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$50 off $100 Spend (First Purchase) @ Samsung NZ


One $50 e-voucher for all new customers that signed up to a Samsung account using code WELCOME50 between 12 dec 2022 to 12 jan 2023. Voucher has to be used with first purchase on the Samsung e-store with a minimum purchase amount of $100.

I have purchased multiple times online and the code still works, PB Tech sells most products cheaper than Samsung e store so maybe the code will come handy if you combine it with Samsung rewards points or the ECOOFFER22 code for buds and accessories

Another code found - MOBILE50 will take off $50 on mobile phone purchases

Original coupon deal

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    Awesome, just used this with the current galaxy buds freebie charger/case promo and the 30% off code ECOOFFER22.

    For $215.30 I just got the Buds 2 Pro (RRP $379) with a free 65w trio charger (RRP $99) and a free pokeball buds case (RRP $49), delivery included.

    • i previously got the buds 2 pro and free case for $40 something using my rewards points and ecooffer lol

    • If you want to sell the pokeball case I'm keen :)

      • +1

        The case is the main reason I bought this lol can't buy it seperately or anywhere else in NZ.
        The 65w charger will also come in handy for my surface pro.

        My 8yo sons a huge pokemon fan so I'll definitely get some street credit when he sees me rocking the pokeball case 😂

      • +1

        add the buds 2 pro to cart then remove it and it will keep the case in cart

      • How much would you be willing to buy them for? I'm on the fence about buying the galaxy buds so that might tip it :)

    • seems like they've disabled the ECOOFFER22 code in the last half hour

      • Nope still working for me

      • +1

        I think it's one use and it seems to hold on to it in the cookies, so if you use it and checkout that's it used in that account, if you try a different account it also says invalid so I had to jump in to edge or incognito mode to get it to work on my partners account.

        Edit: just read you used the eco offer before so that's probably it. It let's you apply it but once you log in it then says invalid code like I've detailed.

        • Weird, I placed an order last night and another about 15 mins ago and both still codes went through. Both under same account and browser.

          • @Danz91: it was working for me earlier but stopped accepting it and said invalid code, wierd

            • @F armer: From your post looks like you're copying the code so this shouldn't be a problem but for anyone else having problems make sure you enter them correctly as they're case sensitive

  • +3

    870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD 500GB $59 for tcl

    Make search term encoded space to view all products.

    • OOS
      tlc not tcl

  • Thanks for this! Got the wireless charging duo pad I've had my eye on for some time for $99

    • The trio pad is $61.97, duo pad $54.30 and single pad + random screen protector $39.60 with both codes I mentioned. May be worth cancelling that order you just placed…

  • Shame it doesn't work on the single as it's $99.99. the duo doesn't work on older watches and half only works on accessories so it's kind of redundant for us to have one as the second half serves no use whatsoever.

    • Yeah thats a bummer unless you plan on picking up some cheap galaxy buds

      • I have a set of galaxy buds 2 I got with the S22 offers when it launched, I just never charge my buds at home it's always at work I realise they need a top up, was consider switching out the duo pad to the office and putting a isngle on theside at home, but I have some momax pads I could just be using instead that were about $20 in a pb tech sale. I have an old galaxy watch though and bugs me I need a separate charger next to the duo pad to charge the thing.

        I ended up picking up a car charger instead, after rewards points being used it's down to $14

    • If you are interested in the single, maybe try adding a cheap item like a screen protector which will bring the price over the $100 mark.

    • +1

      yep got the single down to $39.60 by adding a screen protector with both codes.

      • Can you please link which screen protector did you get? I'm not seeing any cheap ones

        • Galaxy A33 screen protector…I have no use for this but adding it brought the single wireless charger down to $39.60.

          Edit: Z Fold 4 screen protector also works and brings it down to $36.80:

        • costs a bit more but a micro sd might be more useful than a screen protector for a phone you don't have.


          • +1

            @Everettpsycho: You're right although $39 is damn cheap for that charger even if it means throwing the protector away. It seems most of their low cost items like screen protectors/cases/charging cables aren't available on the website..I'd happily take a s22 ultra screen protector or a case for the phone I do have.

            Edit: Z Fold 4 screen protector also works and brings it down to $36.80:

            • @Danz91: Just seem to be really reducing your saving with the voucher was all, you save $50 but spend $30 to do it means you only saved $20, personally I'd prefer an extra $13 to get a 128Gb SD card over something I'd throw in the bin.

              Considering a 25W walls charger is usually almost that price it's a decent price for the official chargers, but they are horrifically over priced for what they really are. I like having the duo that I got with the S22 deal as well but no way would I pay $150 for the thing.

            • @Danz91: I'd be happy to buy that sd card from you for the extra 13$ you will be spending.

