What did you buy this week?

I always find it interesting seeing what people spend their money on.

This is a place to yarn about things you recently purchased that you're excited about using, or to show how much of a shopaholic you are. Where people might find a deal that hasn't already been posted on Cheapies, and a place to ask for advice on items that have been mentioned.


        • It is a great SUV. I had a 2006 model few years back and it was great.

    • Let us know how good that Mi Air pump is. I almost bought it last month or so back but got distracted and missed the discount. I think I was getting it around ~$55 delivered.

      • Will do. I missed the last sale too but thought ahh bugger it. Need it sooner rather than later for my bike.

      • Bought this a little over a week ago from Wakrak's link and it arrived today. Absolutely no English in the instructions but had a go on the car slow leak puncture and it works a treat

        • Got yours before I did. Hopefully arrives this week.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Quickest AliExpress delivery ever. Currently on its first charge up, staying close in case of fire.

    • how much did u pay? Im planning to get the hybrid version

      • 34k. Didn't even know there was a hybrid version.

    • Is the RM4 any good?
      I've got an aircon that has a Wifi adapter but it's too old to have Alexa control.
      Was thinking this might be an option.

      • +1

        Yes. I am happy with it. I already had one in bedroom, bought another one for living room. It is controlling aircon, tv & humidifier perfectly. Have it integrated with Home Assistant. The other one also has temperature & humidity sensor in cable which is handy if you want to setup rules around that to start/stop aircon.

        Only thing you need to consider is, it has be in sight with all the IR devices you want to control it. but it is very small so not a worry for me.

        This one also gets Alexa, google integration. So now I can even tell Alexa to control aircon. It is great with few drawbacks like it can't tell you the current status so you might have to assume the status in case you want to change it. Not a big issue for me as aircon commands doesn't do anything if it is in the same state. TV is a issue sometimes as it can change the status to on/off.

        I didn't had any issues with it connecting to internet as lots of reviews suggest. All in all I can definitely recommend it for this price range.

        • Thanks.
          Sounds like it might work for my needs.
          I can definitely place it within sight of the aircon.

          • @bigcheese: I also second that the Broadbalink RM4 is a good option. Theres a generic IR blaster and also a heatpump/air specific version. You can also get one that has a longer cable that acts as an arial if you need it to hide the main unit.
            Recommend checking AliExpress pricing too if delivery timeframes are not a concern

            • @Tmurder91: Lately I feel amazon is cheaper than aliexpress many times. Also, sometimes you have coupons on amazon which helps.

              AliExpress is becoming more expensive due to higher shipping costs.

              • @ace310: very true. I was lucky to score mine for the low $20s but I have noticed some other things like zigbee sensors and hubs are better off getting a deal off somewhere in Australia via ozbargin

                • @Tmurder91: Just received Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Water Leak Sensor few days back. Cheaper than Ali.

                  • @ace310: me too!! lol great minds. I also picked up a hub from Hekka using their welcome joining discount a few months back

                    • @Tmurder91: Don't really see any use for the hub, as I control using zigbee coordinator via HomeAssistant. Running flawlessly since more than a year now. Got motion sensors, button switches, contact sensors, leak sensor. Best thing I have in terms of Home automation.

  • +2
  • A few recognizable items here.

    adidas shirt $15.75 delivered
    1x echo dot 3 / 2x echo show 5
    Jellycat x2 Onceit (thank you $20 for $10 deals)
    Maxi Cosi Mico AP: $180 for six months
    Bosch WAN24121AU

    Amazon AU

    • Where do you find the amazon deals Wakrak?

    • Charged $32.50 for the 2x twelve boxes of tissues. $1.35 per box delivered. Not bad.

      • How did you manage this? Somehow in getting $22.xx for delivery 😐

        • +1

          Just lucky. Usually paper towels, tissues & toilet paper come with a high shipping fee (as you mentioned), but for some reason, on the day I bought them, the shipping was free with $65 spend.

