What did you buy this week?

I always find it interesting seeing what people spend their money on.

This is a place to yarn about things you recently purchased that you're excited about using, or to show how much of a shopaholic you are. Where people might find a deal that hasn't already been posted on Cheapies, and a place to ask for advice on items that have been mentioned.


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    I'll start. Last week I got:

    • Kuanto 15" wheel covers for $10.50 delivered

    • A secondhand Roborock S6 vacuum for $254 off Trade Me. My first robot vacuum so I'm pretty excited about this one.

    • NBA International League Pass for NZ$36 (GSW specific). Finally got it working on CoreELEC (Kodi). Had to ask the add-on developer for some help. OzBargain deal

    • A decent ladder for around the house for $36 (Trade Me)

    • Gigabyte AORUS AMP900 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad for $26 (Mwave)

    • Xiaomi Mijia nightlight off Aliexpress. Took advantage of CashRewards $5 cashback offer.

    • How the heck did you get a Roborock S6 for only $254? The one I'm watch listing right now is already at $505 bid.
      Is there a way to buy from Mwave and ship to NZ that I don't know about?
      Teach me the ways cheapies master.

      • Very lucky with the vacuum. It hasn't arrived yet, but the dealer has 100% positive feedback and had comments stating that her products are in good nick. Her description was average and her photos didn't include all of the things that come with it (charger etc.), but her response to the questions asked told me all I needed to know. She had a buy now of $230 so I just went for it 😄. It had only been up for a few hours and I can see why others hadn't jumped at it yet (lack of information). Should arrive today or tomorrow.

        Mwave ships to NZ (and has done so for a while I think). Can be a bit pricy depending on the product. I had a $20 voucher so thought I'd use it before I forgot about it.

    • @Wakrak - I'll try do the same for an NBA League Pass too. My VPN doesnt work to do this anymore. Hoping I can ask for your help if I have trouble following the the instructions on Oz Bargain.

      • Yep all good. TunnelBear might work for you (free VPN).

        • Just signed up today via the methods you and the other guy put up. Did you have to wait for the 7 day trial before you got charged at the VPN Country South Africa ?

          Hoping it charges at the South African price at the end of my 7 day trial..

          • @HappyChipMonk: Pretty sure I got charged R369.99 straight away.

            • @Wakrak: @Wakrak ahh dam… mine say after 7 days.. will wait and see whether its a big hit or not

              • @HappyChipMonk: I got hit right away too. even if it said 7 day trial thing.

              • @HappyChipMonk: Just saw these comments on OzBargain.

                "Its forcing me to use 7 day free trial but I signed up, it only let me pay in the Rand. Still works out cheap, hope it doesnt randomly charge me full AU prices after 7 days."

                7 days later….

                "Yep soz didn’t see this. For future reference after 7 days it charges you the amount in USD or Rand from the VPN route and not AU prices."

    • Gigabyte AORUS AMP900 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad just arrived. Rate it highly.

  • 1-day 5$ items and fast hoodie.. what else did you buy recently?

  • 4 x 16TB Seagate Exos HDD from China for $2300 NZD incl shipping and duties
    1 x Contour Unimouse from China $100 NZD incl shipping
    1 x Microsoft Ergo keyboard from China $100 NZD incl shipping
    1 x Lego Flintstones (Thanks to the $10 off $99 spend voucher and free market+ shipping) $100 free shipping
    1 x Dell U3219Q $1289.36 inc shipping

    (Looking to buy mop + bucket combo!)

    • What 16TB Drives did you get? i am in the market for some, although maybe not that big. i was looking at a 12 or 14

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        Seagate Exos X16 ST16000NM001G 256MB 16TB - I was looking into the 8TB Exos but they have a higher failure rate than the 16TB Exos

        • I was going to DM you, but looks like you have that turned off. Where did you get them from?

    • Fast hoodie
    • Chair from Trade Me
    • Belkin power board from Warehouse stationery with 10% welcome voucher and price beat
    • Fried Chicken using Menulog $15 off
    • 1-Day items with Free Shipping
    • Products from The market with a $20 referral code with an old sim card I had.
    • Vinyl from JB Hi-Fi
    • Waterbottle from Kathmandu
    • +1

      What vinyl did you grab?

