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$20 off with New Account ($20.1 Min Spend) + $30 off ($30.1 Min Spend) + $50 off ($100.1 Min Spend) @ Samsung NZ


Credit: parlane for compiling the list (and permission to post). mattpee for the THANKYOU30 code. Both Jacksback and apas023 for suggesting the WELCOME50 code.

Best combo:

  • Cart over $120.
  • $20 automatically discounted.
  • $50 off with code WELCOME50.
  • $30 off with code THANKYOU30.
  • $120 is now $20.

Purchase example:

  • Galaxy A13 Cover + 25W Charger $3.99.
  • Portable SSD T7 USB 3.2 500GB $29.

$20 off

  • Create a new account
  • $20 will be taken off automatically at checkout (if your cart is over $20)

$30 off

  • Use code THANKYOU30
  • Cart must be over $30
  • Stacks with all other offers

$50 off

  • Use code WELCOME50
  • Use this prior to using THANKYOU30
  • Cart must be over $100
  • stacks with all other offers

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  • If you add two of the 15W chargers to your cart, the total is $0. I haven't actually tested to see if the order will be successful. Was just safer to say that the minimum is $0.01 over.

    • +3

      Doesn't work

  • I think there should be an item $30.01+ in cart for THANKYOU30 coupon to work.

  • Thanks the code works fine.

  • +1

    Just picked up a Wall Charger (15W) and EVO Plus microSD Card for $4 thanks

  • +2

    Awesome deal! Been waiting on a good deal for a 512GB Micro SD!

  • +1

    Anyone see this banner on top of each product page:
    Samsung Festival is on! Purchase Wall Charger for Super Fast Charge and get 25% off RRP

    Added item in card but don't see 25% apply in cart?

    • I also see this on a different charger and the discount is not being applied. I contacted the support chat and they said they can't help. It needs the sales team who are only in business hours, business days.

  • Silicone Cover + 15w charger for $14 delivered for me

  • Awesome deal op, does this work with educational portal?

  • +1

    Most of the chargers are sold out now. I hope they put some more to stock

  • +1

    grabbed a 500gb m2 for $49 huehuehue

    • +1

      Damn, sweet deal.

  • +1

    Thanks Wakrak. Can confirm that THANKYOU30 does not work on the Government Partners Store or the Family Value Program Store, presumably because all products have a discount applied already. Guessing this will be the case for any of the other EPP portals.

  • +4

    Thanks, bought the 500GB 870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD for $39 delivered.

    • Bought the same item but only $22 after redeeming my samsung points!

      • Went for the 250gb for 19 lol, no use for it yet but maybe add to chromecast TV as storage. Bargon!

        SD cards and chargers are cleared out nearly.

    • Many thanks. Just copy and paste your order. lol

  • +1

    Cheers, got a watch strap for $9!

  • Does anyone know what is the cheapest item I can add to cart, to my $49 cart purchase? to tip it over the $50.01 threshhold

    • Might be the A13 phone cover.

    • Managed to snag one of these, everything else is just about sold out on their store.
      Pity the 970 was sold out, as I could have saved $10 and this is only a secondary ssd next to my main 1TB.
      Well I guess if it has faster transfer rates, I can set it (well partition on it) as my boot drive.

  • got one 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD - 250GB for $19, cheers!

  • +1

    AX90T7080 Air Purifier Filter

    $23.53 = welcome $20 off + $30 off + 3DUCATION code

    More info

    • +4

      You can use the code WELCOME50 with 3DUCATION. Combined with the $20 off for new accounts, I believe it should be even cheaper.

      • +1

        Thanks for this. I got them down from $129 to $24.

    • Annoying they dont sell the AX34T3020 Air Purifier in NZ

      • It is available at PB Tech but I guess you talking about the Samsung store specifically.

        • +1

          Sorry, yeah to take advantage of this deal, I meant to put samsung nz, they do sell on Samsung aus site

  • +2

    Need some advice for portable SSD solution.

    Should I grab a 500gb 980/970 and then an external enclosure from elsewhere. Or just go with the 500gb t7?

