This was posted 1 year 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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WD 10TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive (WDBBGB0100HBK-NESN) (~NZ $143 / US $93.20 Incl Shipping) @ Amazon US


WD 10TB My Book is on sale at Amazon US and its the cheapest I have ever seen.Limited to 3 drives per account.


16TB which I'm guessing is 2x8TB is going for NZ$312. It's out of stock right now but you can still order it and they will ship it later.

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  • Nice find! Use this link if you're having trouble finding the cheaper price.

  • This is insanity! ~$14.60 NZD per GB! Ordered one straight away to replace the 4 magnetic drives in my computer, cheers!

  • Items: NZD 127.53
    Shipping & handling: NZD 21.06
    Total before tax: NZD 148.59
    Estimated tax to be collected: NZD 0.00
    Order total: NZD 148.59

  • Hope it's not price error

    • seems very likely to be an error, it's previous lowest price was ~$140USD

      • Well before the recent massive discounts, lowest price for any of the 10TBs was something like USD200. Then we suddenly got some massive discounts. Admittedly the price per TB wasn't that much lower than compared to the 8TB drive historic lows until today. Who knows what's up with WD. Maybe someone found they had 10k stuffed in a warehouse :-P

  • Order placed! Thanks!

  • Wow, nice find!

  • doh looks like its ended. The 8th is still fairly cheap…

  • Wow, I just got my 10TB WD Elements for $279 a couple of days ago for shucking. These should have the same WD Red (white label) drives according to

  • Got two. Does anyone know what kind of drives are inside?

  • got 1, thank you!

  • Reviews on amazon don't sound too positive 🤔

  • Thank you for sharing, I needed some more room for my Plex server.

  • far out just bought some few weeks back ( @ $140usd each

    • I did mention the prices were showing a strong downward trend

      I admit I didn't expect it to be this cheap this soon though. I wonder what's driving the cuts. Is MAMR very close?

      • Actually didn't realise how far PMR had come. I sort of thought PMR was basically stuck at about ~1TB for a 3.5" platter and all recent advancements in density were either Helium to put more platters or SMR, or both but seems I'm very wrong

        Showa Denko have had those platters for a while, even more for their 8th generation. So wonder if production is now at a level where they starting to effect prices for more ordinary consumer drives. And what with MAMR and HAMR coming, combined with the recent price drops for flash, maybe explains why HD prices are starting come down a lot.

    • 2x 10tb @79.99usd

      Order Summary
      Item(s) Subtotal: $159.98
      Shipping & Handling:$21.44
      Total before tax: $181.42
      Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
      Grand Total: $181.42

      Order Summary
      Items (2): NZD 255.06
      Shipping & handling: NZD 34.18
      Total before tax: NZD 289.24
      Estimated tax to be collected: NZD 0.00
      Order total: NZD 289.24

  • Thanks just grabbed two. I think this is probably a pricing error.

    Ps. Recommend you use Amazon currency conversion so if it's a mistake and you have a refund then you are refunded back in $nz. Otherwise you will be out of pocket in the currency conversion of the refund.

    • It actually depends on the exchange rate, not to mention the Amazon currency conversion usually is slightly higher than place order in USD + charged extra 2.5% by your bank.

      • Yup Amazon exchange right is slightly worse, however had a friend get stung with a refund double conversion once in the past.


        Buy something for $100usd -> charged $150 nzd by bank (after fees).

        Instead of cancelling the transaction the seller credits you $100usd -> deposited $140 nzd back into account (after fees).

        Looking forward to getting these two HDDs, will bring my server up to 70 or 80tb now ;)

    • Don't think its a pricing error. They've also dropped the 4tb external 2.5" WD hard drives down 50% aswell

  • Good find thanks, anyone know where I can get US to Aus/NZ power adapters?

  • Price changed to $234.99

  • 16TB which I'm guessing is 2x8TB is going for NZ$312. It's out of stock right now but you can still order it and they will ship it later.

  • WD 4TB portable drive is worth considering at us$54.99 plus $7.17 shipping.

    • I have this one, it's ok but it's connector can break very easily off the pcb(much like you see issues with micro hdmi) and it's also proprietary so a replacement cable or part is harder to come by if damaged/lost.

  • Thank you! Managed to buy two 10TB drives before nodding off last night. Really appreciate the post. :)

  • Crapped missed it.. was looking for an external HDD deal ><

  • Oh man I missed it!

  • Bought one last night. Thanks for the deal. No idea what I'm going to use it for but hey it was a bargain!

