This was posted 8 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$50 off $100 Spend (First Purchase) @ Samsung NZ


One $50 e-voucher for all new customers that signed up to a Samsung account using code WELCOME50 between 12 dec 2022 to 12 jan 2023. Voucher has to be used with first purchase on the Samsung e-store with a minimum purchase amount of $100.

I have purchased multiple times online and the code still works, PB Tech sells most products cheaper than Samsung e store so maybe the code will come handy if you combine it with Samsung rewards points or the ECOOFFER22 code for buds and accessories

Another code found - MOBILE50 will take off $50 on mobile phone purchases

Original coupon deal

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    • How does this work, don’t you have to send the trade in device once it arrives?

      • you need to do the smart trade in app on your old mobile and they'll send you a prepaid bag as per their email. havent sent mine yet.

        • Might see what I can get for this Xiaomi Mi 9T. Keen to get a tablet.

          • @Wakrak: think they only trade in samsung?

            • @nachos: Bugger if that’s the case

              • @Wakrak: App barely works anyway. I've got a phone that they list as having a value on the website, but the app says not eligible, all the reviews say the same thing.

                • @Kiwi: yeah thats what i found app says no thanks, but website says ok. Its killing me as the $500 bonus credit is pretty good deal but unobtainable it seems unless you have a unicorn device.

                  • @nachos: same here,

                    tried the s22 ultra and A51 but both were rejected, s22 ultra understandable as its fairly new but come on

                  • @nachos: Does the app say no straight away, or after going through the tests? I have a s10 that it seems to accept but I haven't done all the tests yet

                    • @Aaron: i give it all the permissions it wants (which seems too many!) and it thinks about it then says not at this time. I dont think it gets to testing as it doesnt indicate that stage

                      • @nachos: For those having problems have you "remove all locks and passwords (including iCloud or Google Account)"? This might mean you have to remove the lock screen PIN etc. They mention removing the Google Account somewhere else but I don't see how you can do that given the app comes from the Play Store unless they mean after installing the app but that seems complicated so it might just mean before sending it in.

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              @nachos: No, there are Apple devices (more than Samsung actually although it might be to do with the number of variants), Huawei devices and 9 Oppos listed there. No Xiaomi though. Apple devices is also implied by the iCloud etc stuff. Can't guarantee they will accept listed devices as other people have found.

        • Did they send you a prepaid bag or anything mentioned in the email saying they will send one? I am confused as my order confirmation has no mention of old device return and no prepaid bags been sent to me yet.

    • Nice! What did you trade?, im finding it difficult to get the smart trade in app to accept anything. Also wonder if you dont send tradein, will you get a chargeback on the bonus credit?

      • i had a note 8 with battery on its last legs and a broken screen s10+. at least got some value on it since the note 8 does not update to the latest android and the s10+ has a cracked screen which is $400+ to replace.

        they accept broken phones as a second trade in. What worked for me is after i reset the phone and did the smart trade in process. Then after that, you can add another phone that doesnt need to do the whole process but im trading the other one as a non working phone.

        not sure what happens if i dont send the trade in, but planning to do so since they might charge me full.

        • im gonna see how much they offer for a note 1 and 2 just for the lols

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          Can you please give a breakdown of the pricing for your order?

          I got a screen-damaged Note8 too and they are offering $107 for it and the final price of $242 ($899 - $107 (old phone) - $50 (new customer) - $500 (trade-in bonus) = $242). Wanted to see how you got for your note8 and S10+ ?

          • @miamikk: I thought you don't get the bonus if the phone has a broken screen?

            • @Aaron: the broken screen falls under "Non-working device".

              What is a non working device?
              The phone needs to turn on and off and charge
              The display is not fully functional and has damage, cracks or blemishes to the screen (Examples of blemishes include pink or faded screen, bleeding screen)
              There are breaks, cracks, or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear (Examples include but are not limited to: multiple scratches, dents, or dings; water damage; or corroded charging port, SIM, or battery terminal contacts)
              Where applicable, the battery and back cover must be included
              The phone must not be network blocked, reported as stolen or counterfeit
              On iPhones, the iCloud account can’t be locked
              On Android smart phones, the Google Account must be removed

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            @miamikk: My note 8 was for $107 (working) and the broken s10+ at $184 (non working).

      • I tired S21+ 128gb and it did offer me $435 plus $500 bonus for upgrading to s22+, also get free watch valued at $499. I am wondering whether its worth an upgrade though considering s23 will be released next month.

    • How to get the bonus cashback ? Is that promo over ?

  • 45w & 15w in-stock.

    • +1

      No more stack so not as good now

    • +1

      Vouchers don't stack anymore though :(

    • Lol got an email at 13:01 saying the 25W was back in stock but it shows up now as not for sale. Dunno if this means they got some but sold out or they just banned selling them separately since they need them for other bundles since it's been "not for sale" instead of "out of stock" for a while now. Don't really care since without the stacking, no longer seems a great deal.

      • I got the same email. The link didn't go anywhere and when you searched and went to the page it said out of stock but when you go to accessories and scroll down to it you can add it to cart without going into the products page.

        Bugs everywhere.

        Can't stack discount codes though so it's 3 for $55.

        • Actually the 25W is now working even on the product page for me… Maybe when you could add it from the accessories page, it was because their store had partly updated? This seems to be a fairly common problem with webstores when the stock or price changes it can take a while for their front end to update and different parts update at different times so you can get one part that has one thing and one part that has another.

          It seems a bit crazy it took them so long to update from the email though. Even accepting that they possibly use the same back end and front end for all their country stores it's still a tiny store. Unless the problem is that it first came in stock but they had disable purchases (hence the change from to "not for sale" instead of "out of stock" which it was at first) and then someone needed to re-enable it perhaps after complaints on live chat.

          The link thing seems to be a universal problem with their stock notification system. I got an email for the 45W and that link also didn't work but it was in stock at the time. (Seems to have gone out of stock again or they disabled it as well.)

  • Anyone not got their order? Mine still says processing from last year. But they have charged my credit card.

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