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    8 x $15 xbox gift cards (Mighty ape deal)
    1 x Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse with a bunch of toilet papers as fillers to reach $99 (themarket deal)
    1 x discounted hello fresh box (40% off code)
    a bunch of junk items (1-day deal)
    1 x kids school photos (@rip off prices)

    Wanted to get more stuff but had to try very hard to restrain myself:
    Toshiba hard disks
    Lego City
    Junk from EB Games
    Sony DualSense Controller + NBA 2K22 Jumpstart Bundle

    • Likewise. Waiting for L2 to come back to the Waikato so I can go into Mitre10 and do a bit of pricematching on a new hose and water blaster. & I'm trying to figure out what to spend this $20 Zip voucher on.

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    KTM 390 Adventure motorbike for $9800 (new)

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      Well, you’re in first place for most money spent 😄

  • p5 plus 1TB SSD along with heat sink from Amazon AU for me ps5 ….. some sh*t gets sent here(AKL) and some across the ditch (Mel), safety boots from Amazon AU (bought 2 one sent here and one for Mel. tie rod end dust boot cover for FD (Mel).

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    Good thread.
    This week I've only purchased two things of note:

    A usb c cable
    A flow wrapper.

    (If anyone has experience with flow wrappers please let me know).

    • Quite the price gap between the two items 😄

      • And only one of them through Cheapies.

    • What are you wrapping?

      • I will be wrapping ice blocks.

        • Interesting, is it quite a big machine? As in output wise?

          • @Foodie: Physical size is a touch under 4m long. Output… Upto (approximately) 120 units per minute. I currently don't need it to move that quickly, just future proofing haha.

  • +2

    Kathmandu - purchases of socks using a $20 voucher that wasn't redeemed properly the first time. ($45 - 40% - $20) x 2

    Free countdown bunch samples - 1kg of sausages, 500g rolled oats

    RTX 3060 ti and 850w psu - my left kidney

    $80 of jbhifi vouchers from surveys

    • 3060ti… nice.

      • +1

        My 970 died, would have rather not had to buy a gfx card but 3060ti seemed to be the best price point compared to other cards around it.
        Was a nice feeling plugging it in though.

    • What surveys give jbhifi vouchers? Assume it took a long time to get $80 worth?

      • Took about a month, valued opinions is what I used. It was posted in the forums

    • Are you part of something to receive countdown samples?

      • Yes, its called bunch.
        It's hard to get into it now.

  • this trampoline
    this tool cabinet and the tool chest that sits on top but not listed on their site.
    some items i dont need from 1day thanks to ColdestPandy
    and discounted fried chicken from Menulog thanks to Bigcheese

    • I'm looking to buy a Trampoline for my daughter. Was this cheaper during labour weekend?

      • Slightly, got a free slide. I'd wait till black friday for the next sale, just in case they do a special then. Otherwise call them and maybe they can still offer the same deal.

      • Free basketball hoop summer promo

  • Two orders from 1 day.
    One order from the warehouse.
    One soundbar from the market.

    I asked if Noel Leeming can match the 5% off on the market but they said they can't which was weird because the soundbar is also on their market store. Anyway, I bought it and it arrived in two hours. Very impressed with the delivery speed.

    The reason they gave me was "We can't match the item hence there's no additional 5% off since they are not part of the price match offer." I always thought they would match any items?

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      pricematches are funny things, sometimes it depends on the salesperson, sometimes the actual policy itself is written to avoid pricematching in the first place.

      • +1

        Yes, same as the csc buying group discount. I bought something from NL Manukau awhile ago and the salesperson told me I had to pay the 2% credit card surcharge as they can't absorb the fee when I use csc discount. But my friend bought something from NL Botany and didn't pay the 2%.

        • it's a y/n prompt on their tills and phones; it can make or break their margin target so if its something small they'll normally ignore it, but if its something pricey and their store manager is a meanie who growls because there's not 11% on that invoice… then they'll probably make you pay it.

          • guess what I did for a few years.
      • +1

        If it's noel leeming it's absolutely on the salesperson!

        Back in the day i'd absolutely pricematch to secure those sweet samsung rewards

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      Two things there.

      Pricematching usually doesn't include coupon codes calculated into the cost. Some people have gotten away with it with Super Cheap Auto and special member pricing, but most of the time it's denied. At least in my experience.

      I have a feeling that pricematching between The Market, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary & Noel Leeming isn't allowed because they're all part of The Warehouse Group.

      I've never done a pricematch at Noel Leeming so I could be way off.

