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Treasures Care Nappy Pants Buy One Get One Free @ The Warehouse


Treasures Care Nappy Pants Buy One Get One Free at The Warehouse.

The retail on these packs are $17 each. BOGOF means they come down to $8.50 each.

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    This is awesome man, save me heaps as my son use a lots of nappiessss.

  • Looks like they haven't restocked since this promo was last offered a couple weeks ago. No size 3 or 4 nappies.

  • I think the babyonline nappy deals are still cheaper. They have about 100-120 nappies for $40…

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      In my personal opinion (also my wife), the Treasures Care nappies have superior absorbance compared to the babyonline ones, which makes it longer lasting without changing them too often (e.g. good overnight if your child wees a lot during the night).

      • Good to know. We have always used babyonline so can't really compare.

        Btw, there is a $5 off $50 coupon too on the warehouse app. Just used it to buy 6 packs of juniors nappies, brought it down to $46 clickncollect.

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          Yea we have used both.
          The coupon code from another post has free delivery, FYI.

          This deal makes it cheaper than The Warehouse's "Babywise" which is quite cheap already. So this deal is very good.

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          For what's it worth.

          We have tried babyonline, treasures, pampers & huggies on our 2 daughters. Also, prefer the pants over regular nappies. Babyonline & treasures starts to smell a bit once they are partially full. Huggies has much better absorbing quality and last much longer than all others. Pampers are very close but hard to get them and are expensive.

          In order of preference
          1. Huggies or Pampers
          2. Treasures
          3. Babyonline or Babywise

          • @ace310: Have you noticed a difference between Treasures (normal) and Treasures Care?

            • @phillq: Haven't tried the care ones I think. We used treasures on older one who is now 5. So haven't used treasures in a while. Are they better than Huggies in case you have used it?

              • @ace310: We find the Care ones a lot better than non Care ones, personally.
                I have not tried Huggies so cannot say, but will if there is a good deal.

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            @ace310: Also an additional feedback, as one who's tried Huggies, Pampers, Treasures, Rascal and Friends and Kiddicare range, I can say that in terms of absorbance and leak proof (my kid is 90% percentile, so chunky and heavy duty) that the order of preference for nappy pants goes:
            1. Rascal and Friends / Kiddicare (about same price nowadays and more expensive - but trusty as overnight diapers)
            2. Huggies or Pampers
            3. Treasures
            4. Babyonline or Babywise

            But treasures are fine as day diapers for my kid and this is really good value

            • @jinxnz: Yes agree Rascal and Friends are #1. Have not tried Kiddicare.

            • @jinxnz: Just on the note of Huggies, there's two types. We didn't mind the normal ones but the essentials/cheaper version were awful and I'd avoid at all costs. Once there's any liquid in them they just stink of chemicals and there's a lot of reports online of some kids getting severe nappy rash and even minor chemical like burns when they ruptured.

              We've moved to rascal and friends for our disposables and they seem good. Considering we try to use reusables as much as we can we only really use them overnight and for going out and rarely get leaks.

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                @Everettpsycho: Yea same, reusables during the day and disposables during the night for us as well.

  • Great timing, been waiting for a deal so I can do a restock. Definitely a good price for nappy pants (prefer it over tab nappies). Was 2 for $18 a while back, this is even better, thanks!

  • This is an amazing deal. Unfortunately i'm after size 3 - I did an online order in the last sale which they then cancelled as they couldn't fulfil the order. And looks like they're out of stock still/again which is frustrating!

  • Cheers. These are good nappies. We normally buy these or the Pak n Save branded ones. No complaints with either

  • Awesome deal, got 6 packs for $51 and used the Market club $5 off $50 to get it down to $46

    • Great tip!

  • I'm still going through these… decent nappies
    They dropped to $4 a packet before lockdown ended last year… Only have 8 boxes left…

  • Update - ordered 6 pack but they don't have stock so got a refund for 5.
    Was a good deal but they don't seem to have stock

  • Mine were all shipped. Bought 8 packs of nappy pants

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