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WD My Passport 2.5" 1TB USB 3.0 Black External HDD $48, 2TB $60, 4TB $128 @ Smiths City ($0 Click & Collect or $6+ Delivery)


All three options are 2.5"

WD My Passport 1TB (80775) $48
- Currently $96.99+ elsewhere

WD My Passport 2TB (80776) $60
- Harvey Norman gives model no: WDBYVG0020BBK-WESN in specifications ($126.99)
- That model no. is $129 at PB Tech

WD My Passport 4TB (72871) $128
- Currently $269 JB-H-FI
- $256 at Harvey Norman
(There's the 80779 version and then this version, usually costing more. 80779 starting at $199+)

Delivery to my address in Hamilton was $6. My guess is that it'll be a similar price for most urban locations.

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Smiths City
Smiths City

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  • Wow, awesome find. Just ordered 4 of the 2TB ($60 each) which out of the 3 options, I feel are technically the best value for money from a redundancy / cold storage point of view. Perfect compliment for RPi. Shipping to Auckland CBD address was $10!

    • Glad you found this deal good. Just wanted to make sure you knew that these might be the 2.5" versions. The 1TB plainly states it, but the other two not as much. Still figuring it out. Posted this on GeekZone as well, and a few members there think that these are all 2.5".
      link to GeekZone

      • Yeah no sweat, I picked up on that and don't mind either way. I'm not intending to shuck them. Desktop drives normally require external power, too. So 2.5" is ideal! Cheers agin.

  • Thanks, grabbed a 2TB and 4TB. Don't really need any more storage, but at that price.. heh

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    Pretty much all are 2.5 as I think that's what Passport branding is - passport size. Also likely non-shuckable.

    • ..

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    The 2TB is gone.

  • ughh Smiths City. Hope they fulfill all your orders this time round.

  • thanks for sharing OP, I grabbed one 2TB :)

  • Very nice. Got 2 of the blue 4TB. Just few mins earlier, got 2 of the black 4TB, but when paying, it says no item on cart, apparently all black 4tb sold out. Wow.

    • Just got email saying order cancelled for 2TB. Ran out. So no guarantee you'll get it even if order goes through. They say they'll refund in 2-3 days.

      • Yeh. Same here. Pretty sucky considering I was one of the first who ordered them.

        I really hope those who ordered more 2 or more were limited in their purchases…

      • wtf, same thing happened to me :( what a false advertising and unfair consumer trading bla bla bla

        • See previous posts for Smiths City. They cancel orders for all the frickin time. And they never have stock for items on sale at their Mt Wellington store, which is closed down now, for good reason.

      • I've got Order Confirmation and Notification emails from them within 10 minutes after order placed. Hopefully they have some of those blues for me

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    I must have been lucky, they shipped a blue 4tb to me at 3pm.
    What a crap crap store. Been twice into the new masterton one,
    today I was the only customer and all the 6 staff were standing around a guy in jeans listening to him
    talk. I walked around, and pointedly looked at them many many times and they ignored me.. eventually
    had to go up to them as and ask them for help. useless.

    • Ive had similar experiences at the p.North store

  • All their pricing seems to have been updated higher now. Must have been a pricing mistake.

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      They just sold out of the other capacities.

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    Thanks for posting this deal, noel leeming price matched the 2tb price yesterday online for two , but they seem to have missed the 6 when creating the coupon - total price for two was $6 delivered.

    • You got x2 2TB for $6?

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        Yeah , just uploaded a partial screenshot of my receipt here

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          You win the internet today sir!

        • Awesome haha