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Update: Confirmed it's working, drive thru a Gimme 5, got a Gimme 7 + additional Chips & medium drink. Good feed but chicken pieces a bit…
09/12/2023 - 19:47
Is the generated survey code still working?
09/12/2023 - 18:51
Do I need unlock fee with this coupon?
09/12/2023 - 14:47
Thanks Wakrak, just didn't a pricematched in store for the toilet paper no problem! Good time as I'm running low
08/12/2023 - 16:35
Does anyone know which Nespresso coffee pod has a similar taste to Nescafe Cafe Au Lait? My partner currently uses a Nescafe Dolce Gusto…
08/12/2023 - 14:45
Ok, I just double checked my Domino's order this morning which was the same time as I received the Visa one-time code, when i checked out…
07/12/2023 - 14:51
I already clicked on the link...and it take me to here look like a visa website:
07/12/2023 - 14:43
I haven't disclose any of my details in the email to her, no account, card number, name etc, no even send her the email i received, but she…
07/12/2023 - 14:38
Update: Another email from: Visa Click to Pay <[email protected]> We’ll miss you As you requested, we've closed your…
07/12/2023 - 14:32
Update: I send an email to [email protected] and got the following respond: Dear XX, Thank you for contacting Visa Customer…
07/12/2023 - 14:32
Do you happened to know if they mentioned on the title "2kg bag", the price that they display is for 2kg or per kg?
07/12/2023 - 14:21
Geoffgo posted a forum topic Visa Phishing Email?
I just received an email 2 hours ago from from: **Visa Click to Pay <[email protected]>** sending me a one-time code and…
07/12/2023 - 14:11
$2 off Cartel Food Co Burritos (Redeemable at NZ Supermarkets)
Copied from email: >Great news! We've EXTENDED the last date to claim $2 off your next burrito purchase. Now you have until December 10th…
07/12/2023 - 12:44
How do you make it look like you got the actual email?
07/12/2023 - 11:32
Anyone know if i have a boost for my account to spent $100 and get bonus 1500pts, and i placed an order with this $30 off $100, will i get…
07/12/2023 - 11:16
Cheers mate, got mine. It's very easy following your steps!!
07/12/2023 - 11:14
Look like you cannot schedule the order for later, i change the pick up time and it said cannot be used at this time of the day
07/12/2023 - 10:33
Awesome, I closed the app and reopen and the deal is gone, couldn't find anywhere where to add the deal back, thanks for the code lunch…
07/12/2023 - 10:31
Cheaper at Growers Direct and Sunson if you are in Christchurch
05/12/2023 - 12:54
Pepsi was $1.89 for 2L at Pns Moorehouse last week. I think the margin for soda are exceedingly huge and the price fluctuated for promotion…
05/12/2023 - 09:44
Thank you! Have you try pricematch various items against different Pns store before at the same time?
05/12/2023 - 09:27
Ok I thought toilet paper exclude from that. Do you know do I go straight to check out for pricematch in-store or should I go to the…
05/12/2023 - 09:24
Follow this as I use the $30 off in store for my first purchase
05/12/2023 - 08:17
This one always show sold out for Christchurch stores in app :( my favorite is the soy linseed
05/12/2023 - 08:15
Tried to pricematch toilet paper online and agent said they recently have change the policy they will not pricematch any supermarket deal…
05/12/2023 - 08:13
Score BIG at Torpedo7 Manukau's Closing Down Sale. Get a MASSIVE 50% off Storewide! T&Cs: Discount applies to the original regular price…
04/12/2023 - 20:43