          Have already been shipped.

  • Original xbox bulk games off trademe. Retro gaming just gets more and more popular especially since the pandemic. Games are getting dearer and rarer. PlayStation one game prices are soaring original xbox are following

  • Getting ready for Xmas camping, Amazon had 5-10% off when you spent X amount on a range of Heinz food items a few weeks ago, they just arrived today. 30 cans of Heinz (Watties in NZ) soups/meals. 6 each of butter chicken, peppered steak, steak & mushroom, chicken & corn and ravioli @ $3.06ea delivered. The ones that are available in NZ are currently $4 each on special at Countdown so I saved around 25%.

    Also a dozen MTR vegetarian ready meals for about $2.20 each that sell for around $4 in NZ.

  • Boxing gloves $15 Lee warehouse. Super cheap sporting goods

  • +7

    Bought from Trade Me in the last week

    Oculus Quest 2 256gb $330
    Oculus Quest 2 256gb $400
    Oculus Quest 2 256gb $499.99

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone $660

    Gibson Melody Maker D 2007 Satin White $980

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 MSI Suprim X $779

    All from scammers. I've been hitting buy now on their auctions afterhours when TM live chat isn't up just to get them off the site so no one loses any money, they've started to block me from their auctions now so it's even easier for me to tell that a new account is a scammers and report it. TM credited $20 onto my account when I reported the last one so I guess doing good deeds does have its rewards.

    • Legend!

    • There's a trader selling Huawei y9 Prime phones for a rediculous $399. Bought mine new three years ago for $300. But the dodgy part is they're advertising it as 6gb ram and they're 4gb. Have informed the trader and also trademe but they're still there last I looked, maybe you know a way to bust that scam?

      • Interesting about TradeMe ignoring the advice. I wonder what their legal position would be, if someone got scammed, and complained to TradeMe, and asked whether they had any advice about the listing / user beforehand.

    • That's awesome! TY.

    • considering we paid a bit over $550 for our 64gb quest 2 brand new from occulus.com (whatever it is now), it's insane that even used ones are >$700

  • Samsung A 73 phone noel leeming. $602 after "the market" 10% off. Priceme price history information says its never been below $650.
    6.7 amoled screen 6gb ram 5g 5000ma battery. But it's the superb camera wanted it for mostly

    • There is a full deal post on this already (few days ago)?

      The A73 does look good at $600.

  • Bought Sony Bravia A80k 65" for $3150 from JB as they have 3 year warranty even though it will most likely be covered under cga.

  • +2

    Some good deals off Trade Me that I just went and picked up

    Sonos Play 1 - $20
    HP LaserJet Pro M15w with extra cartridge & Canon Selphy, boxed, with 2 reams of photo paper - $20
    Kathmandu Roamer Rotary Airer + cheap Anko iron & ironing board - $20
    Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum - $100
    Breville The Barista BES870 - $100

    and arriving Monday God Of War Ragnarok for PS5 $70 delivered

    • Nice, some really good scores there

  • +1

    Nothing amazing of late.

    Reebok cap $12
    LPG Quoits Hoop Game $0 (pricing error)1
    Huggies Ultimate Newborn nappies 108pk $29.95 CW2
    45mn float session in Hamilton $60

    1. This version but from Game Kings. 

    2. Pricematch with PNS 

    • +1

      Good price for the quoits game 🤑

  • +1

    What did I buy the last 30 days:

    Edifier TWS1 Pro Earbuds $33
    Ambi Climate 2 $60
    Precision 2 Tier White Camlock Locker $32 ($0 + $32 delivery fee)
    Supercheap car cleaning gear $103
    Nike Women's Dri-FIT Swoosh Run Half Zip Layer Top $26.99
    EB Games Father's Day gift card $0.01
    Farmers Teeny Weeny coat hangers 5pk $0.01
    Warehouse Stationery x12 orders because of $7 off glitch

    • what is the $7 off glitch? :o

      • If you added $7.01 worth of items to your cart, a $7 discount appeared at checkout. Was only available for 12 or so hours (they fixed it in the morning).

