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Free Freight on 2000+ Items (and $5 off with $5.01 minimum spend) @ 1-Day


free freight, if anyone knows of a coupon with no min spend then it could get interesting.
update: ok thanks to ColdestPandy there is a simple format to the studentcard discount code.
basically the codes are starting around SC211833 at the moment and i think if you try codes sequentially from there you might have some luck
the best savings ratio is when your cart is just over $5, for example
DYNAMIX 5V 2.1A Small Form Single Port USB Wall Charger works out to be 99c delivered.
If you want to spend $30 or more then use codes ILOVESHOPPING or 10OFF2021

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    Need a Cheapie with a StudentCard

    • yeah i've been searching for that code! it is unique to their student id?

      • No idea. I'm technically a student but too cheap to buy the $20 membership. Though if I use it 4 times at 1-day…

        • lol im sure it would be a good investment, although i suggest buying it next year when you are eligible to win a prize so you can recoup the cost.

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            @nachos: Surprisingly won a prize on OzBargain last month. Loving the lil exchange rate bonus.

            • @Wakrak: ah the big leagues! assume the prize amount is higher than here on nzbargain?

              • @nachos: Their prize system is a bit different. Here it's a top 5. Over there the reason for winning can change month to month.

                Prize: Think it might be a $100 for each winner (four a month) and you get to choose between Giftpay AU or a deposit into a PayPal account. Because I'm in NZ, they decided to give me a $105 NZD instead.

                • @Wakrak: well done! lets hope our dollar plummets so you can get a even bigger bonus next time!

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                    @nachos: But then everyone's Amazon AU purchases would be more expensive!

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                    @nachos: There is.now a bunch of $5 clearance with freeshipping

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              @Wakrak: That's awesome! Nice work.

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          I have the student card but it gives you a new code every time you hit the redeem button. However, it is not letting me redeem more than one code. If you message me I can give you a code to try and see if it works.

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    WTF! No long weekend fun buying up large with a $5.00 off $5.01 spend coupon!

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    Where's my $5 off coupons….this sucks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      updated post ;)

      • sorry to be a pain but how do u use the student code ?

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          basically all the codes are just a 6 digit number starting with SC, its not possible to tell what number its up to so you just need to try, for instance i just tried now and the number was SC211842.

      • Houston we have lift off! Make hay while the sun shines!

      • Legend. I am glad there are no M&Ms this time around. Too dangerous.

  • Awesome! Thanks for posting @nachos

  • The 24pk lifesavers are a decent deal for $8-10, short dated but it's sugar they won't go bad for a long time yet.

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    Or use code ILOVESHOPPING for $10 off $30+, codes can't stack but better savings than $5

  • This seems alright:

    33cm pizza stone & cutter - $10 (equivalent set is $34 at M10, and the stone by itself is $20 at MightyApe)

  • Thanks Nachos! How do you find this free freight category any idea when will this end?

    • There's a banner on their homepage a few scrolls down :) (for the free freight category)

  • Just checked out with SC211856. #57 seems to be working but looks like you can only use one SC coupon per account.

  • So do they have to be accounts

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    Just checked out with SC211964, tested a bunch on SC2118XX and almost all is invalid already.
    And I checked out on 3 orders, same account, no problem

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      1.2kg cookies for $9.96, this is even better than the previous Munchtime deals!

      • Wouldn’t it be $15 for 1.2kg of them? As the coupon is $5 off?

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          I placed 2 orders, so $4.98 for 2 pack - making it $9.96. Had no problems placing multiple orders on one account

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    Thanks OP, bought 2 x Gillette Mach 3 Turbo + 9 Blades using the code ILOVESHOPPING, total price came down to $49.98


  • Where do you enter the studentcard discount code?

    • In the voucher box - near the bottom right when you go through 'checkout'.

  • I used SC212xxx a few hours ago. Multiple on same account

  • $10 in cart, tried several codes, returned error msg "This coupon is not valid". any luck?

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      i think the coupon has reached SC212XXX - I just tested SC212232 and it works if you want to use it :)

    • You just have to keep trying with different code numbers - maybe try going up 10 at a time or something until you find one that works.

