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Free Lumi Wood Table Top (1.2m-1.8m) with Purchase of eligible Lumi Electric Sit-Stand Desk (from $399) @ Computer Lounge


Computer Lounge is running a promo, which includes a free desktop.

To make the most of the deal, you can select the highest price/size desktop, worth $159 (1800x750).
What makes this more attractive is if you manually search for "S02-22R BLACK", it appears this desk model also qualifies for the promotion, despite not being listed on the promo page. Not sure how this compares to the others, but based on the price you're saving $200.

So all up works out at $399 compared to $758 (52% off).
Delivery is a further $44.50

Not too familiar with the brand however, I do see PB Tech have some "Lumi" desks that seem to fall under the Brateck brand.

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  • thanks, is Lumi a good brand?

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      I have a dual motor version of Brateck (Lumi) standing desks M06-23RBLK for two years now and couldn't be more happy about it. They feel more solid compared to Loctek (at the time when I was purchasing it) as my main issue was wobbliness when fully extended (I'm quite tall). Mine has next to no wobble.

  • Any reviews on this? Can't seem to find what is the max load & max/min height settings.

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      This one says 80kg max, with fully extended height of 123mm.

      This is the black one mentioned by OP that is included in the promo, but not listed in the promo page.

      Thinking about getting it, but not sure on the disadvantages of it being single-motor (if any). But yeah, lack of reviews is making me a bit hesitant.

      • Same. Being single motor and lack of reviews.

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        I have a single motor desk vs my wife's dual motor. I'd say its 80% as sturdy as hers. All depends on what you have on the desk itself in my opinion.

  • S02-22R BLACK ($599) is called "Premium desk", what makes it premium? It looks excatly same to the S09-22RE ($399).
    Anyone knows?

    • From what I can tell, based on the small font under the name of the product, it has buttons for memory settings (which are great to have!), but couldn't find any actual photo of the screen with buttons. Highly recommend ones with memory function as otherwise you need to hold the button to adjust the height for the time it raises/lowers the desk. And, obviously, you won't land on the same height every time. And depending how lazy you are, even such minor things as manual adjustments could stop you from standing at all (speaking from my own experience) :)

  • Table top made from particle board, so not wooden then?

    • Particle board is wood, just not solid wood 😁. Don't think you can expect solid wood at that price range. You could just bolt on your own table top to most of these mechs if you're diy inclined

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        2.2mx.6m benchtop panel is solid wood panel. []
        They are cheaper than the advertised price of these "wood" tops.

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          Two things about these:
          1. They are too shallow (personal preference) so I had to buy two and glue them to get ~80cm depth
          2. They are pre-oiled with wax\oil compound that is impossible (or at least not advisable) to seal off. Their initial purpose is to serve as a kitchen benchtop.
          3. Because of #2 I had to strip down roughly 1-2mm of the surface to get it re-stained and then sealed with satin polyurethane.
          4. Ended up totally worth weeks spent building :)

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          this panel is my current diy pc table, enough space to fit my 2 monitors + 2 kids monitors etc

          2 at each end and 1 in the middle with these table legs and its mint

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          Oh that awesome, didn't know that these tops were so affordable. I think I'll have to change out the one on my desk now 😃

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    Ok so I bought this exact one (black "premium") about a week ago under this sale and have used it for only a short time so far.

    I am 6ft1 and max height is beyond what I need. Min height 73, max height 123. Yes 3 memory functions (helpful) and timer function (which is useless to me).

    Had a motor heat problem, where desk goes into cool down mode for 20 minutes, but this was due to the kids going up and down like it was some ride.

    Another thing to note is that rod between motor and opposite leg, and bar that spans the legs is telescopic, so not sure how this will count against strength over time, especially at max span. Guess i'l find out.

    Desktop is particle board with laminate finish, but solid and no flex.

    Sturdy build, have used cheaper ones which completely suck for about $100 cheaper than this, and commercial, more high grade ones which are sturdier particularly at max height, but for $100's dollars more. Also this seems heavier and more solidly built than the slightly cheaper options.

    Currently sitting on desk is 14kg monitor, laptop dock, hub, 2 channel amp, some satellite speakers, and keyboard/monitor. Motor handles fine, about the same speed with nothing on it. Don't know exact weight, but I'd assume <50 kg on it at moment, including 1800 x 750 top, which I think is around 20kg.

    My completely scientic test (having a kid hold the ruler while I grab the front and shake it with a bit of force) deviation as follows:
    73cm - Side to side < 5mm - Front Back <5mm
    98cm - Side to side < 5mm - Front Back <10mm
    123cm - Side to size < 10mm - Front Back <13mm

    Saying all that, my normal use at standing height (Elbows resting on desk, shifting weight, between feet, 117 cm high, slight lean on desk) it does wobble noticeably, but nothing so significant that I mind.

    I went into computer lounge to try before I bought, unfortunately none were on display to try out. Bit the bullet, and ultimately happy for the price.

