What did you buy this week?

I always find it interesting seeing what people spend their money on.

This is a place to yarn about things you recently purchased that you're excited about using, or to show how much of a shopaholic you are. Where people might find a deal that hasn't already been posted on Cheapies, and a place to ask for advice on items that have been mentioned.


  • Mens Adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes
    $50 - Got the last pair.

    • Wow that's a steal.

      Size 11 still available.

      • Good site to have in your bookmarks. Every other week they drop the price of some of their footwear to $50.

        There are others at that price. Some in mens, some in women’s.

        • Any way to filter them?

          • +1

            @ace310: In terms of?

            I just go:
            Mens footwear - low to high
            Womens footwear - low to high

            They don’t have many shoes below $50

  • +3

    If you can manage to find an applicable delivery address (which I'm guessing there are none of)

    Swann 8 Channel NVR Security System with 6 x Master-Series Cameras (SONVK-876804B2D-AU)
    - $0 delivered


    • Well that would have been a good deal!
      Wonder how many Cheapies attempted to get that?

      • +3

        Adidas Ultraboost 20 - size US10 Men (black), $49.95 + delivery if interested


        • +2

          Bought it, thanks! I am a 10.5 in Nikes and find Adidas to be a half size big most times, so hope this fits :D

        • +2

          😩 gdi Wakrak why are you posting such a sweet deal in response to a comment that has nothing to do with it?

          Lucky you! @weekendwarrior 😒

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: 😄 quantity was too low so couldn’t post as a deal. Perhaps I should start a ‘last one deals’ thread. I come across a lot of em.

        • This are very comfortable shoes. I think I got it for $90 or so. Wearing it daily.

    • Lol, worth a shot

  • Just bought a 55" Samsung QN90A QLED and Yamaha RX-V6A Atmos amp from Harvey Norman for $3628, around $700 cheaper than the cheapest advertised prices I could find. TV was a one off with no box, that's why it was cheaper, luckily I had the box at home from the 55" QLED that this one is replacing so just took that in and got them to box it up for me.

    Probably could have waited to see if they do any runout deals on the 2021 Neo range over the coming months and might have got it a bit cheaper, but I wanted the tv and amp now so I'm pretty happy with that price.

    • quick update

      After a couple of days I decided to finally wipe off a bit of dust that was on the screen and it didn't move because it wasn't dust it was a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen, then found 2 more within a few inches of it, long story short I ended up with a brand new one as a replacement, boxed for the same price so win win for me :)

      • Totally worth the inconvenience. Nice one.

  • Mix of this week and end of last week.

    • 260x180 (oatmeal) wool rug, $229 delivered @ Thematlady
    • Barkers T-shirt, $17.99 delivered
    • Kubb Brothers Good day - x Vacation Studio Designer Tee, $25 delivered
    • Kogan gear, $0 with e-voucher

    anddd will more than likely buy a Calathea beauty star at some point.

  • Bought the JBL endurance Peak II.

    Solid earphones for exercise, comfortable and much cheaper than the beats alternative ($140 vs $340).

  • +1

    50L Planter Pot - $11.65 delivered
    Pricematched vs. Bunnings + $5 MarketClub signup Bonus + free delivery.

    My basil is growing too quickly.

    • +1

      Should it be of any help, I've been using fabric pots for a bunch of chilli plants and they've been awesome. Great when storing them away and very portable with the built in handles. Being fabric they allow for excellent aeration and water retention.

      I've found Dick Smith to be the cheapest when they have free shipping. They go up to 10 gallons which is seemingly around what you're after (45L approx). You're looking at $5.60 a bag when free shipping is available. They were actually a lot cheaper not that long ago (I got a 10 pack of 5 gallon bags for $27.99) so hopefully the price comes down soon.

      • +1

        Definitely keep that in mind, thanks for that. They look like a good light option.

        Seems like 50L is the biggest (cheap) pot that most stores stock. My Basil is currently in a 44L(?) but has outgrown it in just 4 weeks.

        • Basil (and parsley - maybe they are related?) is amazing - we had to move it into a pot as it was taking over in the garden.

          • @Alan6984: Basil is good to dip your head into eh. Such a good smell. Got a little bubba one I keep for creating more to give away.

  • +1

    After watching a Youtube vid at 3am in the morning when I couldn't get to sleep of a guy playing Cyberpunk in VR I had ended up buying all of the following by 5am that same morning. I'm no doctor but I think it was a classic case of impulse buying. Please take note that I haven't owned a gaming PC since 1999, have never built a PC before and only have a very basic understanding of what is what when it comes to the different kinds of parts, but in those early hours of the morning it seemed like a really good idea to just trust my gut and go for it.

