What did you buy this week?

I always find it interesting seeing what people spend their money on.

This is a place to yarn about things you recently purchased that you're excited about using, or to show how much of a shopaholic you are. Where people might find a deal that hasn't already been posted on Cheapies, and a place to ask for advice on items that have been mentioned.


  • Gtx 3080ti store opening special petone
    Pokemon hoodie ebgames
    Noel leeming amazon echo 8 with ue speaker ($10 off noel leeming + $60 credit from Amazon echo ;))

  • Hi Nillskill
    Could you please tell me about the Amazon credit for the Echo 8 purchase? How do I get it?

    I bought an Echo from PB, took 10 days to arrive (yesterday) and now I find it being advertised $70 cheaper. May I also ask how much your Echo cost (net) and if you are happy with it?
    Thank you

  • +1

    Mont blanc explorer 100ml edp $79

    ProRunner 42XT Treadmill $996.40 NZD using hospitality code HNZ2021594

  • Karcher K3 (1.601-881.0) $199 @ Bunnings

    It’s an older model. Can see it here

  • Bought a bunch of Meguiars car gear from Super Cheap, taking advantage of their $20 credit back for $60 spend on Meguiars (& $10 off $50 spend MYGARAGE). Should go nicely with the MJJC snow cannon pro v.2 I got.

    • +1

      Nice, I have a cheap foam canon from aliexpress. It never preformed as well as I expected, after getting frustrated with it one day i drilled out the foam intake and air feed holes to 1-2mm and boom its like visiting naughty internet site.

  • +1

    Karcher WV 2 Plus Window Vacuum. $48.

    Got Briscoes to pricebeat Smiths City.

    Pretty lucky. Smiths City gave it a different name and they only have one available nationwide (& can't be purchased online).

  • underwear +toilet paper as filler - themarket
    some pants for my daughter - themarket (cotton on)
    korean fried chicken from menulog
    adidas lego shoe - adidas website
    lotto tickets

  • Bought a Samsung S20 FE from Noel leeming (price match the $ from PB tech). Have been thinking to get Dyson V11 from the market with the 11% off, but I still have a gift voucher of$400 from Harvey Norman, so will wait to see whether HN will have further sales later, or will get another cordless vacuum cleaner

    • PSA: definite easy price match at the moment if you talk to a salesperson

      • Will have a go, thanks!

  • A lot since my last comment. Just got Mi Band 6 for $36. Now to wait and see if it actually arrives.

  • I bought a Saben leather wallet from themarket (20% off + further 10% site wide). Also bought a Foreo Luna mini and a Foreo UFO mini from themarket (15% off + further 10% off), this turned out cheaper than the official Foreo website which is 30% off most items.

  • Not this week but recently spent 5.2k on getting my car back on the road and next week replacing a window on it someone broke aswell as swapping part of the dash that cracked from someone trying to steal it..

    • Must be a nice car if you’re paying that much to fix it up. Bit of a bummer about the thievery attempts.

      • its decent 2006 mazda atenza sports wagon, it did need alot as its ben sitting for years

  • +1

    Bought a few things today:
    1. Briscoes - Folding Trolley $100 (RRP $250)
    2. Noel Leeming - WD 2TB Hardrive $85 + Enelope Rechargable AAA $14 + AA $14 with CSC Main + ZIP =$83
    3. 1-day - Chromecast with google tv pay with Shipping21 coupon + ZIP = $95
    4. Farmers - Clearance + further 50% off cloths =$150
    5. The Warehouse - BOGOH + 50 % off clearance Cushions

    Please share what did you guys bought on Black Friday in case we missed out some good deal!!

  • Last week wrap up:

    Sutton 3 seater @ Nood
    42XT Treadmill @ T7
    Xbox Series S @ The Warehouse
    Mi Band 6 @ Hekka
    Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen @ PB Tech
    A haircut and a lot of coffee

  • Last week:
    Waitomo fuel -used all my 'freebies' up so had to pay for this lot :(
    Lego @The Warehouse
    Echo Dot & Echo Show 5 @ PB Tech
    T-Shirt @Hallensteins
    Kindle Touch, PS4 Controller charger, Powerbank, $320 worth of New World Voucher - all using Flybuys birthday competition points from a couple of months back
    Vege Plants @Mitre10
    Tried to use 'Hello Fresh' free coupon but got busted and they refunded :(

    • Which flybuys birthday competition? Did I miss any giveaway or you used your flybuys?