  • +3

    Cheers got 2x Galaxy Smart Tags for $46.60 using both codes

    • Looks like they're out of stock now unfortunately

      • Back in stock again as of now, i just ordered a couple!

        • Been waiting too, 2 for $46 is a steal

        • The SmartTag shows as "not for sale" for me, and SmartTag+ gives me the option for "get stock alerts", are you still seeing them as in stock?

          • @quasar: Was only the smart tag plus that ever was available for me.. and you are correct, is showing as out of stock again.. keeps getting cheapied me thinks… might be worth checking again tomorrow in case they add more stock levels?

  • Just experimenting and those with Samsung rewards if you attempt to use them it reduces your order total. So you can only use them and still use this voucher if

    original order price without vouchers-rewards redeemed>$100

    So I was looking at the $119 car charger, I can only use $18.99 of rewards or I lose the welcome voucher.

  • +5

    Got 65W Charger and 25W charger for $43.80, Thanks!

  • +2

    wow this made accessories cheaper than the countdown EPP, which i thought that was good!

  • +4

    If you're after air cleaners / air filters, found this offer a while back…

    Samsung air cleaners can be purchased at a discounted price directly from Samsung NZ, via the website: and using the voucher code ‘3DUCATION’ at checkout.

    Replacement filter consumables can be purchased from the same web site:…, also using voucher code ‘3DUCATION’ at checkout.

  • +5

    3x 25w chargers = $23.50

    • How ? coming to $54.97 for me :S

      Edit: Added along with ECOOFFER22 got it :)

    • thanks!

    • do the wall charger come with the wire? samsung doesnt seem to include wire these days 😳

  • Does anyone know when you get the item delivered, what kind of courier packaging it comes it? Is it plain packaging, or is it in a logo'd Samsung box/bag?

    Trying to purchase some galaxy buds as a gift, but don't want to make it obvious when the box at the front of the door says "SAMSUNG" on it lol.

    • They came in plain cardboars boxes with the shipping sticker on it without samsung plastered over it

    • We've placed 4 orders this year for various things and all of them have come in plain cardboard boxes.

  • Hi, I receive Error:500 - Internal server error when I try to check out. Anyone has this issue? Thanks. I tried to login as Guest as well as my Samsung Account.

    • +1

      If you are buying the buds, then I think its caused by the power adapter being out of stock.

      • Thanks

        • It's now working again - because the power adapter is back in stock

  • Infuriating. trying to buy Buds 2 Pro, in stock.

    Login at checkout using my Samsung account (Firefox):


    Your session has been terminated. Go to the Samsung account website and try again.

    Using guest checkout (different email, Safari):
    Uh oh, looks like something has gone wrong, sorry!

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat - I think its because the power adapter is now out of stock :(

      • What a lovely website

        • +1

          Yes, very frustrating. I had finally made the decision to buy the buds as well after thinking about it most of the day - and then to go through the process and get an error, and then try different accounts, etc. - what a waste of time.

          There has only been 16 sales of the power adapter today according to their website, so if that is to be trusted, then it looks like they hardly had any stock!

          • @Gatkins: Yeah it's fairly weird, all the non-wireless wall adapters seem to be sold out despite only selling low double digits. Do they really sell that few that they go out of stock that easily or did they just let themselves get very low on stock during the Christmas period?

            • +1

              @Nil Einne: I'd guess they have sold far more chargers than the stats suggest, considertusers on here that are posting are buying in batches of 3 it's u likely they only sold 20 of them, 3 users alone have ordered 9 of them.

              • @Everettpsycho: Yes but the website shi**ing itself is unforgivable. What if I just want the Buds. I'm blocked from purchasing them because the freebie is missing? How about a more meaningful error so I don't spend hours trying different things.

                • @squareeyes: Without a doubt the websites crap, I had go abandon the checkout on my Samsung phone and get the laptop out it was so bad.

                  The upshot of the crap design is there's some great deals to be had because they clearly don't care that it allows multiple stacked deals and behaves in a mad way if you try and push it with extra codes.

                  Also don't expect to get anywhere if you have problems. I had so many problems ordering a phone from them earlier in the year where they cancelled my order not me and all they would say is email the estore team who ignored the problem completely. I ended up having to make a new account and still could order what they cancelled as I was milking the stacking offers that had expired. Even their own call centre and kiosks said the store team are beyond contact and a nightmare, you know you got problems when your own staff are throwing them under a bus.

              • @Everettpsycho: Actually you're right, but I wonder if it's really that much more. It says "people" so suggests it's number of orders with the product rather than number sold. So if most people bought 3, it would be 60. I expect it might exclude the free ones too. This thread is popular, but people buying different things so wonder if number sold is still only in low triple digits. Fact that they're back in stock maybe also means they just didn't bother to deal with stock very well on their website. 45W is also out of stock ?again having only sold them to 3 people today.