    So I bought-

    A Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming OC Graphics Card for $1099 from PB Tech
    an i5-12600 non K, 32gb Ripjaws DDR4 3200mhz (2 x 16gb sticks), Asus Z690 motherboard, cheap MSI case, Samsung nvme, Corsair HX 750w power supply and all the other things you need to make a computer work for around $1300 from PB Tech. I got the non K version of the CPU because I wanted something with built in graphics in case I couldn't get the video card to work and also I didn't want a CPU that was easy to overclock because I know I'd try it and probably break it.

    an Oculus Quest 2 128gb for around $503 from Amazon along with a PC cable for $33 so I can play PC VR games on it.
    The last copy of Dark Pictures Little Hope on Xbox for $20 from Amazon
    Cooler Master MasterKeys CK550 keyboard for $93 from Amazon
    Razer Basilisk X wireless mouse for $60 from Amazon
    I know the mouse and keyboard are a bit on the cheap side but I figured I'd start off with cheap ones in case it turns out I don't like PC gaming.

    A big long mousepad off Trade Me for $30 because why are mouse pads up around $200 what is wrong with people?

    Also grabbed a EPOS GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset from Computer Lounge for $149, I didn't need it I just saw it when I was there checking out pc parts but I have this problem where I see headsets on special I have to buy them and it was so cheap I couldn't pass it by, I think it was a pricing mistake because when I went back there later in the day it was still on special but the price had jumped up to $249, some places are selling them for close to $500 so I'll be interested to see how good they are compared to my Astro A50's.

    Bought a 32" curved screen 1440p 144hz 2nd hand monitor for $370 off Trade Me, will probably upgrade to an ultrawide if I find myself doing a lot of PC gaming.

    Lastly, grabbed a windows 11 key for $15 from what I hope is a reputable site, they let me use PayPal so I figure they're above board.

    Packages from NZ all arriving tomorrow and the ones from Aus in about a weeks time, fun times ahead!

    • That's a pretty good 2 hour shopping spree! $3500 odd. Should last you a couple of years too.

      • Yeah the only thing I was worried about was the video card, it seemed very cheap compared to all the rest, it was cheaper than all the non Ti 3070 models and I don't know why. After reading a few reviews I know the 3070 Ti isn't a great step up over the 3070 when it comes to price vs performance, but it's still better performing than than a 3070 yet this one was cheaper than a 3070? Maybe it has something to do with the anti-mining stuff they built into these new cards?

        Just had my first parcel arrive! 2 case fans from PB Techs ChCh store, it's begun!

        • Please please please keep us up to date with your progress - we're all very proud of you :-)

          Pics would be good too! Maybe you could setup a video camera now, and start streaming the whole build over the next couple of weeks….

    • No real downside to getting the ti.
      Ti uses more power and slightly larger and is normally more expensive, but about 10% more performance.
      I just brought that same mouse off Kogan. It's almost half the price as what it is in nz.
      It's not the flashiest thing, some people like it others don't. Apparently a tad heavier than other mice.
      I couldn't justify dropping $180 on a flash mouse.

  • Another middle of the night purchase, an AIO water cooler from Amazon, a Vetroo V240 Black Liquid CPU Cooler, Addressable RGB PWM Fans & Pump, 240mm AIO Water Cooler with Controller and Remote for Intel LGA 1700/1200/115X AMD AM4

    Usually $99.95aud but currently has a $20 off coupon making it $84.54nzd delivered


    It has solid reviews and I bought it because of this Youtube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIDfVngv2Mk where the guy gets pretty in depth with his testing and comparisons to other brands, and it more than holds its own.

    Is it worth posting this as a deal?

  • I have just bought myself my first Lego set. Lego 10255 Assembly Square 4002 pieces.
    RRP $449.00
    Paid $276.29 from The Warehouse.

    I've read good reviews, so I'm looking forward to it arriving.

    • How did you get that price?
      Its showing full price on the website and also out of stock :(

  • Hyper Ride have some good clearance sales at the moment. Managed to get my 9 year old daughter a decent skateboard for $44.60 with 20% off clearance!

  • +1

    Heaps of random shit.

    • 2x Quicksilver shorts $45 delivered (T7)
    • 4x Roborock S6 reuse mop pads $15.50 (Ali)
    • 1x New Balance hoodie $27 delivered (Onceit)
    • 27 Monitor - SE2723DS $371 delivered (Dell)
    • Raised garden bed / soil / pots $88 (Bunnings)
    • Sansai 6 Way Surge Powerboard with Individual Switches $33 delivered (Acquire)
    • 2x Billabong / Rip Curl shorts $53.98 (North Beach)
  • Grabbed the last Soffritto Mix & Measure, 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set from Farmers for $13 pickup.

