are these prices inflated to give false sense of "good deal" ?

Generally speaking, would you pay more for Kogan vs something from Kmart?

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  • I'd suggest asking on the Consumer(dot)org review thread here and seeing if Consumer has ever compared appliances from the two stores. I'm pretty certain they've done some small appliances from Kmart because I remember reading something on Stuff about some Kmart appliance that Consumer said outperformed some big name brand that was like 10 times the price.


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    I couldn't say which would be better quality in general, and for any given product, it might be the opposite.

    However, if you are close to a store, I would say that KMart are likely much less hassle if any issues arise.

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      This. Kogan can be a right pain to deal with. Having said that, I recently had a good experience with them so maybe they're improving. They replaced an electric blanket without question. I just sent them a photo and they mailed a replacement out the same day.

      Compare with Kmart, if they're local that tends to be the typical in-store experience you get with them.

  • they both pretty much just use the same chinese factory. i would say kmart QC is slightly better and it's just easier to return/replace at a branch if something goes wrong.

    i'd only really buy kogan if kmart doesn't have a similar model.

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