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Youtube Premium ~$2.80NZD per month through Youtube India (VPN Required)


So I saw a post in the Forums here about getting youtube premium and thought I've seen a very nice deal about this a while back on OzBargain but it never made it to the deals section on Cheapies.
Since this might help a few people here who might want to use this, I might as well post it here instead of replying on the forums.

Theres a post in the classified section if there are people who want to share a family plan to split costs:

VPN could be obtained for free through such places like:

Youtube Premium is $2.80NZD Per Month
Family Plan (can have up to 6 People) is ~$4.10NZD Per Month

Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost…

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India
2. Click on Paid Memberships(, then click on Learn more.

Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.
Termination takes place under this link(
Example of a India Address :

Name :
Address line : My Place
Town/City : Mumbai
Postcode : 400070
State : Maharashtra

More details from original post through Ozbargain:

The comments there might help you out if you run into any issues.

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Referrers get 1 bonus month of YouTube Premium
Referees get 3 months of YouTube Premium at A$1.29.

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  • If I subscribe do I need to use VPN everytime I use youtube?

    • Nah, vpn is only a one off only used for the payment. After that, you just use it as usual. Don't need a vpn after.

      • Awesome, if I use existing account to subscribe would it start suggesting content from India to me

        • lol probably not, since youtube is based on your location/what you click and view yourself. It shouldnt change anything to ur existing youtube.

  • Any idea if I need to use a VPN again when I want to cancel this?

    • Nah you don’t need to VPN to cancel it

  • +1

    Just FYI mormal price for a YouTube Premium in NZ is $15.99

  • I do this BUT i didn't bother with a 2nd account which i would recommend.

    It doesn't locale any videos and you really cant tell you are paying 3 bucks for it other than when the bill comes :)

    If payment fails or Google figure this out they may ban you so highly recommend a 2nd account..

    • People have been using VPN to get cheaper payment for youtube premium for ages. Google doesnt care since one can take a trip to another location and pay for an entire year of subscription there and carry it back to nz after.
      You can also do this with Netflix as some other countries are only half the price compared to here.

      • Do you have any experience of doing this with Netflix? I've done it with YouTube as above and it's working perfectly.

        Can I register overseas using a VPN and then view in NZ without a VPN? Do I get content targeted for the payment country or the country I'm viewing from?

        Thanks in advance!

        • I've paid for the Aussie Netflix for the first few months when I moved to NZ since that was where I created my netflix account when I was there and it works fine in NZ, it just moves me to the NZ netflix content. When I was overseas in Japan, I was still able to use my netflix account but the netflix account changes to Japan netflix content.

          Should be fine if you are able to use VPN to make an account in that region and pay for it. It should automatically move you over to NZ Region content. Try google it, there used to be forums where people were talking about the cheapest regions for Netflix payment.

  • Same with spotify too :)
    You need VPN to register.
    Dont need vpn to use the service from there on.

  • Anyone host a family?

    • Theres a link in the description. Classified section of forums.

  • +2

    Or can use an app like YouTube vanced which does everything the same as YouTube premium only for free.

    • Was going to say this. Vanced is awesome

    • Casting is a little annoying though. You have to cast first with the official app before vanced will work.

      • Vanced is a modification of the official app, you can't have both at the same time?

        • Mine is standalone

    • Youtube Premium also comes with Google Play Music.
      For ~$2 a month and also not having to worry about vanced is great.
      I prefer Google Play Music over Spotify as well in certain cases as they allow you to upload your own music to their services (rather than having to host it yourself on Spotify).

    • Fairly sure that's wrong. YouTube Vanced cannot show YouTube Premium content unless you have a YouTube premium subscription and sign in. Sure it has add free and can do background playback etc, but not "everything the same".

      • I tot YouTube gonna make premium show available to all user this year?…

        • Well that story was from the end of last year, short on details and coming from an unnamed spokesperson. From what I can tell, latest info is still unclear, but it sounds like most of their content will be free with ads, at least for some period. However outside this window it may still require a Youtube Premium subscription. And some content may require a subscription all the time. Further this hasn't happened yet. And Google could still change their minds on what they're doing at any time, as always.

          Anyway if you're using Youtube Vanced I assume that during the window of availability any content will also be on Youtube Vanced and should be ad free. Outside the window, you won't have it. I mean you could download it while it's available and watch it at a later time, although if you're going to do that there are arguably easier ways to get it. Either way, it doesn't sound like Youtube Vanced is going to be the same as a subscription even in the next few months since there will still be content not available to you for a fair amount of time.

