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Seems they have mutually agreed to sit with a high margin, and then regularly discount to what should be the 'normal' price. Its like the...
24/05/2017 - 10:11
Ta, my mistake, meant to put $75 there when copypasting.
18/05/2017 - 16:37
Note for those looking at continuing to use this card, run the calculations on what works best for you for the return rate and fee. This...
18/05/2017 - 14:30
Strange. Though the warehouse is known for its products going in and out of stock during a sale.
17/05/2017 - 14:41
Oh hmm, i'm sure i saw it was in stock early this morning. Didn't realize it would sell that quick. they did say only 200 nationwide.
17/05/2017 - 13:19
For anyone wondering about this deal, this was popular over on Ozbargain last month: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/303114 Users discuss...
10/05/2017 - 22:54
This is extremely good and really wish I had the time to go. Hope someone here takes advantage of it.
27/04/2017 - 23:08
A few competitors have dropped price to get more competitive, and after 10c off will be 5c cheaper than gull tomorrow - 89.9c diesel!...
27/04/2017 - 23:07
[@quasar](/comment/24323/redir): Yeah some friends had a similar experience. They were in a place with 2Degrees UFB, moved out and into...
23/04/2017 - 12:51
It may not be the best price wise, but 2Degrees have a really good network - good bandwidth, good peering nationally and internationally,...
21/04/2017 - 00:43
Always skeptical of cash back through non listed retailers. Any thoughts on this one?
16/04/2017 - 16:06
45% off code - 8G7Z2797
14/04/2017 - 11:35
The 12hrs thing got me, I didnt have time to fill up then and the stations are packed enough at that time on discount day, let alone one...
12/04/2017 - 22:15
Excellent. I shall be checking Gaspy but from a cursory glance of todays rates standard 10c off should make Gull D-93.7, 91U-164.7,...
11/04/2017 - 20:57
Got the pricing from reddit. User noticed it in screenshots. No tethering is reportedly allowed, screw that.
05/04/2017 - 08:20
Keep in mind this plan excludes tethering/hotspot, which significantly decreases its value.
05/04/2017 - 08:10
Looked through the terms but couldn't find anything. Want to know when the 24hours of free data activation expires, if its limited time...
05/04/2017 - 08:09
I've found the nivea light feel stuff works well. just keep it away from... absolutely everything. especially your car paint, upholstery,...
30/03/2017 - 22:32
Pretty sure i got that rice maker a while back for $10 on here... Kinda crappy but it does the job.
22/03/2017 - 20:30
Handy calculation of the divide by six rule 500 fly buys = ~$83 1500 fly buys = ~$250 Not bad!
22/03/2017 - 20:29
Waitomo Fuel has been consistently 3-5c cheaper than Gull recently, so this should be nice. Waitomo, 91 - 174.9, Diesel - 99.9 Gull, 91 -...
22/03/2017 - 18:59
Is that what "Western Digital New Pull Toshiba" might be referring to?
13/03/2017 - 08:39
Looking at the sale fares, looks like December is a no go, with it coming to nearly the price of airnz once you include a bag. Nice deal...
13/03/2017 - 07:43
[@bigbosssnake](/comment/23091/redir): What's the difference, that they don't allow loud children or something? The seat pitch and...
12/03/2017 - 23:32
[@Shaw](/comment/23089/redir): Sweet. Now if i decide to book something, it's a toss up between 50% more pricey with airnz on airpoints, or...
12/03/2017 - 21:30
[@Shaw](/comment/23087/redir): Thanks for the feedback. Thats useful info. Definitely will consider. Any notable issues with luggage?...
12/03/2017 - 21:07
Yeah i'm not seeing black out dates... looks like this could include christmas?! FYI the pack addon for Luggage, Meal and Seat Select is...
12/03/2017 - 20:39
Testing with countdown online, i can only find stores in chch with this pricing. Not a single one in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington or...
08/03/2017 - 16:03