    • Nice find.

      Farmers must so many sales with their $3 click and collect fee.

      • I’d probably buy more things from Farmers if they didn’t have it. Some nice homewares/clothing deals now and then. But yes it must generate a decent amount of money for em eh.

        • I would think it generates a negative cash flow for them - the positive fees, less the lost profits on sales they don't make.

          I know that we pretty much don't buy from them online at all because of it, but maybe most people don't care that much.

          We'd either buy online elsewhere, or buy it from Farmers if we happen to be close by a store, but hard to imagine them as a destination store that we would go to specially.

          • @Alan6984: Agree with you, they'd be losing money really. Click and collect should always be free I feel.

  • Universal control board for treadmill - $0 because they stuffed up my order on Aliexpress (just arrived, works perfectly)

    Mens essential plain chelsea shorts - $22.50 @ adidas
    Logitech Studio Desk Mat $22 (vouchers) @ Mighty Ape

  • Got what I think is a good deal off Trade Me yesterday, person was selling promotional items that came free with their new phone.

    Got a brand new unopened Oppo 46mm watch and Oppo Enco X2 earbuds for $330 delivered (Had $400 buy now but I offered $330 through the app which the buyer accepted). Watch usually retails between $380-$450 in NZ and I don't think the earbuds have been released in NZ yet but the previous model retails here for $350 and the new ones for $200usd/euros overseas.

    Also grabbed a 20 year old Logitech Playstation 2 Driving Force steering wheel & pedals for $45 after finding out that you can hook it up to a PC and it will have full force feedback functionality. I don't play many driving games so $45 for a force feedback wheel compared to $350+ for a 2nd hand Logitech G29 is perfect for me.

    • TradeMe is bloody good aye. Looks like you got a decent score. Thought I was doing mean with the $10 ironing board I got that has only been used once and retails for $80 😄. Mother's Day sorted.

      What game you plan on playing with the PS2 gear?

      • I haven't thought that far ahead! Planning on giving it a go with VR racing games, so Project Cars, Dirt Rally, maybe Assetto Corsa if I really want to punish myself.

        Have to wait for the thing to arrive and get it working on the pc first, and I guarantee that won't be as easy as Reddit made it out to be!

  • +1

    A ps5 🤦‍♀️ $758 at TWL with discount's

  • +1
    • The monitor says with qualifying thinkcenter purchase, how did that work out then?

      • Hmm. Don't recall that description being there when I placed the order. Stock level has been updated though. Only 6 available when I made the purchase. Guess there's a chance that my order will be cancelled.

        • Monitor order cancelled.

          • @Wakrak: ok thanks, seems expected

    • Rate the socks highly. I play indoor and outdoor sports and these are way better than the Puma socks I used to wear. Less movement in my shoe.

      18 pairs for AU$24, my buy of the week (last week) along with the Dimplex 2.4kW Oil-Free Turbo Column Heater I got for $120 delivered.

      • Can you share the link of these 2 please cheers..

        • I remember he posted a link inside a comment for it but seems to have disappeared

          found it

          " https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30209?page=2#:~:text=com.au)%20%26-,Saucony%20socks,-from%20Amazon%20AU "

          • @Bill: I think I missed this one, was looking around to find it lol

        • socks
          - gone back up to AU$47

          - Didn't buy it from Smiths City but that's the one I got. Managed to grab the last one from 1-day (The Market) using a referral voucher.

          • @Wakrak: Those heaters are kind of obsolete with heat pumps now eh?

            • @Bill: Yeah to an extent. We're in a rental and the old heatpump in this house doesn't quite reach every nook and cranny of the house. One room in particular gets quite cold (study room). The Dimplex is a bit of an overkill but thought, eh, why not at that price.

              • @Wakrak: I'm thinking to switch to contact's good night plan, maybe should get something like this to heat up the rest of the house during the free hours?

                • +1

                  @doubledippps: I only did about 2 days worth of research, but if you don't have a heatpump, need to figure out how much space you are trying to heat up and for how long.

                  The room I got this for really only needs a 1.5kW heater but the Dimplex had good reviews overall + I like that it's a column heater with a fan. Obviously running a heater isn't the cheapest thing in the world, but sounds like that won't be an issue for you if you're using it during from free power session. Also need to figure out what style of heater you want; panel, column, fan (or column with fan), micathermic and so on.


                  Again, I'm no expert.