  • They also had this deal

    WD 16TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive - USB 3.1 - WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN

    $170usd for 2x8TB Reds.

    The single 8/10tb enclosures contain white label drivers probably.

  • Looks like everything is expired now, why didn't I check last night?

    • Just subscribe to email notifications for all deals, to an email address with cellphone push notifications enabled.

  • Damn it I usually check this thread multiple times a day and missed out :/ ah well… Didn't REALLLLY need it anyways…

  • I bought this last night, but the money still hasn't been taken out of my account. anyone else?

    • charged on dispatch (if it will be is another question…)

      This was also posted on the UK version of cheapies so must have been hit hard with orders.

  • Was posted slickdeals, cheapies uk/aus/nz just a few places i'd say over 2.5-3k just from those deal sites

    • Was also on the Datahoarder Reddit. We're talking about the kind of place where questions like "how do you order more than 3" are an easily expected topic of discussion. (Admittedly many deal sites too.)

  • Both my orders of 3 x 10 TB were shipped today.

    • Wow so fast

    • He'll be charged customs for this right ?

      • Amazon doesnt charge you extra. The final price at check out is the price that you pay. Amazon will pay for customs and duty fees if they didnt ask you to pay for it during check out.

      • None of my orders were more than NZ$300,so hoping I won't be stung by the customs.

        • AFAIK, If you submit two orders under same account within a day or two, when both order arrived in NZ approx. same time, the custom will combine the value of both order.

          • @bilberry: Nah, not on our experience, not at all, you order on different days, thats different days, they don't get 'stuck together'.. and we have used these types of deals to get to 3 servers all over 100TB now

            Just use completely different AMAZON accounts anyway, simple.

            Regardless, we ordered 3, I would have expected them to be billed / shipped by now…

            Possibly, they may have oversold the stock that they had on hand, thats what I am thinking, which mean, for those uf us, who haven't been billed & haven't received shipping notice we will probably have to wait till there next slot of NZD140/10TB discs. I reckon they will cancel some of the as yet unbilled/unshipped orders, which won't matter, they'll only be cheaper later rofl

            • @rolex: I've heard of people getting charged if they end up combining the orders when shipping. I order for a different address or different name for the second order to prevent this.

          • @bilberry: oh crap, my 2 orders together are $500 :/

            • @Huntakillaz: I think they will stagger your shipment. I received my first order with a value of less than NZ$300 and waiting for the second one. Both these orders were shipped out of the US at the same time.

  • None of my 3 x 10TB orders have been billed / shipped


    Aww i missed out,bugger!.

  • Anyone getting this that wants to pass on the empty enclosure? :D

    • you can have one of my empties. I like to keep one in case of need to return, but i don't need both. I'm in Wellington.

      • They might need a matching serial number for the warranty?

      • I’m guessing it got cancelled like most of them. Otherwise I’m in Wellington and would totally pick an empty up.

  • Looks like orders are getting cancelled for ozbargainers. Mine hasn't been yet, anyone else?

  • My 16TB order got cancelled but the 3 x 10TB drives are on their way.

  • Canceled but got a 20 usd gift card 😏

    In this case, we're unable to offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order for this item, and you haven't been charged.

    At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We're very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

    To help make up for the inconvenience, we've applied a $20.00 Gift Card to your account. This amount will be applied to your next eligible order automatically without entering a claim code.

  • Shame. Didn't really need one, but would have been nice. At least a free 20 us bucks.

  • Same here, $20 Amazon Gift Card………….better luck next time I guess.

  • Order cancelled, $20 USD in return. Thanks for the free money OP!

  • what only $20, others got $30 per order :(

  • No gift balance given, no notification about order being cancelled but I don't see any sign of that order in my Amazon account. I've emailed them asking about it

  • Take screenshot guys. I've sent mine - the one taken when I ordered to them as there's no sign of the order in account now

  • Did you guys get an email notification to say that it was cancelled? I looked at my orders list today and it has disappeared but I have not received any communication about it…

    • I got the cancellation email a day after the order disappeared.

      • Cheers, I will keep my eyes peeled for it. I heard that few amount of users actually got their order's shipped… lucky fishes.

    • Received the email early this morning. Only 1xUS$20 despite 2 HDs in the order :-( So guess the naysayers were right all along. I'm still surprised it took so long to the extent they shipped some but also took nearly a week to email. I understand from the above discussion these could be returned from the depot but I assume some of those sent to people in the US have already arrived

  • I got mine cancelled as well, a $20 gift card instead. And I was one of the very early ones who clicked on this deal.

  • Mine were all cancelled, rats.

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