Anyone Have Issues with Receiving 'verification Codes' to Your Kogan Mobile?

I've only encountered this 2 or 3 times earlier in the year but since then was all good. No issues receiving bank codes etc.

But last night I was trying to log into Paypal, they sent verification code but after repeating few times, it never arrived. I thought it was Paypal issue but then I provided my mrs Spark number and it arrived straight away.

Has anyone encountered this before?

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    Kogan is just an MVNO under Vodafone NZ. You shouldn't have any problems receiving short codes but you are sweet out of luck if you ever want to reply to them as that is not supported. Looks like it's worked for you in the past so may have just been a Paypal or Vodafone issue at the given time?

    • Thanks, yes I wasn't trying to reply to them - Paypal sent me verification code/security code when I was trying to log in to verify it is me.

      I think very likely not Paypal issue because:
      1. Tried with Kogan - didn't receive codes
      2. Tried with Spark on my wife's phone - worked straight away
      3. Tried with Spark on my phone 2nd SIM - worked straight away
      4. Tried with Kogan (on my phone) - still didn't work

      All within a few minutes..

      I rechecked the Mobile Data/config settings and it had "Vodafone" settings there - it used to have Kogan, but I have updated it to what it says on Kogan website -…

      I'm not sure if that was the issue because I was receiving codes from banks and other sites without any issues when I had the Voda details in there.

  • Haven't had issue with verification codes however fairly recently had an issue with (ironically enough, as per moona above) sending text messages to Vodafone numbers. Did all the troubleshooting, set all their settings, and confirmed that moving the SIM to other phones still exhibited the issue.

    After getting through their web chat's troubleshooting, they were fairly fast to resolve it - never told me what was wrong though.

    Tl;Dr is you're not going insane and it does happen, so log a call with them and they'll eventually resolve

    • Thanks for that - I'm logging a call now.
      I was second guessing if I made the right move going Kogan because you know i'm a cheapie and all lol

  • I had this issue with Uber the other day. Had to get called for my login code.
    But other services have sent there codes though fine lots of times.

    • That could suggest issue may be on Kogan/Voda end? Did you check your APN settings and confirm it is not the default "voda" settings and set to Kogan? Not sure if that will change anything.

      • I didn't look into it further because they offered a call code option.
        I haven't touched the APN on my current phone as it worked from install.
        I got my Waitomo confirmation message this morning, so it's not a constant problem.

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    I have had these login vertification issues with paypal before. I have set up google authenticator for login codes in paypal account settings ever since.

  • I have also had issues with Vodafone and short codes from Microsoft, ANZ, and even Vodafone themselves (ironic). I find it dependant on the area. I.e. the issues I have are in East Auckland, but CBD is not an issue. Have spoken to Vodafone about it once but they weren't much help beyond "have you restarted your phone?"

  • PayPal have a known issue at the moment for NZ SMS verification. I have the same issue (used to work fine with Kogan). Rang them the other day and it’s a pain in the butt cause they couldn’t remove 2FA and there are no other ways to log in without the text code.

    • But it worked straight away with my 2nd SIM from Spark and my wife's Spark mobile.. Bizarre!

  • I've had this issue with Kogan for most of this year. I require a lot of verification codes and it has been a problem. I don't regret my decision to buy the 1 year plan (it was a great deal) and I appreciate that most people don't require 2FA to do their jobs but I am looking forward switching back to 2degrees in a few days.

    • A dual sim phone with a 2d or whatever sim would be a workaround, although I've not had this problem once with Kogan. Did you ever try contacting Kogan about the issue?

  • Haven't had any issues with receiving confirmation codes on my Kogan sim. As a matter of fact received PayPal code yesterday only. And receive atleast few codes in a week. The only sms I didn't receive last week is from a bank once when opened an account. Maybe an issue from bank haven't followed up yet.

  • If you've freshly ported your number, it'll self resolve in about 2 days. That seems to be the trend with everyone I know who switched, myself included.

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