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$15 off Your First Order (New Customers Only) @Menulog


Order via Menulog App.
New Menulog customers only
Offer expires on 15th November 2021
Minimum spend $30 excluding service fees
One voucher per transaction

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    works for guest checkout

    • How do you check out as guest?

      • To check out as a guest you need to be logged out of the app.
        Then, select what you want to order.

        When you go to checkout you are presented with the option to either log in or checkout as guest.

      • You have to order on the Menulog app

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          Thanks! Works in Auckland, checkout as guest and choose pickup, so no delivery or service fee

  • Code is not working for me as it's saying " you have entered an invalid code ".

    • This was delivered to my letterbox (Christchurch) with the generic code printed on it.
      Worked for me when I tested but could be location specific.

  • works for me checking out as guest ( on the app ) . Kapiti based here

  • Easy as with guest checkout

  • Worked as guest for me in Welly

  • Worked for me thanks!

  • All the prices are jacked up on menulog site. If ordering without coupons just go directly to the restaurants site or call them.

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      Yeah, I think it is because the restaurants are trying to compensate Menulog's fees onto the customers. I do not blame them. Same thing on UberEats and the like.

  • Had a terrible experience using them. Completely wrong order turned up (and it was about half the value of what we had paid for), and they offered a voucher as compensation which when I tried to use it was invalid. Was given 3 different voucher codes which were all invalid. Eventually managed to get them to agree to refund but the money didn't arrive, so after another follow up message was told there had been an "error processing the refund." Eventually got money refunded but took multiple phone calls, emails and messages via their Facebook page. Suspect they were hoping I'd just give up given it wasn't a huge amount of money - but if I'd only paid for half of what I'd ordered I'm sure they would be wanting the rest. Wouldn't use again.

  • coupon still valid (17th Oct)

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      The coupon has a validity until 15 November so you still have almost a month to use.