    • Does the desk have any built-in form of cable management?
      I've seen many of these sit/stand ones usually do, and the photos are not really that great on CL's website, so just wondering about the one you got (assuming black premium = s02-22r)

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        Yes. There’s a cradle, comfortably holds power/control unit + multiplug(although quite close to table top which might make some power plugs hard to manage/store) and some cable management clips you just stick to frame or table top (easily holds multiple cords).

        The manual inside and logos on leg call it a deskfit df300, there’s some good images/3D models in this video here (in German)

        • Awesome mate! I was looking around online and could not find anything about the s02-22r, even on Lumi's own website. The Deskfit df300/s02-22r seems to also have anti-collision, which is pretty good for the price.

    • Appreciate the feedback!
      Did you need to drill into the desk to make the appropriate holes, or were they pre-drilled?

      • I didn’t drill any holes, didn’t come pre drilled either. Just screwed in with power tools.

    • What is the length between the legs on that 1800 top? Is the top in the middle or bit of more on back/front?

      As there are no pre-drill holes trying to figure out how much to stretch the desk.

  • Damn 1500 walnut is on back order

    • +1

      I'd keep an eye out, 1800 were out of stock, and more arrived two days later.

  • Does anyone have the Paulownia colour? Trying to work out the colour is hard from the pic on the website. Also can you fit any size table top?

    • Check out video in my comment above for comparison between light and dark tops. I got the dark one and it looks darker than in that video, although my room doesn’t have as much natural light.

      Yup could fit any sized top, you can adjust the width of legs, again see video. Only concern would be weight if you were trying to go bigger.

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    Picked up mine with 1800 walnut. Didn't want to risk of not getting it. Damn this thing is heavy as. Was lucky enough to almost fit it in the car with back seats down. The top box is almost 1.9m long in case.

    Long Weekend project to setup it up.

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      Let us know how you find it once you set it up! I'm still yet to pull the trigger and buy it haha

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        Quality looks very nice. The top is nice and heavy as well. Will report on how sturdy and functional it is.

        • Hey mate how are you finding the desk? Also saw ur comment below about mounting dimensions, what did you go with?


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            @apas023: Overall very happy. Everything is great except for the size, but I knew that as smaller size was not available. Once I have another monitor it should be alright.

            I think I have it around 140cm apart as I wanted to keep my pc on the side. Only thing could be better is cable management tray. It's not perfect but it gets the work done.

            Here is the photo

            • @ace310: Awesome mate! Thanks for the reply. Any possibility I could see a pic of the cable management tray underneath?

              About to order the desk tonight, and just deciding if I should get one of those screw in cable holders for underneath.


  • What is the ideal mounting dimensions for 1800 table top? What is the recommended length between 2 legs? Should the top be in the middle in terms of width of 750 or should be more in front/back?

    Sorry, couldn't find anything in the manual or anywhere.

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    It seems they have stopped the sale. The stands no longer have the free table top icon and table tops are no longer free in cart.

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      I knew I shouldn’t have waited so damn long to buy.

      But the sale page is still up, and it says offer ends 31st Jan, and till items are in stock.
      It’s not 31st jan yet, and basically all of the items are in stock? Not sure why they stopped the sale

      • The trend is people coming back to the office, so the market for home office cant be getting much bigger now

      • Pretty sure they can't do that. Take screenshots of the sale page and the In stock items you wanted and get in contact. They should be honouring it.

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          I tried to call them all morning and no one answers the phone.

    • Working again.

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    Got in touch with CL over messenger chat, they have fixed it, and the offer is still on. Not sure how to un-expire the deal, OP if you can do it please.

    • Great - I've removed expiry

  • @ace310 does the 180cm feel like it is too big?
    Also which leg did you buy? The $399 or $499 - only difference I see is the digital face on the $499 and that it has Moto(s) is(are) Thermal and Overload Protected: for safety and longevity

    • Bought this. Go for this just for the display & overload protection. Anyway, currently both are same price so why not.

      1.8m is kind of big unless you are going for 2 monitors(bigger than 27") & a laptop side by side. Currently, I only have 27" monitor & a laptop. Only addition might be another 30" or so monitor which I believe should have been fine on 1.5m desktop. But that's just me, others might have different opinions.

      Edit: Happy to trade 1.5m walnut with anyone for 1.8m if anyone thinks 1.5 is smaller for them.

  • @ace310 thank you , good to know. I have a big case and a 32 inch monitor - I also paint on the side so I think this might be a good size.

    Did you buy the $399 legs?

      • Yeah I was going to buy the one you linked but there is also this one??…

      • Difference is very minor, says digital and also in the features it says Motor(s) is(are) Thermal and Overload Protected: for safety and longevity

        • both motors seems to have the protections. I like the display.

          Only difference I can see is $499 has lower minimum height of 66cm while the one I got has 73cm minimum height

          Edit: It also has keyboard tray which I don't really like.

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            @ace310: Ohkay good to know. I finally made the purchase, the $399 and the 180cm walnut

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