      • +1

        The 25 years of Flybuys - https://www.cheapies.nz/node/29226
        Ended up with a tonne of points from this across multiple accounts.

        • +1

          Aah that one, so I didn't miss any. Cool. I used those flybuys to get blunt umbrella & last week Jabra 85t still got few flybuys to spare.

        • Every one I tried "Sorry you didn't win anything"………You musta got some of my points !

          • @Drcspy: It helped having a lot of different accounts.
            Also, it was important with the Flybuys competition to only try when it was 'live' - you could go too early or too late and you would have zero chance because they were already used (sometimes by late morning) or hadn't actually started yet.

          • @Drcspy: I got that too for the first half of September, so zero points won until the 15th. Then someone told me that I could add more FlyBuys account contributing into mine (family, partner etc) - so I did that and ended up having 8 accounts and tried them everyday around 9am. By the time the promo ended I've won 16 x 50 points, couldn't be happier!

    • Forgot that I also got my Netflix via Turkey which saved a heap of $$$
      Couldn't get it to work using my credit card but worked a treat buying a Netflix Voucher through Turgame.com

      • Any issues with having to cell phone verify to prove you were in Turkey or not?

        • No problems.
          I already had my mobile number loaded and the first time I logged in it did ask me again for my number (with a Turkey prefix).
          I just ignored it and opened a new incognito tab and it didn't ask again.
          As far as the payment, my credit card gave an error but I just changed payment method to giftcard and it worked fine.
          At this stage I just used a 100 Turkish Lira gift card which cost about $15 and this has given me approx 2.5 months of the standard plan ($18.99 per month in NZ) so heaps cheaper!

  • Last Week:
    Jabra 85t @flybuys
    Nutribullet 900 & eneloop pro aaa @Noel
    Farmers - Bought $160 worth of kids clothing & toys (using vouchers)

  • +1

    Adidas 40%, Amazon AU 4K movies and Arlo Essentials XL, Cosmic Red PS controller, Lenovo tablet, Lego and Sony WH MX4 through Market… Am hoping for no more deals until Boxing Sale so my CC can cool off…

    • Which lenovo tablet you bought?

      • +1

        10.1 inch M10 tab (cheaper than the 10.3 inch version) - it was either TWH or NL thru the Market for $251 shipped. Could have gone for the 10.3 inch M10 tab thru Amazon AU which still looks to be on sale there if you are still on the look out. Cheers

  • +1

    I purchased this full stainless 4 burner BBQ from Mitre10 over the weekend.


    RRP $999
    BFD $499
    M10 Vouchers $300 (Cheapies winnings)
    Paid $200 in total for it.

    Very happy with it.

  • Xbox Ultimate 3 years $150 (Turkey)
    Chem Guys Extreme Wash & Wax 1.9 Litre & first aid kit for car (Super Cheap - had $40 credit)
    Many items from The Warehouse 😄
    Bodum - 2 pcs glass, double wall 12 oz cups & Herschel Supply Co RFID wallet = $40 total, paid with account credit.

  • New walking shoes from the New Balance sale
    I just bought glasses online for the first time from Clearly. It was way cheaper, hopefully the quality is decent

  • Thoughts on this RGB desk at Kmart for $75?

  • Just bought a Sandish High Endurance 64GB sd card for $25 for my newly bought and arriving soon I hope 70Mai A500S Pro Plus dashcam. Going to think about getting the hardwire kit soon since it seems simple enough to do yourself

    • How much you got that for? Link? Have been eyeing that model since sometime now. Just that other things gets priority and dashcam goes back of the list lol.

      • +1

        I got mine for $119 all up including the GST and everything during the Black Friday Sale, it was about 115 all up during the 11.11 sale my colleague took advantage of. Its one of those things you pay a little bit for but could save you thousands down the line if you need to show your insurance. Their store also sells some more cheaper models around ~$60NZD but generally you wanna avoid them as the 1080p aint that good for license plates. The videos i've seen about the Pro Plus look really great!


