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ChoiceCheapies is a place where we share and discover the best bargains in New Zealand. From instant noodles to the latest LED TVs, each day ChoiceCheapies uncovers great deals, promotions, and freebies that are submitted and voted on by our community. If your submission is a hot deal and receives enough votes, it is promoted to the front page for thousands of our visitors to see.

And it doesn't stop there. Maybe you want to buy something but need help finding a real bargain? Post it in our forum, and let the ChoiceCheapies community help out! Keep up with new bargains by following us on Twitter, or you can help to spread the word about ChoiceCheapies and become a fan on Facebook.

Besides sharing and discussing bargains, you can also contribute to this Wiki. A Wiki is a collaborative collection of web pages which can be directly edited by anyone. The goal for ChoiceCheapies Wiki is to create a comprehensive guide for all shoppers in New Zealand.

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