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Increased Referral Bonus of US$50 Worth of SG (Crypto) with US$30 purchase @ SocialGood App


I have used this the last time when it was only $25 for joining. I found it to work well. Tracked all my purchases and have since been approved and withdrawn to Bittrex. I was using AliExpress and eBay without issues. Great if there is something that you want. A note is that you receive the SG tokens at a value at the time of tracking and the value can increase or decrease before you can withdraw them. Sign up with referral system to get the bonus.
Still have 100% on AliExpress and 50% on ebay.

Copied from ozbargain https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656729

Details taken from here: https://socialgood.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/90000304576... (URL says April 8th 25 USD but it's actually October 12th 50 USD)

The SocialGood Team is pleased to announce that we now offer 50 USD worth of SocialGood (SG) for each new referral made by sharing their invitation code via the SocialGood App. New users (Invitees) who sign up for the SocialGood App and spend at least 30 USD will also receive 50 USD worth of SocialGood.

Advantages for Inviter: You can get 50 USD worth of SG for each new active user. An active user is defined as a user who has made purchases totaling 30 USD or more at any of the over 1,800 large online stores while using the SocialGood App.

Advantages for Invitees (New Users): New users can shop practically free for up to 50 USD at over 1,800 large online stores via the SocialGood App (limited to newly registered users who signed up via invitation code). After the new user makes purchases totaling 30 USD or more, they will get 50 USD worth of SG.

*All purchases totaling 30 USD must be completed within 30 days after registering to receive 50 USD worth of SG.

*Users who sign up via the Referral Program are not eligible to receive Sign up Bonus.

Steps to sharing your invitation code:

Within the SocialGood App, access your personal invitation code by pressing the "Referrals" button on the top right corner of the home screen.

Copy your code and share it via social media or any other platform.

Invited users must input the invitation code when signing up for the SocialGood App in order for each referral to be counted.

Referral Links

Referral: random (44)

US$25 each for referrer and referee.

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  • Do they require that you download an app to your phone (no pure web option)?



  • so it's like kiwiwallet but you get crypto back?

    • I am guessing so, but the retailers would be overseas mainly (whereas KiwiWallet would be mainly NZ based)?

    • Yes it's like a Cashback but you get crypto instead. So no real guarantee of value when you withdraw.

  • The app has no reviews on App store. Is it trustworthy?

    On side note, how do you convert crypto cashback back to cash/transfer?

    • The short answer, for me, would have to be, there is no reason to believe it is trustworthy / safe / secure.

      I'd happily sign up and test it if they had the capability of running through a web server, but app only smacks of lacking technical chops.

      It like going back to the nineties when everyone wanted you to install their app.


      • But installing the apps, means they are piggybacking my data. Don't know what they can harvest, so am concern. I know people will say don't do it. But for the sake of it being legit wanted to know.

    • +1

      I'm still learning as I go but It's not the easiest way to withdraw as the SG token is only exchangeable on a few places. I use Bittrex and all mine is now on there. Sell it for usdt then can send to another exchange like easy crypto, an nz based one and withdraw to bank account. The other options are to put it on a wirex or crypto.com prepaid visa card and it converts it to any currency supported. They work in nz.
      It's a bit of a process but if the value goes back up to $3 like I has a couple of times recently I will have more than tripled my Cashback and had free stuff to go with it.

      • Thanks. I got long way to go in terms of learning about crypto.

  • What's everyone buying to make up the $30 USD of purchases? There's Ebay but everything on their seems like it's $1000 to get shipped here, and then AliExpress but I can't really justify spending $42-ish NZD on bits and bobs off there haha

    • Wait yeah never mind, it looks like I've already got the $50? Do I get $50 more if I spend $30USD?

      • If it's already showing It may show as pending but from what I experienced on my first purchase it will go approved and able to withdraw it once your $30 plus purchase goes to approved too. Otherwise you will only have pending

    • I've bought things like a good dash cam from ebay with free shipping and brushless motor and ESC for rc buggy. Things that are a bit more than I would usually spend and wanted to get for a while.

    • +1

      I have been getting some Xiaomi (aqara) smart home sensors like door sensors, motion sensors, switches. They are pretty cheap compared to what you get in NZ. Slowly building my smart home using home assistant. if SG is as good as some are saying, I will have my whole setup for free or maybe make money. haha.

  • The link to the promotion details in the post is incomplete - the details can be found here: https://socialgood.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/90000304576...

  • How did anyone actually get social good coins? I bought 6 months ago and my purchases are still 'pending' and cannot use the coins.

    • Mine generally seem to get approved 6-8 weeks after purchase , have 2800 tokens ready to sell when the price goes back to $2+ USD but so far i worked out that not including the 2800 or the 1300 still pending, my purchases since i started using the app 5ish months ago have cost me just over 200 usd out of a total of 7k worth of purchases after selling previous sg tokens.

      • Where do you sell sg tokens if you don't mind? Just trying to find the best way to get the money back. Atleast once I know the process it will be fine to hold on to it for best price.

        • +1

          I use uniswap to convert to eth , then sell the eth to easycrypto using their sell feature . What i've done is (most of the time) wait till the price drops to under or close to 0.50c usd per token to purchase, then swap when it is approved and at $1.50 or higher per token

          • @Ytrewq: Which wallet you use in uniswap?

            • @ace310: I use metamask, clicking connect wallet then the first option WalletConnect links them, it will open metamask(if you decide to use metamask) then you just click approve.

              • @Ytrewq: Thanks. I will explore other options as well and see which one is good for me. OP mentioned Bittrex as well.

  • Is there a list of shops and their cashback rate somewhere?

    • To answer my own question

      100% AliExpress, DHgate
      50% eBay, Trip.com, Wish
      4.9% Banggood
      3.5% AbeBooks
      1% FagranceNet

      • Where did you find the list?

        • In App

  • I had sold most of my SG around $2 mark and moved it into $ETH.
    Went in heavy when they had 100% cashback on eBay.

    All in all a good move.

    • That's good. Do you have bitmart referral? Saw your post from previous deal. Can't send you pm.

  • did anyone get 100% cashback from aliexpress? My order totalled $41usd but the cashback I received was only 32SG which was $30ish USD at the time of it being tracked. Is it limited for the first purchase or something?

    • +1

      Doesn't include shipping or gst charges in the amount of SG tokens you get.

      • ah right, makes sense.

  • They have increased the referral bonus to US$100.

    • I saw that and was thinking of doing another post but wasn't sure if it's good enough for here with all the complexity of withdrawing. It was not posted on ozbargain either when I last looked too. I did sign up my wife and make a purchase to get us both the $100 USD referral bonus though.

  • Anyone tried Booking.com? Heard the approval is quite fast as in few days.

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