Affiliation Links on ChoiceCheapies

Currently ChoiceCheapies is monetising affiliation links on some of the deals posted. That means if you click through some of these links, and make purchases at the linked store, ChoiceCheapies will receive a small percentage of sale value as commission. For user submitted referral/affiliate links, please see the deal posting guidelines.

How to tell which links are affiliate links?

Affiliate links will only be shown to non-logged-in users. For users that are currently logged into ChoiceCheapies, affiliate links will never be shown. The following only applies to guest users who are not currently logged into ChoiceCheapies.

If you are a guest user, affiliation links will be marked around the “offer thumbnail” (usually taken by ChoiceCheapies's screenshot system). Text “Affiliate Link” will be shown as a small overlay at the bottom of the thumbnail. When you click on the word “Affiliate Link”, extra links will be revealed.

Here is one example:

ChoiceCheapies Affiliate Link Example

The extra links:

  • What is this? – will bring you over to this page, which contains this FAQ about affiliate links on ChoiceCheapies.
  • Direct link – this will be the non-affiliate version of the same link. By clicking on it to go to the linked website, you will not be bounced to affiliation network, which means your purchases will not earn ChoiceCheapies any commission.

How does ChoiceCheapies decide which links are affiliate links?

Again, if you are a logged in user, all out-bound links will be direct links without bouncing to affiliate networks.

For guest users, submitted links will be automatically converted to an affiliate link if ChoiceCheapies is an affiliate to that particular store. Currently ChoiceCheapies is part of a half-dozen affiliation networks in Australia and overseas, which pays ChoiceCheapies commission for purchases.

The majority of links on ChoiceCheapies are not affiliated.

Why does ChoiceCheapies need to earn commission?

While ChoiceCheapies started as scotty's part time project and a community-driven website, it has continued to grow and demand resources – in both hosting and development resources. While web hosting is relatively cheap (and scotty has been quite good hunting down cheap hosting offers), time and stress to run this site comes at much greater cost.

scotty has been working full time on ChoiceCheapies since mid-2014, and ChoiceCheapies (as part of Delvu Media Pty Ltd founded by scotty) is currently employing 3 full-time staff developing the website to make this community better.

Is this affiliate link thing costing me money?

No. If you are a logged in user, it does not affect you at all.

If you are a guest user browsing on ChoiceCheapies, clicking through an affiliate link does not cost you money either. You are still paying the same price regardless of whether ChoiceCheapies is making a commission from or not. The difference would be commission going to someone else (wherever you last clicked on a Dell/Apple ads), instead of funding ChoiceCheapies – a website that provides free access and services. However if you are also a cashback site user, it is recommended that you use a clean browser to perform your cashback tracking + purchases, and use “Direct Link” to when you click on deals on ChoiceCheapies.

Is it okay to post affiliate or referral links on ChoiceCheapies?

In general, we allow referral links but not affiliate links, but there are exceptions. Please see Deal Posting Guidelines affiliate links section for more details, as well as the page on referral links.


Some declarations that are required by some affiliate network.

  • ChoiceCheapies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.