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It's nothing to do with PCMR at all. I use a MacBook Pro for work. The truth is simply the hardware is not capable and/or designed for...
21/09/2019 - 15:47
There are literally no new AAA games on Mac since 2017. Same goes for Apple arcade. It's all casual gaming focused. Hence the name. If...
20/09/2019 - 22:20
You and the other 10 users playing games on their Macs must be devastated. :)
20/09/2019 - 17:08
Still won't be as good as my unifi access points.
19/09/2019 - 18:04
Dont know where you hear that from but fiber is awesome (low latency, faster speed) Just need to make sure Chorus does a proper job...
19/09/2019 - 13:15
So it's a rental? Can I use my own router then to avoid paying for the delivery fee?
19/09/2019 - 12:52
That's a great offer. Is the modem free to own or just rental?
19/09/2019 - 11:07
Agreed. "Up to 5 times" makes no sense in the context as it's a one off cash back requiring 5 Google pay usages.
18/09/2019 - 08:04
Nice deal. Huawei is releasing an updated p30 pro with some minor changes I guess they are clearing the stocks.
09/09/2019 - 13:51
If you read what people say on Herald you will soon come to the conclusion that everything is difficult. As someone who has gone through...
05/09/2019 - 12:02
I honestly don't know how you would think a one off age verification is ridiculously complicated for FREE TRAVEL for the REST OF YOUR LIFE....
05/09/2019 - 06:53
They sometimes check student IDs on the train (not always) to make sure you are eligible for the student discount. Although this is a...
05/09/2019 - 06:47
You need a gold card+at hop to use free Public transportation as a senior (I helped my in-laws apply for one). That's the only way to...
04/09/2019 - 16:07
I have never had any issue with AliExpress. Sellers generally value positive feedbacks where as customer support at Banggood is basically a...
04/09/2019 - 13:48
Bought a xiaomi phone 2 months ago from Banggood and the package was never delivered. Had to get PayPal involved as banggood wouldn't issue...
04/09/2019 - 13:04
Well they want to encourage people to use public transport on a regular basis. If you want to take advantage of one off free ride and never...
04/09/2019 - 11:20
Data add-on price is underwhelming. 21.90 for 3GB which is more expensive than Warehouse Mobile. And doesn't carry over (it even forfeits...
03/09/2019 - 13:47
Problem is plug is not AU compatible. Usually I'm not fussed with adapters but having a potentially loose connection next to water isn't...
28/08/2019 - 17:38
Vodafone Sims do expire as far as I know.
28/08/2019 - 06:43
It's mostly sugar. And research has already found vitamin supplements are mostly useless.
27/08/2019 - 19:52
Yes I understand Teflon evaporates under high temperature. Haven't used ceramic yet but I think those are usually just coating as well.
26/08/2019 - 11:18
I don't see this being only applicable to students. Does anyone know how long the offer lasts?
26/08/2019 - 11:15
Only 2 year warranty. We bought a Circulon nonstick frying pan with 5 year warranty, after 2 years the coating wears out (most Teflon...
25/08/2019 - 16:27
I hate proprietary memory cards like these. Other than the marginally smaller size it offer no benefit for the price premium. And you won't...
23/08/2019 - 16:04
I got mine a while back. They are ok quality for the price. Cast iron pans are pretty low tech product.
17/08/2019 - 18:59
They are not rated that well by consumer nz.
11/08/2019 - 14:13
Enjoy it while you can, the Amazon tax is coming in a couple of month. I bought my Ryzen 3600 + RAM + Mobo from Amazon just recently.
10/08/2019 - 20:20
Redeems ok but app says voucher will show up soon. That was couple of hours ago and still nothing.
09/08/2019 - 18:30
The CPU in p30 isn't even 1 year old yet ( introduced at the end of 2018) Are you sure you got the right phone.
09/08/2019 - 07:02