      • SC212258 now

        • FYI tried SC213305 and it worked. If anyone needs a reference starting point

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    The 300's don't work anymore try out SC212422+
    It seems like 400+ is working

  • 6 hours later, have made 26 separate purchases 🤣🤣

    • this is why we can't have nice things

  • The palmolive gold soap bars are a great deal, if you purchase something additional at $5 or less and then use ILOVESHOPPING code

  • The thing is it's not as good as the times before atm

  • Ordered something from them more than three weeks ago, still haven't got it. They allocated a shipping number at the time of ordering, but nothing was sent. Apparently, they are "shifting a warehouse", according to their support.

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    FYI this deal is $15 cheaper now with the student code + free freight. BLACK+DECKER Booster Cables Car

  • Whats the number now?

    • SC212550+

  • Don't bother trying SC212644 to SC212732, I just checked and have used whatever is available there.

    • What number is now?

  • Continue from sc212742

    • SC212744

      The must be happy having their warehouse cleared out of the small stuff 🤣

      • They just published the $5 clearance free freight, but the coupon is min $5.01 😂

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          Buy one get one free? Most new $5 items are sold out now

          • @nachos: Wow! How long did the Google Nest Hubs last? Not long enough for posting as deal! Good value at $59.99 with $10 coupon and free shipping.

  • I used three numbers that worked for me, sc212780-82.
    Sorry team, wasn't testing ones above or below, just found ones that worked lol.

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    I'm a bit late seeing this post.
    All the good items are gone.

    I just placed 8 orders.

    I had to use

    • Thanks

  • IS this still working?

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      Yes still working.

      I just placed an order with code

    • yes ive just used code for few more items

  • Gotta feel for the staff who comes back to work after the long weekend to find 10k or 20k or new orders to process. Coupled with current backlogs, my order should arrive just before Xmas lol.

    • U wait for them to put items up with a similar price as the m&Ms then it's game on

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        More like Game Over. Will not be surprised if they go "ahhh f**k it, click Cancel All Orders"

        • This time yes due to the method

        • +3

          TWG has been incredibly generous to people here honouring deals they shouldn't have to. All the constant free shipping codes, previous 1-day $5 discount with thousands of orders etc, stacked category/product discounts on the old TW site giving 2x25%(43%) off rather than a single 25% off with no refunds etc. Plus last month with the PS5 digital deal(via Noel Leeming) I posted where they oversold and then upgraded a few hundred digital orders they couldn't supply to disc for free($649 vs $819) rather than cancel them.

          At some point they will say F**k it, theres been several deals posted here that have cost 5 figures each time.

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    I don't think any more valid codes are left.
    I tried about 100 before giving up.

    • Thanks I'll mark as expired, hopefully tomorrow they don't list 1000 new items at $5.01!

      • It is still working, I just tried SC212806 and this code is still working, I didn't use it so someone else can have it :)

        • Ah ok, sounds like there are still codes, I will unexpire

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    Not working for me too. I guess its expired now.

  • +5

    Imagine being a student all excited to get a $5 discount at 1-Day only to find out that the Cheapies Corps used 1500 of em in two days 😄🎖️

  • codes still work i just used this 1 SC212808 as at 8.01pm

  • SC212841 + should work now just gone thru a bunch and used SC212841

    • Thanks

  • No luck for me 😢

    • Have you tried using codes higher than what's in the comments(ie higher than SC212841)

      • Yes, tried all the way to SC212911

  • Does anyone know what codes are working now?

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      Found 1 for you SC212412

      • Thanks! SC212412 didn’t work for me but tried SC212418 and that worked

  • Anyone know where we are up to? I've tried into the SC2129XX-SC213XXX

    • Just got one at SC212403 (and have used it). I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again with earlier numbers - there might be gaps here and there. Good luck.

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      SC212404 is free

      • Thank you!

    • +2

      SC212508 just worked so maybe work your way from there ;)
      Happy Shopping

  • I'm in the same predicament, anyone got a code for free freight?

    • or $15 off, I've got a prezzy card i want to use but you can't do split payment

  • Trying up to SC216995 no luck. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't buy something just because it's cheap 😅

    • Just used SC212405 & 406, might be able to go from there!

    • +1

      I just tested SC212508, but aren't using it so all yours. :)

      • Thank you so much! It worked

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