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Lenovo 65W USB-C PD Charger $29 Delivered + More @ Lenovo Education Store (Requires Email Address)


Seems like a decent price. I got access through my email address.

Non-edu page:…


This Lenovo 65W Standard AC Adapter (USB Type-C) Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. This power adapter is compatible with ThinkPad USB-C enabled Notebook and Tablet.

Key Details

Smart Voltage: Its PD technology automatically detects and delivers 5V/2A,9V/2A ,15V/3A or 20V/3.25A Tested and reliable: tested, reliable and backed by a one-year limited warranty

OzBargain feedback

Education store all items (screenshots, click … and then download if on desktop)

part 1 $0 - $129
part 2 $129 - $15000+

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  • Do you have to have a emai to access this deal?

    • Yes.

      In saying that, this one comment on OzBargain reckons there's a way to get access with your normal email address, but I don't know how to do it

    • my unitec email is still active so I use it for unidays but lenovo won't accept it because it doesn't end with :(

  • I'm getting "The Group ID does not exist" when trying to make an account.
    Possibly disabled?

  • Anyone knows how to work this out? Havent got an account with oz bargain for assistance.

  • Im also very curious to hear if there is a workaround for the email address

  • I have access with my uni acc

  • Do accounts also work?

    • Don't know. Best way to find out is to give it a go.

    • nothing worked, keeps on failing.

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        Are you going to flip it on Marketplace or Trade me?

        • -1

          You can get a decent 65W charger with multiple ports on Aliexpress for around the same price, which is far more useable than a single port. Don't get why people are jumping on the bandwagon here.

          • +1

            @NovaAlpha: I guess people aren't' aware of those options. Especially if they're not posted on here. Whereas on OzBargain there are plenty of deals/discussions on AliExpress items. And therefore, more trust towards those items.

            May as well provide some links. Give people an alternative option to consider.

            • -1

              @Wakrak: I don't think they're deals though. I've seen enough of them at that price (and always around that price) that it kinda defeats the purpose. It's like Briscoes, it's never really on sale even when it's on sale. Then there's Temu, which is now arguably better than Aliexpress in terms of price and shipping cost, so it'll be a never-ending lists of stuff to post.

              • @NovaAlpha: Fair point

              • +1

                @NovaAlpha: Think it would still be good to post some examples from Ali. Give people a different option to consider.

          • @NovaAlpha: We've bought many of the Aliexpress ones. They don't last. Low build quality.

            • @SteveW275: Not sure which ones you got, but I never had any issues with mine. I have 2x GaN chargers from Aliexpress, 245W and 230W and both different brands. I use them daily for work and charge multiple devices through a single charger.

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          They are for students at the school I work. As almost everyone uses these chargers for phones and laptops, they are in hot demand.

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            @SteveW275: Wondered if that was the case. People are quick to judge eh

            • @Wakrak: Lol yea. I was just stoked to share my saving! Also, I don't have a grand (or the time) to drop on new chargers which may or may not sell…

      • Strange, the checkout says max 5 items for online orders and any more you have to phone them?

  • Used an email and worked for me.

  • Do these include an AU/NZ plug?

    • Yes - full plug included.

  • Now $72

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