This was posted 1 year 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Extra 30% off Galaxy Buds, Chargers & More: Galaxy Buds2 Pro $198.98, Galaxy Watch5 bluetooth 44mm $299.40 @ Samsung Store


Received email from samsung stating

STUDMUFFIN, thank you for being part of the Galaxy family! To make sure you love your new Galaxy, here are some exclusive offers on accessories and Galaxy Buds.

Use ECOOFFER22 to received 30% off RRP

Email screenshot

Some examples
Galaxy Watch5 bluetooth 44mm $299.40
(PB Tech blue $297, Silver & Graphite $327)

Galaxy Watch5 LTE 44mm $359.40
VS_____ PB Tech $398.99

Galaxy Watch5 Pro bluetooth 45mm $509.32
VS_____ PB Tech $527

Galaxy Watch5 bluetooth 40mm $269.40
VS_____ PB Tech $303

Galaxy buds 2 + bonus case $146.48
VS_____ PB Tech $234.99

Galaxy buds 2 pro + bonus case $198.98
VS_____ PB Tech $378

Galaxy tab s8 ultra book cover $104.30
Galaxy Z flip4 flap leather cover $97.30

Don't forget to join their samsung rewards programme

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    Do you have the full list of products OP, or what the price is for some of those products after discount?

    Doesn't work in the student store unfortunately.

    Galaxy Buds2 Pro $198.98

    • let me check

      • Same code gave an extra 20% off Watch5 44mm ($359.40)

        • Galaxy Watch5 bluetooth 44mm $299.40
          Galaxy Watch5 LTE 44mm $359.40
          Galaxy Watch5 Pro bluetooth 45mm $509.32
          Galaxy Watch5 bluetooth 40mm $269.40

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        it seems like it will give same discount as the student store for non student store users.

        Works for chargers, cases for tablets + S series + Z series and buds

        Galaxy buds 2 $146.48
        Galaxy buds 2 pro $198.98
        Galaxy tab s8 ultra book cover $104.30
        Galaxy Z flip4 flap leather cover $97.30

        • Thanks for that.

          • @Wakrak: i've tried the code for SSDs and monitors but it don't work, imagine it working on the 55" odyssey ark UHD curved monitor $4999 lol

            • @F armer: That thing was $3.6k on the student store when it launched and now it’s $4k. Says it’s sold out but honestly I don’t see them flying off the shelves lol

              I’ll try the code on some of their monitors a bit later, looking to redo my office and in need of some smaller 4K monitors

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                @Vish: i've tried the code on some monitors and it didn't work, its on for chargers, cases, buds, watches

                • @F armer: Damn, thanks man!

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                    @Vish: use BF2022 for at least 20% off monitors

                    • @F armer: Thanks! I'll have a look shortly

  • Are they out of stock on the watch 5 pro LTE? I couldn't add it to my cart.

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      seems like black is out of stock but gray titanium still available

      • Good catch. Brings it down to $577.32. Pretty amazing deal.

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    Not sure if it's for other purchases (or if other purchases have different benefits for that matter), but Galaxy Buds2 Pro also comes with FREE Anymode Galaxy Buds Z Flip3 Cover.
    Not the best cover in the world, and definitely not worth the RRP, but I guess why not if it is free.

    Edit: Just realised you mentioned 'bonus case' in post, sorry OP. I will leave comment up just so people know which case it is.

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    @Farmer Thank you so much for posting this deal 🙂 I had been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Buds for soo long + watching hours of YouTube videos to justify getting some and this price finally got me across the line. Can't wait to pick them up! 😉 Hope they don't cancel any orders.

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    There is a Black Friday sale live on the EPP store at the moment, some prices are better some are worse. Galaxy Watch5 Pro Bluetooth 45mm is $486.85, but the Galaxy Buds2 are $167.40.

    • Is this the same as the student store?

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    Anyone know what code NEWTECH works on?
    Saw it here:

    Doesn't come up as an invalid code, but also didn't work on any of the products I tested it on.

