expired Crucial 750GB MX300 SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD US $116.41 Delivered @ B&H Photo Video, Android App Required & Back Order 2-4w


EDIT: Currently not available but not sure if this is permanent.

I found this using Slickdeals.

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For those who missed the Amazon deal, cheapest alternative seems to be getting it from B&H Photo Video who also ship to NZ via DHL for slightly more. Since the SSD is also USD9 more so ends up about USD11.40 more. Still seems to be cheaper per GB than other alternatives I've seen. Also it's on back order with estimated delivery in 2-4 weeks. I assume they'll let you cancel if it hasn't yet shipped if you find a better alternative in the meantime.

You need to order via the Android app to get this price, otherwise it's $119 which quite a lot of other stores are doing (NewEgg, Crucial.com). If you order via Android app, when you get to the last page you'll receive a $10 discount. (It only shows up on last page, right before you pay, so don't worry if you don't see it.) You need to pay via the B&H checkout as well. PayPal doesn't give the discount. According to people on Slickdeals iOS app doesn't work either so if you don't have an Android phone I guess try an Android emulator.

You can get a Squaretrade warranty with worldwide coverage for USD12 for 2 years or USD18 for 3 years but it doesn't seem that useful with an SSD especially since it's not clear to me they'll pay for you to ship from NZ. (They'll pay for an authorised repair centre but how's anyone going to "repair" an SSD in NZ?)

B&H Photo Video

Related Store: B&H Photo Video

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    Unfortunately seems to be no longer available for order. I won't expire this quite yet since there's a slight chance it may change again.

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