      • When you put it this way, it does make sense as they all belong to the same group. Thanks

        • But their fine print won’t state anything like that

    • +1

      coupon offers are 'exclusive' and excluded. if it was over labour day then i'd be doubtful the store even had 5% to take off

  • I've recently acquired…

    a convoy Convoy S12 with 325nm led's - everytime i want a UV light i dont have one.
    A divoom pixelart alarm clock - the kids should enjoy waking up with this :) - thanks wakrak for the aliexpress coupons you posted..
    Some coffee from amazon au.. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07KSCK6R3

    Lots of other stuff but thats not so interesting

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (2021) for $254.99 from PB Tech. Good special - it's now $385.

    • Let us know how they go. I have Sennheiser HD380 Pro (main desktop headphones, battlers), Edifier TWS1 Pro (Phone & TV), & Jabra Enterprise Evolve 75 (work). Always keen to upgrade if price and product is good.

      • Go Sony xm4 or even xm3. They so good

      • +1

        Yeah I will - when they arrive (A little boy waits lol). I also have Jabra Active Elite 75t. These are very good. bass sounds great and their ANC works really well. I work with Aeroplanes and am often within 20 metres of running TurboProps and Helicoptors. I use the buds to receive phone calls. Also I use them as EarMuffs lol. They're nearly as good as my Class 5 industrial earmuffs - no kidding. The Jabra will Not work with my laptop but they work with the Tv. Jabra say they're not really setup to work with Windows computers but I've read of some people who had luck with them. I'm buying the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro mainly to assist me at home with my hearing the Tv and the Wife, (lol).


      • +2

        Well I got the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Been fiddling around with them. I don't have a high end Samsung phone or tablet just now so theres some functions I may be missing but so far they seem to be ok.

        Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

        Hear-thu: VERY GOOD(inbuilt amp)
        Music: Pretty Good
        Anc: Ok
        User Controls: Ok(can be touchy)

        Jabra Elite Active 75t:

        Hear thru: ok (no amp)
        Music: GOOD (plenty bass)
        Anc: BETTER
        User Controls: VERY GOOD(buttons)

        Personally I got the Samsungs to improve my hearing with the TV and Wife. They're GOOD for that !

      • Hey, This is an old post, how do you find the Jarba noise cancelling? I have some Sennheiser headphones that I use at work, the noise-cancelling is good for music; however when on team calls if one of my workmates is talking whoever I talk to gets their voice blasted at them. So I now switch to a wired headset for teams calls. Curious to know if this is something that is remedied with the higher end headphones. (I am looking at the Evolve 65 but I could be convinced I need better :D)

  • Bought a couple supplements from Homegrownprimal.co.nz.

    I got the Boost and Thrive

  • +1
    1. Jabra Elite Active 75t with Wireless Charging for $186 from Noel Leeming via themarket last week. Loving it. Happy to say that it has 2 active simultaneous connections windows laptop & Iphone in case anyone is wondering.

    2. Bunch of Xiaomi Smart sensors (door sensor, motion sensor, temp & humidity) from Aliexpress using the SocialGood promo. All purchases tracked in SG, hopefully I can recover atleast 25% of my spend eventhough it says 100% cashback. Placed order for couple of Shelly's for switches. Happily using Home Assistant for all the integrations.

    • You're lucky to get your Jabra Active Elite 75t's to connect to your laptop. Mine just wont. Jabra say they're not set up for connecting to computers. I guess it'll work with some. Lucky.

      • +1

        Yes. I am aware, so was skeptical on pulling the trigger as I wanted it specifically for this reason. Also, wanted something below $200 with good fit, battery and water proof. Luckily it all worked out in the end. Damn happy with it.

        By the way you can use the jabra bluetooth link on laptop.

        • Hmmm what do you mean 'jabra bluetooth link' ?
          I have tried setting them up thru the bluetooth menus on the laptop - It'll set them up and even offer to connect but at that point nothing happens.

          Ah google tells me it's a little hardware usb device.
          I'm not going there for the Jabra's as I have a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro arriving sometime soon on the courier and they should connect easily. Thanks for the thought tho.

          • +1

            @Drcspy: I am talking about this. There are older versions as well which works. Normally you get this with Enterprise level headsets like Evolve series.