          What I would say is if you're getting a subscription for some future content you want, then you may want to take this into account. If you want access to some Premium only/Originals content now, then I'm not sure what Google may or may not do is of great relevance unless you're committing to a longer period e.g. as part of a group. If you want the content that is already available but are okay with waiting then you could also consider their future plans.




    • Can you watch their premium shows on vanced?

  • That mentioned VPN service WindscribeVPN, doesn't include Indian server on their free account. Any other options?

    • +2
      Maybe? Seems to be on their server list and they have like a free 500mb per month account

      • Cheers

  • +1

    Another tip, but one that requires a VPN to use, a streaming service owned by Disney, is about Rs.999/year which is less thatn $20 NZD and inclused most live sports including Cricket, Most European football Leagues including Premier League, Formula 1 , Tennis, Golf, Boxing + lot more as well as American/ Hollywood movies & TV Shows.

  • Any ideas on how to transfer Spotify library to google play music?

  • Has anyone managed to get a family members to successfully join?

    It keeps saying "Trouble joining family group. Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager" even though I have added the same addresses on the invited family accounts. :(

    I have tried changing addresses everywhere and even using the VPN when trying to accept the invitation.

    Has anyone found a solution? Cheers :)


      Last page of comments, seems like there were people who had that issue and someone has a solution to it.

      • Thank you.

        Unfortunately I had forgotten to mention that I had tried all those methods above but was still unsuccessful :(

  • Just signed up for $2.81pm plus first 3m free.

    Cheers :)

    • Hi,
      How do you get the 3 month trial? I only saw 1 month trial on the website.

  • just to mention that it comes with youtube music as well which is better than google play music in my opinion

  • Need one more person to complete a six member family. Anyone coming?

  • we need one more person to complete a six member family. Anyone wants to join?

  • 169 Indian rupi is 3.66 NZD for YouTube premium . Why do you people only pay 2.80NZD??

  • Cheers. All set. Family plan for 4.2 a month. For me and my wife. Nice one.

  • We need one more person to complete a six member family. Anyone wants to join?

    • Yes please : )

  • Can confirm this still works, i just subscribed today and got charged only $2.45

  • Hi guys, they now have student plan and its only ₹79 which is $1.55NZD. A very good deal if you have are a student and trying to save as much money as possible.

  • Hi Has anyone gotten any issues with their subscription? I've had the Youtube Premium for a while now, but since this month, my card keeps getting declined. Anyone having similar problem?


    • Same with me. Haven’t investigated a fix yet.

    • +1

      Interesting. I wasn’t able to pay for my subscription too but that’s also because I had to cancel my debit card.

      Similar issues for some OB members.

      • +1

        Thank you Wakrak. The Argentina vpn worked for me!

        • +1

          I did the same. Cancelled my individual Indian subscription and created an Argentinian family account. $2.50 for 5 people. Pretty good!

          • @Wakrak: Hi Wakrak. Did you make a new YouTube account for this or used the same one you used for indian subscription? I read somewhere that people have been having trouble adding family members as it says they are not in the same country. What steps did you follow for the family account? Thanks.

            • +1

              @Swappy: Yes, I made a new account for me and every family member that joined. Was the easiest way to do it. I don't remember the exact steps though sorry. Been a while.

    • +1

      So my card was compromised and ANZ replaced it this week but I seemed unable to get Youtube to update the card details. Gambled and cancelled the India subscription and used TunnelBear to switch to Argentina. When signing up for a new membership it asked for card details and an address - used an address generator. Seems to have set up OK but will see if the payment debits in three days time, which is when my Indian subscription was paid to.

      • Did it work out ok for you then?

        • +1

          Yep, now $1.40 a month for TT Premium

  • I switched to an Argentina VPN and the price changed to R$20.90/month. does anyone know how much that is in NZD? I was expecting Argentina peso but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    • That seems to be the Brazil Real currency symbol. You might not actually be on an Argentina VPN maybe might need to check it.

      • damn ExpressVPN. First it doesn't work on netflix now the Argentina VPN is incorrect.

    • 20.9 Brazilian Real equals
      6.39 New Zealand Dollar

      Google currency converter

  • VPNs to india no longer work

    • Sourced from…

      As a result, several players, including Nord, Surfshark and ExpressVPN, decided to remove servers from India to escape the new mandate.

      • hmm interesting Proton VPN still connects to India..I just tried it. Proton is all about privacy and security so no idea why the Indian VPN is still working

        • is it a free vpn? we are trying to switch from agrentina to india today

          • @kiwiicheapies: I think they do have a free version with limited countries. I have a bundled combo with proton mail so I get the full access

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