        • damn, i was late to the game… how did you find out about things like this lol

          • @dealhunters: Another Cheapie shared it with me. They didn't want to share it publicly in case they cancelled the orders. But they fulfilled every order 😁

            Last time something like this was shared on here, Cheapos went crazy

  • Solar charged power bank. For the emergency kit. Got an 8000ma one off trademe $13.99 + $8 shipping. Testing reveals its only 2500ma but was expecting something like that (no brand made in china). And would still be usefull in an emergency. Though I probably should have forked out the few extra dollars for the 20 000 ma(advertised)
    It's probably around 6000ma. The solar panels are tiny, but would be able to power up the phone and have some ability for communication. Theres a great 25000ma one on ebay oeuudd is the brand, first choice of a review of them i read but well over $100 nz. And yes oeuudd is the corrret spelling ha

  • https://www.advento.co.nz/products/fast-charging-portable-so…
    Found this solar power bank that looks great if anyone's looking to upgrade their civil defense kit

    • Don't know how useful a solar panel is going to be if the weather is bad enough to cut power.

    • Don't suppose you've done much research into a solar charger that doesn't include the power bank, ie is just capable of USD output (5-20W etc)

  • Have looked ages ago but no not recently. Your correct about bad weather being not great for solar, but thats where the "bank" part is handy. Your probably referring to the cyclone fair enough its terrible and on all our minds.There are other emergencies also though earthquake, tsunami, disease and all the unlikely unforseen ones meteor strike, war etc. Certainly many other possible reasons for an emergency. Some might take out the power grid and others you might need to escape from. Extra power for your phone would be very usefull could even save you and others

  • More data on testing the $13.99 solar power bank. Data on the solar panel, a day charging on a heavily ovecast day charged my 5000ma phone battery 1% enough for half an hours use. A day (actually 9 hours) on a sunny/cloudy day charged it 4% enough for 2 hours heavy use on power saving mode. This would have been gold in the 5 days of no power water or phone after the Christchurch feb quake. So it's a valuable usefull item in a civil defense/survival/emergency kit, whatever you want to call it

  • +1

    I finally replaced my 13 year old TV (badly scratched from when it went over in the first CHCH earthquake) and my 15 year old receiver and speakers. I now have a 55" Sony X90K ($1795 at NL pricematched to Sony store) and Sonos Beam gen 2 ($750 at NL, with my existing play:1s acting as rears), very happy with my purchase.

    • +1

      Nice. I just did the same after I was forced to replace when I moved TV cabinet and the TV panel hit it's corner. Picked up a 65 inch x90h off TradeMe and loving it. Always a fun experience to upgrade a piece of tech after a decade and seeing how far things have come.

    • That's a good price for x90k.

      Awesome TV.

  • +1

    Random week of shopping:

    • 2x stoneware mugs $8.99 delivered Dick Smith
    • 1x George Collective - Cotton Linen Duvet Cover Set (King) $45 delivered Onceit
    • Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 45pk & UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch $65 delivered Amazon AU
    • 2x shorts, 1x t-shirt, 1x socks $80 delivered Amazon Surf
    • Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K) & Baby bibs $80 delivered 1-day, The Market
    • Intel NUC Mini PC i5-10210U 8GB 256GB Mini PC $172 delivered FDC
    • Lenovo Smart Filament C35 Bulb Gold E14 $8.63 Noel Leeming
    • Lenovo Smart Filament C35 Bulb Gold E14 $8.63 Noel Leeming

      I bought two of these, there're really not bad! I've had some poor experiences with some other lenovo bulbs that (i purchased for <$1 from noel leeming) eventually losing any ability to connect to wifi so we will see. The other lenovo bulbs are tuya rebrands but they work well.

