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40% off Next Two Boxes (Then 20% off Third and Fourth) @ Hello Fresh

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40% off for two weeks.

Been awhile since I've seen a 40% off code so thought I would share. I have a deactivated account so not sure if it also works on active accounts - let me know if so please.

For my household that comes to $23/meal after the $9.99 shipping fee for five nights - we get the two person but divide it into three equal portions for a lunch for my partner the next day. Not great but considering the cost of groceries at the moment it's probably worth it for those who want a break from meal planning.

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Referee gets $128 off their first box. Referrer gets $60-$90 credit.

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    Code worked on one my deactivated accounts.

    Managed to refer myself and create a new account to get a box for $60 last week. New email, new phone number, new card, same address. Once the order was successful, changed phone and card to the ones I use every day. And changed the details on all of my other accounts to something different. My original account also received $25.

    Here are some codes that worked on my last deactivated account (that hadn't used these codes prior)

    Some other codes worth trying (bit outdated now)

    • It doesn't work for same address, does it

      • It does for me. Mentioned it above.

        If in doubt, add a random address (that is nearby) to the new account and then change it once it is up and running.

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        Take with a grain of salt as my knowledge is from last year and the year before
        As long as two are new from: Name, Address, and CC - it worked fine previously (personally have 6 or 7 accounts with HF)
        this may have changed tho, and for what it's worth might as well have a unique name (free, doesn't have to be real name), CC (wise) and cell number (cheap) anyways.

        And I think they allow the address trick (apt 1, apartment 1, apart 1) = unlimited "unique addresses" to the same place

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    Don't know if you have tried Bargain Box yet but your first box being half price is good value, $66.49 delivered for 5 meals for 2 people and the servings are pretty generous but very limited menu to pick from each week.

    We are starting to use the services less and less since we have found recipes and sides we like from previous boxes, only do hellofresh if we can get 50% off.

    • Gave it a go when the following offer was available

      Wasn't a fan of the meals eh. Thought they lacked flavour at times. But it was my first go so might be worth another try.

      And same here re: 50%. We do 5 meals, 4 people. Think I'm on account #6 now 😅

      • I must say I thought it was very meh the first couple we got a while back but got one again when we moved house recently and it seemed like they'd made improvements, we enjoyed all the meals this time

    • Have you tried Hello Fresh? Interested in the serving size comparison. I find 2 of us need to order for 4 people when using Hello Fresh as we don’t eat the smallest portion sizes

      • I also order 4-serve meals for 2 people. Usually there are enough leftovers for 1-2 lunches (we eat less for lunch than for dinner) but sometimes no leftovers. The meat portion is definitely too small for us.

  • Cheers worked on one of my deactivated accounts

  • Heres a couple of other codes i’ve seen.
    SAVE210B - for deactivated accounts/returning customers. Saves up to $210 across next 4 boxes. First 2 is 40% off then last 2 is 20% off

    PRISM210 - not sure what eligibility is or promo, but mentions savings of up to $210 so i assume could be same as above?

  • Expired for me :(

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