  • +2

    LEGO - Super Mario Character Packs #2 (Single Blind Bag) $0.01 EA.
    I bought all of the packets available at The Base. Just Glenfield left with stock now.

    • wow how many did they have left at the base?! that must be a record price per piece too!

      • Only 3 I think. Max was 5 but it wouldn't let me.

      • Crikey, order ready for pick-up 20 minutes later.

        • +1

          you should complain!
          "Products that are in stock will be ready for collection within 15 minutes"

  • Echo Show 8 for $129 at Harvey's
    Whirlpool Crisp & Fry microwave, also at Harveys, for $539. Reduced from $599 pre Xmas.
    Netflix plan through Turkey after trying and failing to get it working for the past couple weeks
    Sanderson fish oil x 4 from the Chemist Warehouse deal recently posted
    $70 of petrol from BP to get a $20 credit back from an Amex offer I received last week (can claim twice so next fill will be there too)
    Xmas Eve lunch at Ahi restaurant at Commercial Bay, Auckland, getting a $150 credit back from Amex from their dining perk included each year with my AF. Had to use before year end.

    A car service which was hideously expensive to the point I'm thinking of trading in and biting the bullet on an EV (cant find a EV cabrio model though)

    Nearly got a Eufy Solocam S40 ($269 Amazon AU) but decided to research a bit more as want to get a new set up to cover the whole house. Arlo, Eufy or Reolink systems I'm looking at now.

    • Is the echo show 8 lowest ever? Been eyeing that for a while now.

      • Yep, cheapest I've seen. I had a show 8 v1 already so this is a minor upgrade with faster processer but much better camera. Show 5 is down to 60 at Harveys too. I think I paid 75 when they first went on especial in November

        • I have show 5 in bedrooms and happy with it. Just wanted a bigger screen for kitchen.

    • Look at this eufy spotlight cam. I think it is better than solo cam. I dont have it, but looks promising.


      • I think that’s basically a earlier model solo cam without the built in solar panel the s40 has.

        The thing with these solo cams is storage is on the device itself, not cloud or hub like Eufy’s other systems.

        I don’t want to run cables or be regularly charging batteries though.

    • Highly recommend reolink after personally using eufy, swann xtreem, arlo and reolink. I use one reolink pt currently with another reolink pt and a argus 3 camera on it's way, as long as you get solar panels for each you shouldn't need to charge more than the initial charge with enough sun - some days there's 180+ min of triggers on mine and it's never dropped below 70 percent.

      • if you don't mind me asking, how does your reolink compare to the eufy you had?
        I'm looking at outdoor cameras without subscription and deciding between the eufy 2c pro and reolink argus. It's all mixed reviews online.
        Reolink stores footage to sd card in the camera - is it not a concern that the camera and sd card can be stolen?

  • Bought 2 Pelican cases (~$1.5k) and a 40L Pelican chilly bin (~$950)
    Two Tempur pillows $430
    Kathmandu packing cubes ~$60
    Some things from mitre10 with $15 gift card per $100 spend $301.95
    Paid 10% deposit on a house ~$77k
    Renting a Polestar 2 followed by a Model 3 the week after ~$1.5k

    • +3

      And here I am buying $0.01 toys 😄

      • Proven you are the King of cheapies 😂😂😂

      • There are levels to this shit

    • Damn dude.. That's hella spend. Congrats on the house by the way.

    • +1

      congrats on becoming a homeowner (just one? first? or mega landlord?).
      however i think Wakrak maybe onto something…

  • +1
    • Who would have thought your lego would cost the same as a shed?
      Lego is so overpriced!

    • anyone found a store with these in stock? Tried the whole south island to no luck :(

  • +1


    yoga mat, tshirt, protein shaker, push-up bars, 10L collapsible bucket, folding low table = $68 overall (thanks to bigcheese)


    new treadmill control board, Xiaomi automatic soap dispenser, 2x adjustable phone stands, magnetic car phone holder = $300ish

    Amazon AU

    YESDEX LED Desk Lamp with Clamp $28 approx.