                • @Nil Einne: To be fair on the 45W one likely hasn't sold much, they are crap and not worth buying. Most tests say on an S22 ultra they save you about a minute on a full charge. Absolutely not worth the premium and I'd definitely say buying a pair of 25W chargers and having a spare somewhere else will serve you much better.

                  • @Everettpsycho: Likely depends what you're charging. Probably not worth it for a phone but might be worth it for a laptop or tablet which supports compatible PD. Anyway the more important point IMO is the cable and what you're mixing it with IMO. A decent 1.8M C to C cable from Ali Express is generally at least NZ$5, more if you can't be bothered waiting for decent specials.

                    So e.g. 2x 25W + 40W car charger is $33.29. 45W + 40W car charger is $29.80. If we take off $8 it's $21.80 for the 45+40W vs $ $33.29 for 2x 25W and 40W car. Even only taking off $5 it's still $24.80 vs $33.29 Is it worth it? Depends what you already have, size of your house etc. If you already got a 65W+25W, or 3x 25W might be especially questionable whether it's worth spending that extra to get another charger.

                    On the flip side if you already have a lot of decent USB C cables, the cable is redundant so becomes irrelevant. But many devices are or at least were still doing A to C until recently e.g Huawei, Oneplus/Oppo so not particularly surprising if most of your cables are A to C.

                    • @Nil Einne: I was purely talking Samsung 45W chargers in Samsung S22+ and ultra devices that advertise 45W charging speeds. I can't imagine many are buying the Samsung 45W chargers for laptops as they don't really have the grunt to charge one, and I don't think if you owned other manufacturers phones you'd be buying Samsung 45W chargers to power them.

                      On that grounds the reviews I saw all said that charger charging those phones was essentially wasted money as you gained nothing over a 25W power brick. At rrp you can get 2 of those that would perform almost the same and mean not carrying your one charger between multiple locations.

                      • @Everettpsycho: For phone, don't see why you wouldn't be. These are USB PD chargers at a price which is comparable to what you pay for good (i.e. not going to cause a fire, explode or kill you) NZ/AU plug chargers you get from AliExpress. They also support USB C 3A so even without PD are pretty much the maximum you can get without proprietary standards which because they are proprietary are pretty pointless to worry about unless your household happens to be all whatever X brand and you intend to stick with that brand which IMO is silly given the diversity of Android devices.

                        (In my household there are zero Samsung devices. Instead a Oneplus 6, a Huawei P30 and a Surface of some kind from work. The Oneplus 6 is unfortunately fairly limited, newer devices seem to in theory support at least 3A but not the 6. From what I can tell P30 generally works fine with USB C 3A provided you have a decent cable. Yeah Huawei's supercharge is still faster and it's nice to plug in your phone come back a short time later and find it already 55% (this happened while writing this). But I find it silly to spend more to get a Supercharge capable charger for a phone nearly 4 years old and where there's no guarantee I'll get another Huawei. And even spending the same price, unless it also has equivalent USB PD, the 45W seems a better long term option than Supercharge. (Perhaps I'm the only person who thinks like this but I don't think so since when I mentioned this deal to a few other people at least one was interested in getting a 25W with the PD options it provided and I'm fairly sure they don't have any Samsung devices in their household.)

                        As for laptop, for a high end gaming laptop you probably wouldn't want this. But to charge a Surface somewhere you wouldn't normally charge it? Maybe. Even something to stick in your car if you happen to need it somewhere. Sure you could get a 65W for more (again depending what else you're getting) and from my quick look at OzBargain I think a 100W GaN USB PD charger might be about AU$60 from AliExpress or maybe Amazon, but this is a fair amount cheaper depending what you're getting so it really depends a lot on how often you're likely to be using it, what you're using it with etc.

                        I don't think RRP is relevant since we're talking about what you can get from this deal compared to elsewhere, not at Samsung's overpriced normal prices. Reviews might be based on their normal prices, again doesn't seem relevant to what we're talking about here. (You get the same problem when looking at general hardware reviews which often compare products e.g. price/performance based on prices in the US but prices in NZ can be different and not everything is something you can easily get from Amazon US, or want to. You have to adapt comparisons for what you can get as best as you can rather than just going by what reviewers say.)

                        There are other use cases where the 45W charger might work. E.g. since it supports 4.05A it may work fine with a Orange Pi 5 which wants a 4A charger. I haven't looked into it that very well since it's not something I'm interested in at the moment, it's possible it refuses to output more than 3A without PPS engaged. However it also might be fine. Since it has all the extra PD stuff, it's a little overkill for that but again depending on what you're getting, getting a decent NZ/AU plug 4A charger is not necessarily that easy and price wise if you're coming it without something else and the price is about NZ$18 or something for this charger is likely isn't a bad deal. I actually wonder if your best bet is to look for a second hand original Huawei Supercharge charger but I'm not sure how easy it is to get those on Trademe nor am I sure they definitely work with the Orange Pi 5s either. In theory the 25W may be fine as well I mean we're only talking 20W, but officially at least, it isn't capable of more than 3A output so it'll definitely be out of spec at a minimum. For a Samsung device I expect it should either work or shutdown rather than be dangerous, still if you are doing something like that the 45W might be a better bet IMO if you could find confirmation it works. (Which admittedly might be difficult.)

