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Spark Prepay SIM Card - Pre-Loaded with 1.5GB Data $1.99 @ PB Tech


these preloaded sims come in very handy and tend to pay for themselves. currently selling for $29 at JB-HIFI.
plenty of stock it seems. Buy Limit of 10 Units Per Customer.

Spark 3 in 1 Prepay SIM Card instructions
1. Pop in your SIM at the desired size
2. Activate your number
3. Download the Spark App and create an account
4. Allow up to 30 minutes for your data to be loaded

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  • +2

    I always need more burner numbers :-)

    • Yup, especially for deals like the Waitomo ones recently…

  • Did they misprice these to the price of Spark dataless prepaid cards?

    Ordered a bunch, cheers! How they don't expire anytime soon if they are left unactivated

    • -1

      Not sure, but i have purchased some 2-degrees 19 dollars combo for 1 dollar last year, so this deal is not that crazy

      • Guessing they won't be doing this again while they've got free roaming.

    • You generally see these deals every 12-18 months for <$2 for $19 pack cards(this seems like data only), often it's a stock related refresh(new packaging) etc. From previous experience these SIMs tend to be good for atleast 6 months from purchase for activation with the data and sometimes more than 12.

  • +3

    How much is shipping/any free shipping codes?

  • +3

    Noob on these sim deals. Can you use this without topping up anything? Can I just activate the sim and use the 1.5gb data?

    • +3

      Yes. Yes .I just put in the sim turn the phone on and that's it no app needed, then sometimes spark gives you bonus minutes. Use them on my dual sim Huawei phone to boost the data on my account phone number.

  • Any idea on expiry date?

    • +1

      I brought 20 two years ago and they still work.

      • +1

        Really? I have 2D ones and they suck. They expire without notice

        • I brought some 2degrees $19 Carryover Combo sims from Harvey Norman in March 2019 and they still work. The 2° sims require you to put the sim in, turn the phone on wait for a text and then restart the phone the text says your $19 combo is loaded and then you restart the phone.

          • @pdevonporf: Yeah tried and they won’t work and 2D confirmed they expire. Actually same thing happened with a VF sim and they couldn’t do anything about it in store. Brand new unopened SIMs

            • +1

              @ahmad: I just loaded one now from March 2019 2° sim $19 carryover

              1.14 GB will expire on 22 May 2022., 200 Mins will expire on 22 May 2022, Unlimited* NZ & Aussie Texts
              Expires on 22 June 2021

            • @ahmad: Do they have nothing on the packaging? Vodafone unused SIMs definitely expire https://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=40&topicid=204… but I thought they had a date on the packaging. Kogan ones definitely do.

              Spark I thought I remember reading somewhere they don't currently (as of a few years ago) expire but couldn't find it again. I also sort of thought 2degrees were the same, but I'm clearly either wrong or they changed their policy so I wouldn't trust my memory. Unfortunately it's a difficult thing to search for as a I get a lot of results about activated SIMs that haven't been used in a while.

        • That's really scary. I've been stocking up on 2D SIMs from Australia (sold as never expiring travel SIMs).

      • sounds great! thanks

  • Once activated, when does the data expire (assuming it is not used up) ?

    • +1

      30 days i believe

  • Hi guys,

    Had a little chat with PB staff.

    They are stock the sim card for quite a long time so before activated the card should be fine to just save it.

    Once activated, use it within 30 days.

    Before you go to the store you'd better make a phone call or do click and collect. I think they only have enough stock in Manukau.

    • yes just about out of stock, think us cheapies bought around 350 of these in the end based on what was showing in stock at the time.

      • Spark staff told me that I have to active prepaid value pack or data pack,otherwise I cannot use that pre-loaded data

        • normally it just activates straight away as sound as you insert sim card, so best to only insert sim if you want to use that sim for the month. The other sims should be fine to sit and wait to be used, there is a risk if you leave them too long though however Spark have a good track record versus other providers when it comes to prepaid sims expiring before use.

        • I tried it myself, you don't need to active prepaid value pack to use the data, I waited for one hour to receive the "1.5GB is now ready to use" text message.

          • +1

            @ttt: yeah sounds about right, you might find your data will actually work sooner than you get that txt message

        • +1

          It works, it directed me to the spark page then the x on the 4G sign went away and data is working.
          it expires in a month, 29$ data extra plan its called.

          to check call *333 press 3 then 1

  • Terrible service…. I am going to refund the SIM cards tomorrow. I don't like Spark.

    • weird do you mean coverage is bad, normally Spark imo has the best coverage in NZ, but there are some spots where vodafone etc are better, depends where you live

      • Vodafone is much better I think.

    • Where are you located? How many did you get?

  • I refunded 5 to PBtech this moning

  • +1

    Here is the latest words that I got from Spark:

    Hi again Joe. I had a conversation with a colleague from our Prepaid team, and he mentioned that anything with free data from Spark requires a valid value pack to be added before that free data promo is live. He also added that that specific condition is printed on the sim, and pretty much all NZ providers work this way on prepaid (we all have similar prepaid SIM deals like this).

    Please go ahead and purchase you preferred
    prepaid value pack to enjoy the free data that comes with your sim.

    • i thought so too, but its working for me.

  • I don't know what joehunts is talking about but I can confirm it works as expected here.

    Put in SIM, receive welcome text and checked via *333 option 3 then 1 to confirm I had 1.5GB data until the 25th of June on that SIM. Works fine on mobile data.

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