expired Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset (US $189.00 - $90 = $99.00) (Landed Cost - NZ $191.86) @ B&H Photo Video


I have ordered and received my own unit.
It is one of the best WMR headsets (higher FOV) (excluding the Samsung which is very expensive).

Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset (Iron Gray)

$NZ191.86 including shipping.

2880 x 1440 Total Resolution
Dual 2.89" LCD Displays
110° FOV
No External Sensors Needed

Great for racing games, skyrim VR, War Thunder etc which only use a normal gaming controller.

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    Fyi they shipped with DHL and I think it was about 5 days postage.


    Thanks for this. I've been wanting to dabble in some VR. Ordered. $


      No worries. It's definitely a great price to take a dip into VR.
      I'm sure it could be resold on trademe for more if it isn't your thing.


    This doesn't come with motion controllers, does it?

    Doe anyone know if 3rd-party motion controllers are compatible?

    If so, can anyone recommend a good set?

    Thanks :)


      No motion controllers but any windows mixed reality controllers will work. The Dell Vrc100? Are the only controllers sold separately.
      You can also get vive and rift controllers to work I believe.

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      As someone who already has a VR headset, it'd recommend you buy the lenovo with the controllers for ~ $170 USD. It's cheaper than buying them separately.

      Also motion controllers are really needed to get the best out of VR (immersion is ALOT better, and VR is all about immersion) unless you're planning to play mostly cockpit type games, like racing and flying space ships/planes/cars/mecha and the like.

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