                        P.S. The other thing is USB PD is getting more popular. I think even Apple devices use it now, and many are supporting some level perhaps in addition to their own proprietary charging standards. And even more in the tablet/laptop space there's some support. Of course PD isn't one thing, so the 45W may or may not charge any specific device faster than the 25W (which to be clear is also PD). I actually think it's very rare you'd get anything much extra compared to the 25W on a phone. A phone is simply too small and with the amount of heat generated especially given conversion loses charging with much more than 25W simply isn't feasible. Still the point remains, I wouldn't say the 45W is completely useless unless you're only thinking of some specific device and whether 25W, 45W or 65W there's no particular reason why you'd want to only get these if you have Samsung devices.

                        • @Nil Einne: To give a specific example consider . While the Momax has 2 ports so the 25W Samsung isn't clearly better, both the Momax and STM seem to be mostly just USB PD chargers albeit with QC 4.0 on the A for the Momax. I don't see why an average person with whatever phone would consider the STM for NZ$12.88 or the Momax for $15 but refuse to consider 3x Samsung 25W for $23.50 just because they don't have a Samsung device. Unless they have some weird hatred of Samsung or they're unfortunately confused about USB C 3A + USB PD and compatibility etc in which case IMO it's helpful for them to learn if they want to be a true Cheapie.

                          P.S. When I said "For a Samsung device I expect it should either work or shutdown rather than be dangerous" I meant "Given that it's a Samsung charger and so should be properly made, I expect it should either work or shutdown rather than be dangerous if you try to draw too much current"

    • It's now working again - because the power adapter is back in stock!

      I emailed them last night, so maybe that got them onto the problem.

  • Cheers Op. Grabbed a couple of chargers

    Hey which carrier do they use for delivery, as it didn't say ? Not fussed about length of time, .just got a particular courier company that always deliver to wrong address lol

  • Thanks, went with the Single wireless charger ($99) with the Z-Fold screen protector ($25) for $36.80 delivered.

    I wanted to get a 25W charger instead of the screen protector but it was sold out. I don't need a memory card so went with the cheapest add-on option (screen protector).

  • Trying to buy the galaxy S22 but when I get to the point of choosing a free gift (earbuds) I get ‘we’re sorry, an error occurred’ :(
    Same error on all the galaxy phones/gifts

    • Tried on laptop instead and it worked! Though I just read the post properly and saw the ecooffer22 doesn't apply to phones sigh

      • MOBILE50 should take 50 bucks off for phone

    • The gifts are probably stacking as their website is pretty badly designed, it's likely the same error as the others ordering buds are having with the power adapter being out of stock.

    • +1

      Try again now - the power adapter is back in stock, so you can now order the buds

    • How much did it end up? 128gb?

  • Awesome. Got me some Buds2 Pro with the extras for $215.30

  • Annoying, my order is being reviewed. Anyone else get that? Possibly due to work having some weird IP arrangement.

  • They must be back at work as my wireless car chargers just been dispatched, absolutely not worth the quoted $120 price but I'll try it at $15 after rewards vouchers.

  • All 5 of my orders have been sent woo hoo!

    • my order shipped yesterday and i just got them woo hoo!

  • Everything is stick out. Is there any good chargers or memory left?

    • That box looks just big enough to fit the contents!

    • probably ran out of smaller boxes after getting cheapied hard lol

      • Nah, we ordered a case for an S22 once and it came in that box size, I think it's the smallest they have. Be nice if they actually out enough packing in to stop a phone just bounckng around in there though.

        • I got a smaller box when i ordered the buds 2 pro when it was on sale for $190s, it was a near cube size

    • Same picture different house.

  • Got the 65w trio charger, the PD 65w port only delivery 25w when I charging a 35w support phone?

    • I have a similar problem and can't charge a laptop with the 65W (it only delivers 15W WTF?!). If I use the 25W port it delivers 24W. I'm so confused?!

  • Currently out of stock on the 25w :(

  • Is anyone still able to use ECOOFFER22 and WELCOME50 together? It seems like you can't stack them anymore but they both work individually..

  • +2

    Long time reader first time poster.

    Got a Galaxy Tab S7 FE for $58 (RRP $899) using WELCOME50, Trade in of $291 which applied the trade in bonus of $500.

    Advertised bonus credit was $300 so not sure if it was a system error. By the way it has shipped too.

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