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    Awesome find! Going to give the Buds2 Pro a go. Cheers!

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    Anyone with a Samsung product already it's worth giving them a call and requesting a 10% off code as a loyal customer. I've had 2 of them this year with no questions really asked. They stack on to other discounts as well.

    • Ordered a watch this morning, thanks for ruining my day 😂

    • Had a chat with one of their live agents. They provided me a 5% off voucher "BF2022" which did not work on Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Have not tested it on anything else.

      • That sounds like a generic code, the loyalty ones I got single use codes for each person they emailed to you. Definitely were 10% but they didn't actually check I had any device registered to my account either time I asked for one.

        • Tried again with a different agent and still no luck haha

          • @coxbussy: I tried live chat and only got the generic BF code as well. Going to try call tomorrow!

            • @joshtnz: Let me know how it goes ♥

              • @coxbussy: EDIT: the 10% loyalty code and the ECOOFFER22 code do NOT stack.

                Can confirm calling will get you a 10% voucher code. Haven't tried it yet but they were happy to give it out.

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      Tried this and got a customer specific code but doesnt stack
      You will have this message if you try them

      "The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions."

      • Damn maybe they fixed their buggy shop. I definitely stacked when I purchased my S22 back in April as I used the $300 off, 10% voucher and $200 of accessories when I preordered, saved about $650 on the supposed rrp with that lot.

        I got another code in September but that one worked with a promo for a free case with the tablet as there was t any other vouchers at the time. Was worth a punt considering it's definitely worked in the past.

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          that could've been just the single GALAXYS22 code as i saved $700 off rrp with that code which included the $200 and $500 voucher

          • @F armer: This is the summary off the bottom of the email for the S22 order I placed.

            "Enjoy your $200 voucher

            Thank you for purchasing Galaxy S22+, your $300 voucher has been applied to the cart.

            10% discount applied"

            I think the S22 and + were only $300 vouchers with the code and the ultra was more. It definitely stacked though as I had no end of issues with Samsung cancelling my order that had a discount on it that couldn't be placed again after a set date, the 10% extra meant I could get back to the same price as the original order that they cancelled for no reason with the extras I wanted.

            A shame if they stopped them stacking as the behaviour of their website when you stacked codes was all over the place, even with the receipt and vouchers I had no idea how it arrived at the price I ended up paying for the order.

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      Got a phone call from ontario US yesterday and i was like wtf, turned out to be from samsung offering a 10% off code eventhough i didnt ask for one lol the code they gave looked like a serial key youd use for registering a program on pc

  • The Buds discounts is no longer stacking? I'm seeing $195~ and $265~ for normal/Pro respectively

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      Seems that they're no longer doing the black friday discount plus the 30% off so i've marked this post as expired

      • Crazy - was it only live for a day or two then? I wonder if they'll have another proper black Friday sale next week?

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    From what I can see looks like the black friday discounts are not slotting in - only the ecooffer is only being honored. I have 2 items on my cart and was about to check out when it was pulled out. Will wait eod if still the same.

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      I believe that is how it's supposed to work, the discounts stacking was a price error

      Use ECOOFFER22 to received 30% off RRP

      I just checked again and black Friday discount isnt working, even if you don't use the code. So maybe they are still fixing it
      Also the code only gives 20% off watch so the black Friday discount is better (or pbtech is better for some thing's)

      • I checked with their live chat and they said they were working on the site.

        I suspect they will fix the stacking in addition to restoring the black Friday sale.

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    From what I can see on the website, the deals are stacking again! :)
    Can someone un-expire the post?!

  • Samsung air cleaners can be purchased at a discounted price directly from Samsung NZ, via the website: and using the voucher code ‘3DUCATION’ at checkout.

  • Hi, I am getting $265 for Galaxy Buds2 Pro not $198 with the discount code. Does anyone know how to get the $198? Thanks

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