Good Quality Products That You Swear by

I thought it'd be interesting to regurgitate this reddit thread on this forum… especially as we all appreciate the cheaper things in life.


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    Eneloop rechargeables

    • Also these are rebranded by many, including IKEA (even have rebranded eneloop pro)

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    Cole & Mason Derwent S&P Grinder Set.
    Bit of an overkill but don't regret buying em one bit.

    • Nice, I think I will have to invest in this set.

      • They consistently appear on top 10 lists (typically in the top 5). That and the Unicorn Magnum Plus grinder.

        • Nice they sound good too, but the Derwent set satisfies my aesthetics perfectly 👌

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    The good old two dollar shop potato peeler (2 for $2)…

    • Good pick! Same design that I have always used, and my mother, and her mother before that, going back at least 30 or 40 years. I've tried other styles but always come back to this.

    • I'm also a big fan of the $2 peeler, but I like this one from Spotlight

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    Breville BES870.

    I stand by this product without a question of a doubt. I think quite a few of them have sold through the Cheapies site.

    • couldn't agree more.

    • how long has yours lasted?

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        Mine is about 5 years old. I regularly clean and de-scale it.
        Before this I had a BES860 purchased second hand (for $100). It lasted me about 4 years. I sold it on TM for $70 as a parts (broken) machine.

        • I got a 870 from the briscoes deal a few months back. I'd be happy if it lasts 4 years.

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            @huffboy: I've heard of them lasting 6 years in office situations making a couple of dozen coffees per day. In those cases excellent value for money.

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    A cast iron pan has been the best cooking item I've ever purchased. The most popular skillets seem to be those made my Lodge. However I went with a cheaper option - specifically this one - and it has been fantastic.

    Cast iron a little more effort to clean and keep seasoned, but cooking in it is alot easier (compared to non-stick) and more enjoyable. Furthermore if you treat them properly they can last for decades. Highly recommended!

    • I didn't buy my cast iron skilet I inherited it from Nanna and it's still going strong. I grow muscles each time I lift it up I would NOT reccomend dropping it on your foot unless you are wearing steel cap boots ! Its very smooth from so many years of use also which makes it pretty much the best non-stick pan I've ever owned. Fantastic.

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    A little bit boring, but NZ Tradesman Wheelbarrow.…

    Costs a bit more, but has been sitting outside for 4 years with zero rust, been mixing up concrete, lugging lots of heavy stuff in it, never had to pump up the tyre in the time I've had it, no need to retighten any bolts.
    Been quality

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      I have one of these too for several years sitting outside.
      It' great - a real workhorse.
      I have had to pump the tyres up though but not very often.

      • Put some tire slime in the tube and it'll stay pumped up for ages as it will self seal any leaks.

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      i have one about 20 years old (when they were about $80), the bolts are rusted through but its still going strong

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    Icebreaker socks, never stinks and lifetime warranty

    • Y'know, I've owned this brand also and whilst I must say they're bloody expensive they LAST and last and last.

      • Best socks I have ever owned, bought them about a year ago for $17 each using the hospitality code on Torpedo 7 site when they were on sale/clearance.

    • Care to share a link. I am interested. Thanks.


        I always buy them from their outlet stores, even after 50% off, still expensive but they always replace the socks when they are worn out.

        • free lifetime replacement?

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            @huffboy: Yep;

            Lifetime sock guarantee:
            At icebreaker we take pride in the quality of our socks and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your socks we will provide you with a new pair. Please visit your original location of purchase to receive your replacement. If you purchased your socks from our website please complete our warranty form on our warranty page here.

            • @Elvino: nice. thanks! are they a pain to get a replacement with? or no receipt, no questions asked?

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                @huffboy: Its been incredibly straight forward the once or twice Ive done it (even several years later). Some staff members check with a manager (probably knowledge of policy more than anything), but effectively walk in with the old pair, walk out with new ones……

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            @huffboy: Yes, but they can only replace them with the same style and size of the original purchased pair. I didn't realise the warranty before and bought lots of them. Definitely going to last me a lifetime 😂😂😂

    • perfect socks? mmm want

    • Decathlon Quechua brand winter hiking socks I got it 3-4 years back wear during hiking and winters. Keeps my feet warm, good for trekking and also has padding on the side so less friction with new footware if you are looking to break them before the trek.…?