            Available in pbtech or maybe second hand

  • Price matched this Makita skill saw with Mitre10 for $322

  • +1

    LEGO CITY Stunt Show Arena 60295 from The Market, $130 from The Warehouse was already cheap but I got my sister to sign up for The Market so I got a $20 code, free postage.
    LEGO 10289 Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise from Amazon AU for about $125 NZ including postage, it's $180+ in NZ. Also got another set of LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280, about $80, $100 here when in stock.
    I'd booked a room at WLG Rydges a while ago, was a good rate then and included breakfast, I cancelled it last week and rebooked without breakfast for $101 cheaper! ($129 on Booking.com, free upgarde to king south facing). We eneded up with Koru lounge passes from our credit card so had "free" (and really good) breakfast in there, $101 saved.
    The $15 off Mighty Ape promo was great, got a cook book ($39 on special, $55 on The Market), secret santa present and some baby stuff.
    Teeny Weeny Cozi Sleeper bassinet, my wife was onto the Farmers sale, $299 was good, then I found one pretty much the same on TradeMe for $130, yesss.

    • +1

      Just looking at Farmers actually. They have a couple dining tables at a good price. Might go with Farmers, iFurniture or Furniture Zone. Would go second-hand but the ol' Nissan Tiida isn't known for its house moving capabilities.

  • G502 wireless mouse via the marketdeal
    Hyper X Cloud Wireless via a great labour deal from Computer Lounge - price went up the next morning, managed to grab some for mid 150s and they retail for $300
    A bunch of random stuff using the 1 day deals
    3x items from Huffer using that deal
    Grabbed a free HelloFresh box
    Awaiting my Samsung S21 Ultra to arrive from Australia via the deal posted in OzBargain. (worked my ass off to make this one work, had to get mates in aussie to collect and sign up to things etc and had to graft big time for discount codes from samsung support but overall getting a S21 ultra custom color for $835 brand new. They retail for $1700+ here)
    Also bought the Xiaomi Fitness tracker from PBTech for a Xmas Gift

    So yeah my banks not looking pretty

    • Wish we could get those Samsung website discounts over here eh. Which Xiaomi tracker did you get? Partner has been wanting the 'lite' version, but I told her to do a bit more research to make sure it has everything she wants, especially vs. Mi band 6. We have a $100 The Market voucher but she better make up her mind quick otherwise they'll be a delivery full of toys and tools coming this way with my name on it.

      • Those free ANZ Olympic trackers were really good in case you ordered 1. I think better features than the 'lite' version.

        • +1

          I'm a BNZ boy 😢

    1. Buro three-lever office chair from Trade Me for $50 (goes great with the electric standing desk I bought not too long ago, back feels so much better)
    2. Some carpet mats to protect me carpet from FB marketplace for $20
    3. Xiaomi desk lamp from the Mi store for $59
    4. Underbed storage boxes from Bunnings for $9.98 each
    5. Contact lenses from Specsavers
    6. Various home stuff from FB Marketplace

    I moved to my new place and have basically no furniture. Itching for stores to open so I can test out a couch!

    • Likewise. Need a new couch but can't go in-store to do the bum test. We were sitting on the floor for a week but then managed to get some second-hand chairs. Good enough for now.

      • See any good deals for couches? Looks like Danske Mobler and Freedom have some on sale.

        • I'm not too clued up when it comes to couch prices. $900-$1200 seems to be the normal price for a decent 3-seater.

          Haven't checked out too many places either. Nood, Harvey Norman, Target Furniture and a couple others so far. I wouldn't mind checking out Lifestyle Furniture and iFurniture here in Hamilton .

          So far we're leaning towards Nood or Target Furniture. Early days though.

          • +2

            @Wakrak: Freedom, Nood & Harvey Norman have good couches if you can find a good bargain. Their quality is much better.

            I bought one from Harvey Norman almost 2 years back for $2400 on special. It's a 6 seater recliner corner sofa.

  • +1

    Got 4 Thing Thing branded tshirts from hyper ride $72.55 using the CLEAR10 discount code

    Youtube premium + youtube music monthly subscription $2.45 using India VPN trick

    2 x Gillette Mach 3 Turbo + 9 Blades for $49.98 free shipping and used $10 discount code

    $48.38 aliexpress for Baseus usb c hub 8-in one

    $55 for magic blanket babies using $10 coupon from the market

    $53 for zuru pets alive booty shakin pug,
    Lego city sports car, lego city police helicopter (took advantage of $5 warehouse coupon and buy 1 lego get 1 half price)

    $87.70 for 3 dresses at Zara for my daughter

    • "Youtube premium + youtube music monthly subscription $2.45 using India VPN trick"

      Can you tell me more please?

