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Keen for a code too please!!
10/09/2023 - 17:03
Agreed - you can get some great deals from Dressmart! I might also add that The Athlete's Foot has a sale on last season shoes - including…
11/10/2022 - 14:09
Free Barley Loaf (Unsliced) with Every Order @ Paneton Bakery
From email: As a thank you for your ongoing support, we are offering you a complimentary Barley Loaf on every order this week. Simply…
14/09/2022 - 16:11
Any reviews on this soundbar? Was thinking of splurging on a Sonos / Bose to complement my LG C1 but this one looks excellent and at a…
17/07/2022 - 12:39
Do you use these as speakers for your TV?
15/07/2022 - 17:35
I’ve been caught before where they only applied price promise to 1 item (added more after price promised and they were showing up as…
24/04/2022 - 10:49
Which location OP? I just checked PnS Mt Albert online shopping and it's $6.29 so might be store specific.
30/03/2022 - 09:29
Discount applied in cart!
25/03/2022 - 10:49
Sorry folks for the confusion, I meant pails for just regular peanut butter (I think this might be cheaper than F&F, don't know if there's…
15/03/2022 - 12:54
Free Nationwide Shipping (No Minimum Spend, $4.99 for Rural) @ Forty Thieves
Another local nut butter player. The macadamia nut butters are scrummy. Otherwise if you're after just peanut butter, good deal for a 2kg…
15/03/2022 - 12:07
Yes I had a nosey and all I can say is wow
14/03/2022 - 15:39
Not really fair to downvote the deal though? It's a solid post from OP.
14/03/2022 - 15:07
Philips TAB7305 2.1 Channel 300W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer - $199 @ PB Tech
Part of PB Tech's EOFY sale. Might be a good option for a budget audio setup - looks like the cheapest price ever according to Pricespy and…
09/03/2022 - 10:30
Remember to also show your AA card for a free thickshake!
07/03/2022 - 10:14
Interesting, I'm definitely cheaper with Contact but that might be because I'm pushing all my heavy appliance use (e.g. washing) to the…
01/03/2022 - 13:19
Looking for a 4 to 6 way surge protector for my TV, router, speakers, etc. I've heard good things about the Belkin but keen to get…
17/02/2022 - 08:10
Is it just me or had PB Tech removed their live chat feature??
09/02/2022 - 17:27
I have this one and had the smaller 20L at my previous place. No complaints, solid Panasonic build. You could also go for their inverter…
29/12/2021 - 18:57
Dang should have waited to get this over the 55 C1!
05/12/2021 - 22:27
Bedding, home decor, apparel for me. I tend to avoid electronics / drop shipped stuff.
29/11/2021 - 13:10
Ah so tempted to buy but I’m old fashioned and want to see it in person first before purchasing…
24/11/2021 - 20:09
How does this compare to the A1 and the Samsung Q70A?
24/11/2021 - 10:25
Hmm thinking about getting this one over the Roborock… I’m sure Roborock is superior but also $$$
08/11/2021 - 19:51
Singles Day 11% off Storewide (Online Only) @ The Warehouse
Looks like discount automatically applied in cart. Terms & Conditions: Online only. Excludes: Clearance, Schooltex, Computers & Tablets,…
08/11/2021 - 00:21
Denied price beat via online chat as it’s a “Manager’s Special”. Called and they could only price match but managed to add the $5…
29/10/2021 - 19:24
Thanks, this is super useful! Small house, low maintenance... peace lilies look like a good start.
29/10/2021 - 08:41
cheeseballz posted a forum topic Where to buy plants?
Keen to get your recommendations on where to buy good and affordable indoor plants. Bunnings? FB Marketplace? I’m in Auckland.
29/10/2021 - 07:40
I got this one from PB Tech - Unfortunately…
28/10/2021 - 16:37