    Bodum - 2 pcs glass, double wall, medium, 0.35 l / 3PK Lemon & Lime Soho Glass Preserve Jar 175ml x11 = $50 overall (had store credit)

    Plant Projects

    Monthly subscription box of 6x Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition $34 delivered


    15L seed mix, 200pk white screw caps, 4pc brush set, 2x Mr Clean eraser block, propagation tray, mini hacksaw, 4-way powerboard, 50x100cm mat grip, non-slip mat, 2x conduit trunking 2.0m = $105 approx. (with PowerPass)

    • That lamp is even cheaper now lol..

      • +1

        Getting the same price (delivered) I got the other day (with 20% coupon). Still pretty cheap anyway if it is slightly cheaper.

  • I bought a fitbit charge 4 from the warehouse retail @$219 NL had it for $169 but when I checked price spy Cool Mobile in AKL had it for $159. They price matched, plus 10%, $20 off for Market club spend $100 get $20. Brought the price down to $123.10. Was originally going to get it at NL. Got great service form a couple of lads too. Gave them great feedback

  • Arlo Ultra 2 4K - 2 Pack : $749 (Noel Leemings via The Market) - $789 NL with a further $40 off using BOX40 The Market Code.

    Belkin 37W USB C + A car charger : $21.85 from PB Tech.

    4 x Google Nest Protect : $759.88 ($189.97 each) from Mobilciti via The Market using BOX20 code for each.

  • +3

    Don't want to let this thread die as it is good content.


  • Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essential Black/Black $33.95 delivered. Got the last pair at Culture Kings.

    Rip Curl pencil case $9.99 North Beach

    CamelBak Podium Dirt Series Chill 21oz Bottle $11.98 delivered 1-Day

    • oh wow that Air Max is a steal! how did you manage to grab one - since Culture Kings sometimes drop those great deals in very limited stock?

      • Just a lucky find. Last pair left and in my size (US11). Think I was looking for something else and just happened to spot em.

      • +1

        Shoes just arrived. Wrong size, damaged box, and look like they've already been worn. Nice one Culture Kings.

    • +2

      I also switched from YT Premium Individual India, to Family Plan through Argentina. Similar price. $2.60 a month.

      • As much as Im sort of opposed to paying for Youtube.. the amount of ads is beyond crazy these days - seems more every day and longer and unskippable ones. $2.60 a month might therefore make some sense - do you find it worth it - and do you just need to vpn to wherever and sign up and then its fine off the vpn?

        • It is well worth it. Not just the ads, but background playback and Google music is great as well. Vpn only while setting up the payment first time. Later auto debit works just fine

      • Are you using your main Google account for the subscription? I've had my @gmail.com since 2005 and don't really want to risk it, but everything's set up against that account.

        • Yes, just had to add an Argentinian payment profile to it and remove everything else.

          For everybody else on my family plan, I got them all (bar 1) to create new accounts just for YouTube.

      • And now Tidal (HiFi) for $1.50 a month.

        • Where and how? Thanks - how does this compare to Spotify?

          • @L3tstaxth1s: Compared to Spotify, no idea. Spotify probably has better playlists + a good podcast selection. This is pretty cheap though.

            I connected my VPN to Argentina and then signed up for the 90 day trial. Will find the link when I get home (currently in Maccas drive through lol).

  • +1

    Based on Wakraks recommendation in this thread, purchased the Cole & Mason Derwent Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Set $101.99 delivered from Living and Giving, however it seems I got the last Stainless Steel one, now only Gun Metal showing.

    • Nice! I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

    • What are your thoughts on em so far?

      • +2

        Love them! Kept them proudly on display on my dining table, until the 3yo learnt how to use them……

  • BACON!

  • +1

    Finally bought the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Shampooer from Harvey Norman for $569 price match tvsn.co.nz. Guy said there was nothing it in for them at that price.
    Aquila 155L frost free vertical freezer from HN $855
    Found it better in person than the Mitsubishi 160L that is $799 at the moment.
    And as above, 3.5kg of streaky bacon @$8/kg

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