      • Connect to India VPN and then from your youtube app, click on manage membership, subscribe to youtube premium, it should show you the cost 129Rs per month

        • Thanks! Seems to have worked

          Cancelled my existing sub though my laptop, says paid benefits will carry on to renewal date
          Received a confirmed cancellation email
          Downloaded TunnelBear to my Iphone and signed up for a free trial (cant install on work laptop)
          Went to Youtube and memberships
          Had the option to sign up in Rupees
          Entered my card details and a Indian address
          Got a confirmed subscription email next payment will be taken at the renewal date

          Question will be whether the payment goes through OK or, even worse Google / Youtube pick up on it and block my account

          • @Madao: My payment went through fine, waiting for renewal date to see what happens

            • @offroad: Had an email saying my payment failed. I set it up with an Amex card, which is what I was using paying it previously. There was a message saying something about the bank of india only accepts cards that take recurring payments?!

              I put in my Visa card and it seems the subscription has processed as its moved my next subscription date to December. I had to go in again and set the card as my secondary payment method which seems to have triggered a validation transaction of 4 cents, which I assume will drop off in a few days.

              • @Madao: Thanks for the heads up, i started my subscription on 26oct, so lets see what happens on monthly renewal

              • @Madao: Mine didn’t renew, got an email saying:
                We had a little trouble processing your last payment for YouTube Premium. In fact, you may have already seen an email from Google letting you know there was an issue charging your credit or debit card.

                • @offroad: Yes, thats the message I got.

                  I used my ANZ visa CC to pay but seeing as thats the same type you got the error on too I expect it will fail next month now.

                  Annoying if it wont take a recurring payment but will take one offs. Doing that each month will be a chore but worth it to save 10 bucks or so i guess.

                  • @Madao: Yeah dont mind doing it every month manually a we are saving so much money

                  • @Madao: My cousin in states bought yearly subscription with his American credit card just for Rs1159. He said he did it from desktop. I will try the same next month.

              • @Madao: Had to go put my csv code and pay manually, now says renewal date next month but payment might decline next month again as it looks like my ANZ credit card doesnt allow automatic payments to this Indian service

                • @offroad: Payment appears to have debited fine today from my ANZ Visa CC, set as secondary payment method. Updated service date says next payment not due until Jan now.

                  • @Madao: Thanks for the update, how do u setup secondary payment method?

                    • +1

                      @offroad: Top right menu in Youtube theres an option for purchases and memberships and under manage membership option for backup payment method

          • +1

            @Madao: No issues here, been using it for few years now

      • I have been using YP family plan(5 accounts) for few months for around ~$3.6. No issues with the payments. It's better cost effective if you can share it others. I have

        • Safer too. Create an alt and become family members off it. If anything goes wrong hopefully the alt is punished

  • Hozelock Ultra Flex Fitted Hose 30m.

    Mitre10 just dropped the price by $20 for Club members ($79.98 > $59.98). Used one of my (OzBargain) giftpay vouchers, paying just $10 overall. Have been watching the price for a week or so now and $59 is a welcomed surpise. Was tossing up between this and the Gardena, but Hozelock seems to have a better reputation when it comes to surviving the elements.

    Now I'm just waiting for a good price on a pressure washer. Leaning towards the Ryobi RPW140-G at Bunnings. Pressure bar and flow rate seem decent for the price. Or the RPW150-G if the price is right. Next will be educating myself on car cleaning and getting the right MJJC foam cannon from Aliexpress. Singles day coming up so might be a good time to get one.

    • I got Karcher k3 with deck kit for around $200(don't remember exact). They are available at supercheap as well and many times goes on sale for around $220.

      • That's definitely another option, especially if it goes down to the price you mentioned. K2 seems pretty meh with a pressure bar of 110 and Flow L/Hr 360. K3 will be easier to pricematch too. Currently watching prices at SCA, Repco, Trade Tested, Placemakers, The Market, Mitre10, & Bunnings.

        • Some have different model no./kits so it becomes hard to price match. But yes I bought from Mitre10 with SCA pricematch. I think when M10 was doing those coupon things($10/$20 on $100 spend)

        • +1

          Last time super cheap had 30% off club day me and another member of public haggled a price beat from mitre ten. The manager begrudgingly accepted the 15% off.
          Worked out good lol. Much better than my cheap ozito

  • 65 piece socket set @ The Market
    Brass hose fittings @ The Market
    15" wheel covers @ Super Cheap
    Galvanized shelf unit (4 shelf) @ Super Cheap

    = $33 for the lot. Had a couple vouchers to use + took advantage of the $10 off $50 (Super Cheap Auto) deal.

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