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>14,000km a year @$38/1000 works out to $532/year + admin fees. Saving 3% of this is a $16/year saving so not really worth chasing. Yep…
04/04/2024 - 08:22
What's up [simple bro]( :)
02/04/2024 - 19:23
Change tire size will logs less distance?! TIL & thanks for comprehensive post! But that is looking for investment of at least $600+ for a…
01/04/2024 - 19:17
stevarja posted a forum topic Getting RUC for My PHEV
So as we all know today is the start of RUC for EV and its kinds. I have a PHEV and as all PHEV users that charges pain me a little bit.…
01/04/2024 - 09:03
Bought 2x King Singles from Tempur. If you easily irritated by movement of your SO, this is the solution. Also the independent movement…
26/03/2024 - 08:21
The maximum amount you can purchase at one time is 1 I can understand 3-6 limit. 1?
15/03/2024 - 09:33
this takes the cake lol
29/02/2024 - 11:03
29/02/2024 - 07:33
Basically the title question. Was looking for some odd gadgets that would be too big and have heavy Lithium battery to be imported from…
28/02/2024 - 22:16
So... you pay $2 for the experience?
08/02/2024 - 08:45
Lego bricks would never [decompose]( in normal conditions, and if you throw them into ocean, they…
04/01/2024 - 12:27
Wait, if I became a member, would the other passengers get the same discount?
01/01/2024 - 19:31
How is the roaming to foreign countries with this? We are travelling to South (east) Asia countries early to mid next year. Any problems or…
22/12/2023 - 11:55
DJI Osmo Action 4 Standard Combo $517 (Was $650) + Shipping @ Heathcotes
$540ish after conversions & postage from [Amazon AU]([^1] Checked locals and found out that…
21/12/2023 - 13:34
What do you guys think on Samsung Q60C 85"? $3.6k about the cheapest in NZ? Better models aroudn the same price?
13/12/2023 - 21:29
Those $100 chairs only lasts 1 year top, if you're lucky. Always problems with either the cushion, gas or wheels. Invest more, esp. if you…
13/12/2023 - 17:43
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11/11/2023 - 07:12
$9.9k for LG C3 83". -$500 with the code. What a frickin joke. $7.5k across the ditch.
06/11/2023 - 14:54
## Merged from [Click Frenzy 2023 - No Compilation Page for NZ?](/node/43485) - this only…
25/10/2023 - 08:51
I thought of doughnut donuts... now i want Dunkin Kreme.
25/10/2023 - 08:45
Of course! It is illegal to have a garden here in NZ!
13/10/2023 - 12:17
On the fence about new TV, minimum 55inch, budget up to 2k although not really necessary to upgrade my 8 y.o barely smart LG tv. But yea,…
12/10/2023 - 18:14
I'm prime, added AUS address, but still not eligible. Oh well.
11/10/2023 - 21:36
I may be missing something obvious - but what's that got anything to do with this promo?
01/10/2023 - 21:10
Thank you for visiting ( Our site is currently undergoing scheduled system maintenance. Please come back and visit us…
19/09/2023 - 06:56
If you serious about this, like will use it week in/out, get the one with battery (cordless).
09/09/2023 - 09:02
Early 2010s was the golden age for b&h. Bought many dslr lenses and photography equipments from them. Cheap delivery and no taxes.…
07/09/2023 - 08:42
I am simple man. I see PLU12, i upvote.
17/07/2023 - 12:14