10% off Your First Purchase (No Minimum Spend) and Additional $10 off with $75 Spend @ Warehouse Stationery


WELCOME10 code will get 10% off your first online purchase.
The good news with this is that it includes just about everything on the website (even on sale and clearance).
You can also 'stack' this with the $10 voucher for purchases over $75 - see below
Free shipping on all orders over $46.

To get the $10 voucher code:
* Click on the 'Sign Up For Free' button at the bottom of the page (on mobile click 'Personal Sign In' first before scrolling to the bottom of the page).
* Enter your name & email address.
* You will receive a 'Welcome to Warehouse Stationery' email but you can delete this as you will get another email within about 10 minutes that contains a unique code for $10 off $75 spend - valid for one month.

Code is online only and excludes: Gift Vouchers, Apple, iTunes, software, freight, donations, phone top-ups, phone cards, prepaid postal, clearance,fotofinish, wsprint, printicular and insurance policies. Not valid with any other promotions.

You can end up with some good deals if you stack the two codes above.
For example:

Canon Maxify MB5160 All-in-One Printer https://www.warehousestationery.co.nz/product/W2215305.html
Currently for sale at $219. With the 10% off WELCOME10 code stacked with the $10 voucher this comes down to $187.10 delivered.

Samsung Galaxy A32. https://www.warehousestationery.co.nz/product/W2757143.html#...
Currently $499. With the 10% off WELCOME10 code stacked with the $10 voucher this comes down to $439.10 delivered.

These codes are for 'first time use only' but nothing stopping you signing up again with a different email address.

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  • Fyi: the 4G phones might be better spec'd than the 5G phones at the same price.

  • I didn't get a $10 voucher when I signed up on a new account its been thirty minutes now :(

    • Have you checked your junk folder?
      Also, did you get the initial ‘Welcome to Warehouse Stationery’ email?

      • Yea I checked my junk email I only got this so far:
        "Congratulations, you have successfully registered as a Warehouse Stationery customer.
        This means you will be the first to receive our latest offers and promotions plus access to FREE next day delivery on most online orders when you spend over $50.
        Warehouse Stationery has a huge range of products to help you work, study, create and connect, with the confidence of our Best Price Guarantee. "

        Guess I'll try on a different email haha

        • That's definitely the first email.
          The second email I received had the $10 code about 10 minutes later and did another account just to make sure the codes were different. That that also arrived in a few minutes.

          Try a different email. If you have no luck send me a PM and I'll give you one of my codes.

          • @bigcheese: I can also confirm I signed up and did not get a $10 code - Been over 3 hours now.

            • @dekodE: Did you sign up via computer or mobile?
              Just trying to narrow down why it works sometimes but not others.

              Just tried another 2x email addresses.
              The sign-up on computer has come through but the mobile has only given me the welcome email so I'm wondering if it needs to be on the computer to get the code.

              • @bigcheese: I did both of mine on the desktop PC as well lol.
                Maybe because I'm in Auckland? lol idk hahaha

            • @dekodE: Signed up yesterday, checked now haven't received anything

              Signed up via desktop on Firefox

        • @1ys23, @dekodE, @Huntakillaz
          If you guys still haven’t got the $10 voucher send me a PM and I’ll give you a code.
          There is obviously something that is triggering the voucher code (or not) so I’m in the process of trying to log everything I do that results in a code being sent.

  • Got it 10 minutes after opening an account using a GMail addy and desktop pc.