      • Yeah working well for me so far (the one that I already have).

    • Mugs arrived. Better than I thought they were going to be. Sell for $18-$26 ea. in New Zealand.


    • @Wakrak $45 for the duvet set seems cheap!! How'd you manage that?

      • +1

        Technically it wasn't $45. Maybe more like $65. I had $40 of credit which would have cost be $20.

        Now and then Onceit has a decent bedroom sale. Their George Collective brand in particular can be had at a good price.

        • Ah yes, nice. Thanks for confirming!

  • Aqua marina U deluxe 8ft 2 inch (2.5 meter) inflatable boat.
    Marine deals $899 down from $1299
    This years model and $400 off. Very portable, welded seams not glued, huge 45 cm diameter pontoons, air keel, all the latest features

  • Pit Boss Vertical Pellet BBQ Smoker $799 - No deal or discount, just wanted to get one.
    Pit Boss Smoker Cover - Bunnings had to special order and came back with $210, told them they were dreeeaming, ordered from pitboss USA for usd$24 using a $8 off discount code and total shipped to NZ was $100 NZD using youshop.

    MEAT! Pure South meat deal - $150 of meat with 2x free legs of lamb - ready to fire up the smoker when the cover arrives
    A full rump from Paknsave - $13/kg but was mislabeled 5kg, I put it on the scales in store at 7.5kg - I noticed as this one had the exact same price as another one that was sitting there at a lower weight!

    My Food Bag using a 40% off code

    • +2

      Username checks out!

    • How’d you get 2x free legs of lamb from pure south?

      Thought it was only 1x for free? Or were they small ones?

      • Buy a $150 gift card, get a leg of lamb. Spend $150 gift card, get a leg of lamb. 2.0kg and 2.5kg
        Had to get in early, when I posted it. They then changed it the next day to exclude gift cards in their T&C's

        • That’s legendary!

  • Few things here and there


    • Tuya WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor $20
    • ORICO 6-in-1 Docking Station $26
    • Variety of USB-C / Lightning cables + car chargers
    • Xiaomi Mi Band 7 + skins $63


    • New 54mm Portafilter $80


    • Portable SSD T7 USB 3.2 500GB $29
    • Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 $3.99

    Bonds AU

    • 6x women's socks
    • 2x baby socks
    • 2x baby bibs
    • 2x Wondersuits
    • $54 - $8.30 cashback = $46ish


    • Puma shorts $8


    EB Games

    • $12 total
    • Yoshi Pencil Case
    • Animal Crossing New Horizons - Animal Faces Mug
    • The Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Ankle Socks
    • Animal Crossing New Horizons - Island Group Drink Bottle
    • Animal Crossing - K.K. Slider Hits T-Shirt - M
    • Animal Crossing - K.K. Slider Hits T-Shirt - L
    • Nintendo - Super Mario - Bowser Flame Heat Change Mug
    • The Legend of Zelda - Triforce Lunch Box with Pocket
    • Did you buy the portafilter from Breville direct? Is it a pressurised (double wall) or non-pressurised (single wall) one? I've been thinking of looking for a non-pressurised one to try so curious what you have.

  • +1

    Got two 4-packs of Kogan RGBW smart lights for AU$20 delivered (to the place in Sydney where I was staying). In typical Kogan fashion one was DOA, so I may end up getting another 4 pack out of it…

    Bought 3 "as new" Google Pixel 2XL phones for $150 each, pristine condition to replace the 4? (5 now?) previous dropped/smashed/drowned/otherwise phones that I've given to my two teens over the past couple of years. I'll be installing Pixel Experience on them, and I recently found out that with the PE rom (and some others) you still get the unlimited Google Photos storage, so I bought a third one for myself to act as a Google Photos uploading TARDIS of sorts.