    Seems like the T7 is slower than the 980/970. Is it worth going DIY enclosure route?

    EDIT: Nvm, used sign up voucher + THANKYOU30 + WELCOME50 to get the 500gb t7 for $29

    • +2

      sign up voucher + THANKYOU30 + WELCOME50 to get the 500gb t7 for $29

      The real pro tips are in the comments. $100 of total discounts!

      • +1

        grabbed the same

      • +2

        Lol - literally just placed another order with a new signup after seeing your comment. Cheers!

        • Real MVPs are @apas023 and @Jacksback. Especially @apas023 deliberating over which one to buy based on speed, then realising the real cheapies move is to buy the most discounted option

          • +1

            @eXDee: Hahahah, I was literally just spamming in all the codes in this thread. Glad you guys all secured yourself the item as well

        • Did the same! and I just bought a 870 evo, but can't pass up on the $100 savings

    • +1

      Added WELCOME50 to the post. Cheers.

      • +2

        Any experience on whether Samsung has cancelled similar deals in the past?

    • +2

      Just grabbed a grey version for $29. Beaut.

  • +4

    Thanks OP, picked up a 980 SSD - slim pickings available now. Their warehouse will be busy on monday!

  • +1

    Great deals, I'm too slow again haha

  • How are you guys using WELCOME50? It says ineligible items for when buying ssd.

    • Is your total purchase price over $100? It won't work on the $69 ssd alone for example

      • Ah ok got ya so you gotta add something else

  • Can we get a link to the 500gb t7 please ?

      • FYI all 3 colours are currently showing "get stock alert" so looks like it's been cheapied

        Edit: 1Tb still in stock for all 3 colours which at $89 is still 40-50 less than pbtech or Amazon AU before you even consider shipping

        Edit2: blue and grey back in stock! Must have expired from carts

        • Looks like the black and grey 500gb are now back to out of stock

  • Just purchased a second drive, 980 500gb m2 on my wifes account.
    with s23 screen cover, $24 for all delivered.

  • How long does it take to get a order verified email ?

    • Got an email straight away stating that my order has been confirmed. Money has been taken as well. Or are you referring to a step after this?

  • +1

    buds 2 pro pokeball case $79 plus any $25 screen protector, total $4 using 3 codes

  • +1

    Singed up, but no $20 taken off.

    • I signed up 10 minutes after you posted this and the $20 off worked for me.

      • +1

        Did it automatically apply? I've not got it

        • When you add a certain amount to your cart it says "enjoy this $20 off welcome code" if you are signed in

          • @parlane: Ah I had to log out and log back on again. Cheers :)

    • Same here, i signed up and had items in cart. 100 off was there but when i went to the next step it jad been removed

  • Looks like it’s expired

  • +5

    I just created another account to test the $20 welcome offer. Still works.

  • Just got 1tb T7 for $89.

    Wish hadn't bought intel 1tb m2 last week. Could have got 970 evo.

  • Can’t get the WELCOME50 to work even if I remove the thankyou30?

    • +1

      Welcome50 needs 100$ or more in the cart

      • +1

        Yeah I have that, have the $20 off and Thankyou30 works but can’t get welcome50 to work for some reason

        Just tried again and it worked lol

        • +1

          Just tested welcome50 in incognito window and it worked still

  • +3

    $49 40W Car Charger Duo https://www.samsung.com/nz/mobile-accessories/40w-car-charge…
    $25 Any screen protector
    $29 A33 5G Card Slot Cover https://www.samsung.com/nz/mobile-accessories/galaxy-a33-5g-…
    = $103


    $45 Type-C Earphones https://www.samsung.com/nz/mobile-accessories/samsung-type-c…
    2X$29 A33 5G Card Slot Cover https://www.samsung.com/nz/mobile-accessories/galaxy-a33-5g-…
    = $103

    You can get both deals for $3 after all the discounts.

    • Looks like the A33 Cover is sold out. Won't add to cart now

  • +2

    Thanks Wakrak and others!