  • We bought a Thermomix TM5 a couple of years ago.
    Cost about $1800,so not cheap but it is an outstanding machine. Also holds a good resale value.
    It does pretty much everything we need in the kitchen.

  • Here are some kitchen items that I highly recommend. Have linked to the amazon product pages for ease, not because its the cheapest :-)

    Westmark Cheese Slicer
    Tramontina Colanders
    Cuisipro Grater
    Usagi Cocktail Shaker
    OXO Good Grips Can Opener

    • I was tempted to get those colanders, until I saw the shipping price - $68 USD!

  • Gaggia Classic (Coffee machine) - mine is over 10 years old now and still going strong.

    Mckinlays footwear - will last many years if you take care of them. When the sole eventually wears out, they can be resoled.

    2000 model Toyota Camry (although I have sold it). The thing just wouldn't die.

  • Random assortment of things that we’ve used for years:
    Wusthof knives and sharpener
    Corelle dinnerwear
    Kiwi Pro Slice julienne peeler (can often find it at any good Asian supermarket)
    Parlux hairdryer
    Little Unicorn outdoor blanket

  • Vitamix. I was on the fence about getting one for years before saying "screw it" and just buying one when we went into one of the lockdowns. No regrets. I use it 1-2 times per day, and unlike with my old Nutribullet, I know it'll crunch whatever gets thrown at it.

  • Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaners (all of them). We have several and they have been going strong for 4+ years, that includes being used as a plaything by a rough toddler who would literally push them around and flip them over.

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      Agree … bought the 1C for $299. One of the best buys I have ever done.

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      Got Roborock S6 for $254 second-hand. Absolutely loving it.

  • I've had a Breville Ikon SK500XL Kettle for 14 years and it's still going strong. That's a lot of cups of tea!

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    Main thing that I use each day and appreciate how damn good it is, is my Garmin watch. It does what I want/need, its reliable, battery is great, and works how I would expect it to (ie intuitive and easy to use). When I see specials come up here I am tempted to get another one, but even this one a few years old now just works so well that getting a new one doesn't make sense….but still if this died, I would drop some coin on a new one immediately (or at least when the next cheapies deal came through)

    • I 100% agree, in terms of usage time to money spent nothing beats it for me. Although I'm tempted to replace my vivoactive with a forerunner or Fenix, something without a touch screen.

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    Ozito (listed below mostly the PXC range).

    Really, people see its price, made in China, and right away close one eye. But i have the 1st edition screw driver, the newer (2 or 3 years already) hammer drill, garden vaccum/blower+mulcher, the old version lawn mower, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, angle grinder, all ranges from 8 years ago to the most recent 1.5 yrs old. They are all still working flawlessly. In about the same time period, I have a Ryobi screw driver, a DeWalt XR sander and a Bosch reciprocating saw (bought 2nd) died. I still have the original 2x 2Ah Ozito batteries, still holding its charges like a champ, although about 2 years ago added 2x 4Ah batteries into my arsenal.

    Basically people don't know the history of Ozito and too much self-pride on choosing big brands like DeWalt or Makita. Sure those big brands make great tools, but at what costs? Maybe 2x or 3x Ozito's for what? I haven't had single Ozito brand failed on me for 8 years. (ps. i'm not a pro in any sense, just another enthusiast DIYer)

    • 100% agree. Ozito is heavily underappreciated. The batteries outperform a lot of others (Ive had mine the same period as you and they have outlasted Ryobi by years). With a 5year replacement warranty, I dont think you can go wrong.

    • Always love finding the 4.0ah batteries for $59, made it so cheap to get kitted up

    • Also Bunnings are gappy to replace if something goes wrong in the first 2 years. Grass trimmer and drill have been great in our house

  • Macpac day bag (Lite Alp)
    Swanndri jackets
    Both last forever and so worth it.

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    This comforter I got in super-king for $44 delivered. Surprisingly warm and cosy. Partner and I tend to have two flannelette sheets and a 350 GSM duvet inner on the bed in winter. If we put this on top, it gets way too hot.…

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