  • +1

    Lead crystal 12 volt marine battery 90 ah (amp hours).
    Marine deals $379 down from $750. Saving $371.
    For a 44lb thrust electric outboard/trolling motor.
    Lead crystal are fairly new technology and have some awesome attributes, my favourite are they can be drained flat with no damage and they last 10 - 12 years

    • They look great, hadn't heard of them. Would this be suitable for a campervan set up?

      • +1

        Absolutely! Lead crystal are deep cycle ideal for a campervan with or without solar. Marine deals, especially the battery I bought have some amazing prices.
        If 90 ah isn't big enough could always have 2 in parallel.
        They are super safe and dont have to be transported as dangerous goods like other batteries, not a big deal for my boating but a big advantage for a camper

  • Cookie Time Brokens Double Deal, 2x 1kg for $22 is back, has been cheaper in the past but that's good enough for me, 3 lots should last a while. Got some of their kids socks ($10) too for a present cos they look cool.

  • Bit of a quiet week

    • Nice solid wooden drawers off Trade Me for $85
    • Kindle 10th gen $40 Warehouse Stationery
    • DNS4ME 3-month subscription USD$10.23 (10% off)
    • 2x Ergopouch Jersey Sleeping Bag 2.5 Tog $120
    • 2 bags of coffee from Coffee Supreme (they sent me $10 voucher randomly)
    • 2x Inner Health For Kids 120mg $83.80 HealthPost
    • $99 massage pamper package off GrabOne for the missus

    The other week

    Managed to score this Jolly Jumper booster seat for $7.01 delivered from Farmers.

  • Most expensive week in a while, with some Cheapie in there too - Two week holiday to Bali

    Two different 5* hotels, one all inclusive, both booked through LuxuryEscapes using two different email addresses to get 3.5% cashback through CashRewards as new customers - ($300 cashback earnt)

    One night pre departure stay at Auckland Airport Novotel, using the free night stay included in Accor Plus membership (included with Amex Platinum Charge Card) - ($350 stay free)

    Qantas flights, cashing in some of my Amex reward points, so $750 return for two. Duration 11 hours there (via MEL), 14 back (via ADL & MEL) - (about $2,250 saved)

    Seperatly, managed to bag that free jar of peanut butter, paying postage only, deal

  • +1

    Saw this on noel leeming clearance page, got the last one in stock:
    Nanoleaf 3 pack expansion for $6.63

    hopefully they fulfill the order!

  • +1

    12.9 iPad Pro 256 + Cellular + Logitech Folio Pro - $400 on trademe… genuinely might be the best value I’ve seen on there in a long time.

    RTX 3080 10g Gigabte for $650 used. Guy had listed at $850 and I lowballed and he accepted.

    SSUPUD Meshilicous PC Case… because my new 3080 doesnt fit.

  • 4 pair Ridgeline Staydry fleece pants from marine deals 280 gms (polar fleece weight) $37.99 a pair down from $79.95. Warm and comfortable for at home use keeps the power bill down.

  • +1

    A random assortment.

    • Britax Boulevard ClickTight Car Seat $599
    • Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat $68 delivered
    • Brolly Sheets x2 $59.98
    • Loctek CMP502 White Under Desk Cable Management Basket Tray $25
    • Kingston 8GB DDR4 Laptop RAM $44
    • HP EliteDesk 800 G3 i5-7500T 8GB 256GB Windows 11 $196
    • Versace Travel Bag $4!!! (order processing, not holding my breath)
    • 4x containers from Storage Box (same container sold at The Warehouse for almost double the price)
    • How on earth did you find a Versace travel bag for $4? Your deal-finding astounds me.

      • +2

        I will tell you after my order is processed 😄

        • +1

          Can't wait to hear that out. Man how do you manage to get all this in 24hrs + work + family. Wow.

          • @ace310: Kinda cheated. This is over the last two weeks.

            • @Wakrak: I know. I meant all the deals/comments you post on cheapies in 24hrs. It was kind of daily routine I mean.

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