                  • +1

                    @Wakrak: Think link is quite helpful too in terms of costs


                  • @Wakrak: Yes I was only think about using a heater if I switch to Contact Good Night plan, I think I stop researching about heaters months ago after I read an article about all electric heaters are 100% efficient at point of use as they convert every watt of electricity taken from the wall into usable heat, so all electric heaters have the same efficiency (except for heat pump). I have heat pump at the living room, the hall way is always a bit cold and the room at far end are out of the coverage, but if all window are shut and turn the heat pump on long enough it did eventually warm up the whole house, but I have to constantly keep it on to achieve that. Thanks for the link will have a good read later on!

              • @Wakrak: If your rent includes electricity it's a great idea, excellent even, if not it's an okay idea.

          • @Wakrak: Cheers man!

    • 11L of Palmolive foaming liquid hand wash soap - $68 (Amazon AU)
    • 6x Purex Toilet Tissue Mega Roll White 6 Pack - $26 delivered (TWH)
    • 2x Mi Band 6 - $42 ea. (Hekka)
    • 4x Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner Aqua Fresh 750ml - $8 (CW)

    On a bit of a stocking up streak this week.

    • 11L of hand wash!
      That’s one clean household.

      • Hopefully lasts a while. Currently on the last bottle from the many I purchased when that glitch was available.

        Doing a 1/3 soap and 2/3 water seems to go well in the ol' Xiaomi soap dispenser.

    • Was the toilet paper a price beat against Pak n Sav?

      • +1

        Yep. Think it was with PNS Taupo which had it at $5.80 (purchased yesterday).

    • TWH delivered? Did you receive one-off code?🤔

      • Yep. An old order got refunded.

  • +3

    A few more purchases to round out the week:

    • 3x Mako Galvanised Steel Shelving Unit 4 Tier $51.30 delivered (The Market)
    • Rockwell 6C safety razor $99 (FineShave)
    • Lenovo 510 FHD Webcam $0.01 delivered to Oz family
    • Wuben C3 LED Flashlight $27 (Hekka)

    This thread is turning into my personal spending blog.

    • +1

      Missed that lenovo deal.

      • Yeah I saw it 40 minutes too late.

        • I was even closer and still missed out.
          Got the account set up but by the time I went to buy something it had reverted back to just $2 in credit.

          • @bigcheese: I saw on ozbargin that if your credit disappeared some people were able to get it back by logging into the business shop. From what I read people are thinking it was not a mistake by Lenovo but was a real thing until they had a mass signups. Edit: Here’s the link if you want to try https://account.lenovo.com/au/lenovopro/en/smbaccount/reward…

            • +1

              @xxLegendPlayzzxx: I read those comments after I had issues yesterday.
              Not too worried but I'll take another look.
              Be interested to see if Wakrak gets his webcam - not bad for $0.01 delivered!

    • Cot & basinet $90 (Trade Me)
    • 3 Hoodies $82 (AS Colour)
    • Swedish reusable dish cloths $46 (Amazon US)
    • Grosby Women's Ugg Boots & UGG Men's William Slipper $35 (Kogan)
    • Nissan Tiida side repeater indicators $14 (Ebay AU)

    And good news. My $0.01 Lenovo webcam is out for delivery.

    • Good effort on the webcam

      • So stoked. Next step is to get a microphone. Going to hook it up to the Xbox S / TV and do live chats with family through FaceTime (I think that's what works).

    • +1

      And so it begins! Cots, bottles, formula, reusable and disposable nappies, nappy bags. Good luck with all the research into new product categories lol (been there, done that)

      My suggestion for a nappy bag if you don’t already have one is to get the ones from AliExpress that are like a backpack with pocket access via the top and sides/front

    • I have subscribed to Wakrak so I would know what he's thinking of every second of his life.

      • Just be careful between 2pm and 3pm on weekdays - he has a nap, and his mind wanders….

        • Love a siesta

    • +1

      Also tempted to buy this Xiaomi Mijia 1S inflatable tool for my commute bike.

  • +1

    This week I bought:

    A $6 Tee from ascolour

    And a 16-panel solar 6.2kw setup for our house through Lightforce, who were actually surprisingly good to deal with.

    • I rate the contrast between the two purchases.

      'Here's a $5 tshirt, and here's a 16 panel solar setup.'

      • With the solar savings I could buy more tees! Until we suck out all the UV from the sun, then I guess we go back into an ice age or something.

  • +1

    Karcher g2900r petrol waterblaster. Price matched at mitre10 for $505.

  • Still spending money:

    • Nice car. I like the Rav4

      • Stoked with it eh. Good safety rating. In great condition. Hopefully my other half lets me drive it 😄

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