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Car Rental Discounts in Queenstown

Hi there, Looking to travel to Queenstown in a couple of months and need a rental car. Any tips and tricks to get discounted rentals? I’m an AA member and they offer discounted prices with some …

Car Insurance Question - Third Party Fire and Theft

Hi there, Just after some advice on car insurance. I have Third Party Fire and Theft insurance. My vehicle was parked and involved in an incident where it was swiped by another car. I assume my …

Fuel Discount Day: $0.10 off Per Litre @ Gull

expired Fuel Discount Day: $0.10 off Per Litre @ Gull

Experience with Monitor Light Bar?

Hey, just wondering if anyone is using a monitor light bar? Do these serve a useful purpose or are they a gimmick? For reference something like this Thanks

Tips to Maximise Fuel Savings at Waitomo/The Pump

Hi there, so like everyone else i’m looking at ways to save at the pump. I’ve see on the Waitomo App they have a ‘promo’ that is ‘Earn koha the more you spend - each time you spend $20 or …

Where to buy Ray-ban sunglasses

Hi there i’m looking to purchase a pair of ray-bans and have come across a pair sold on The Market by a store called Discounted Sunglasses. They have a UK website and appear to have decent …

Ecosa Mattress Reviews - Recommend or Not?

Hey there, just wondering if anyone uses or has used an Ecosa Mattress? Overdue to replace the bed but not sure if these are any good or if I should stick with the traditional spring bed. Thanks in …