Pam's Streaky Bacon 500g $3.99 @ Paknsave

As the title states.
Lower hutt had 2 packets left which I brought. BB 08/02/2022

I walked back and they had another 4 packets which I brought.
They might restock so something to keep and eye on


  • Did you mean to post this in the forums section?

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      Bacon has been a pretty hot topic in the last few weeks, so maybe warrants its own forum?
      I recall Countdown Bacon, Briscoes bacon seasoning and now Pam's Streaky Bacon.
      Mmmmmmmm Bacon…

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      Yes because it's out of stock and I dunno if other areas have it at that price

  • Nice find!

    Probably only Lower Hutt unfortunately :-(

    • Yup :( that's why in forum instead of a deal

  • Suppose that's cheap, but have you tried Henderson's bacon? It's worth paying full price for! I find the honey stuff too sweet anyway.

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      Yes I have and I do enjoy it more. This stuff isn't honey, just bacon.
      This stuff is also less than half the price.
      $8 a kilo vs $25 a kilo

      • ok, the link Wakrak posted above was to a Pam's item with honey.

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          oh my bad. Just noticed the little honey jar.

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