    @Wakrak, these all stack with the 10% loyalty promo code discount too ;) although it seems the 10% is deducted before some of your discounts but after others…

    I got a 65W trio charger and 40W duo car charger for $36 (full price $148) 😀

    • Wanted the trio charger aswell

  • Got trio charger for 47

  • Standard Samsung deal, everything under $30 is sold out after we've all been topping orders up to over $100 fmtonget the discounts. Annoyingly they've all but abandoned the S22 line for accessories I'd actually have a use for if I bought them as a top up with this.

  • 980 Pro 1TB for $129 :)

    Cheers fellas

  • +2

    Did samsung honour this last time the similar deal happened?

    • +2

      They did, I've used half these codes before to buy their $120 wireless car charger for about $20 after using some reward points. Some of these codes are long standing so useable on be accounts all the time.

      If anyone is interested in the wireless charger, don't buy it, it's crap and broke in under a month. Had to buy a replacement mounting mechanism for about $5 on Ali express and it's much sturdier with that than the original set up

      • Can be a bit hit and miss, I brought a wireless car charger off dick Smith for $20 and had it for three now years and works well, brought an ali Apple Watch charger and all it did was turn the watch into a mini frying pan.

        • The Samsung one the charging units fine, it's the plastic legs that support the thing on the dashboard that can't support the weight of the charger and phone and just snapped within a month. We got two and both did the same thing, reading reviews it's a very common fault.

          At $20 I don't mind spending $5 to fix it, but at $120 it's a rip off. Samsung also don't seem to care about fixing them and just aren't responding to me.

  • +1

    I've bought a Samsung 980 Pro M.2 from Samsung online store about a year ago, and it died early this year in Jan (Still under warranty).
    I got an RMA Process with Samsung, and it's been 3 months since I first lodged it, sent it, and still have not gotten a replacement.
    The support from their online store has been horrendous… I keep getting passed around and told that they will call me back but I had to keep calling up to check on them.
    This is just from my experience. The last I heard was "we'll be in touch" two weeks ago.

    • +2

      They are without a doubt one if the worst companies I've dealt with. The car charger that broke I complained about in January and still don't have a response let alone resolution, they called me back, asked for evidence then never responded again. Last year I had issues with ordering a phone and the mess of trying to clear that up drive me insane. No department at Samsung is seemingly allowed to talk to any other department, I called them and no one has any authority to do anything whatsoever.

      Last time I called them the wrong department answered then refused to help as it was the wrong department, I told them I requested the right department but apparently if it's busy it just fobs you off to other teams that went pass you where you need to be. The entire things a mess and it's happily never talk to them again.

  • +6

    hahah just had a look at the store now, they've been absolutely ram raided. Almost everything is out of stock.

    • +2

      smash and grab

    • +2

      Normally just need a credit card, now you also need a Mazda Demio

  • Update: All Micro SD Cards and Wall Chargers sold out!

  • +1

    Are those two codes meant to stack? Aren't the Samsung guys coming into work Monday morning seeing everything on the site $100 and less gonna say, hmmmmmm, that shouldn't have happened, cancel it all.

    • +1

      Their system allows it and has for at least the last year as I hammered it to maximize my purchase of a phone last year.

      They didn't care for this deal which saw similar savings.


      I think the margins on most of these accessories is ridiculous anyway so probably still turning a profit selling them at this price.

      • I wouldn't say they didn't care since while they didn't cancel orders, they did prevent stacking before they re-stocked. But I agree with you it's probably not a big deal for the accessories. Bigger question is how many SSDs they sold for very cheap. Maybe some of the phones etc too. These they are more likely to care about and the nature of this deal means for those who maximised it they generally got a significantly better deal than you could in the new year mishap.

  • +4

    980 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB still available for $59.

    • couldnt add to cart…oos now

    • Thanks, grabbed one

  • +1

    I don’t have a need for anything Samsung but +1 for the stacking combo.

  • dang saw this post too late most stuff is out of stock now

  • +1

    Thank you Got 1 x 980 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB for $109.10 using $20 member, 10% loyalty discount, $30 and $50 vouchers

  • +2

    Order dispatched….

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