50% off Sitewide @ BargainBox & My Food Bag (New Users)


Just received this email from My Food Bag. Pretty good value especially if you get the 6 person Bargain Box.

  • From $3.33 per plate with code SAVE50
  • Choose from 9 recipes each week
  • Free-range and free-farmed
  • 98% NZ fresh ingredients
  • Vegetarian options available

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Referral: random (37)

$50 off 1st order for referee. $50 account credit for referrer.

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    Can it be stacked with referral?

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      Did you tried and does it work? Keen to know..

  • Sometimes the system breaks and allows you to use SAVE50 again as an existing member. Pity they don't have a bunch of 50% off codes floating around like hellofresh.

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      Try BB100, first 2 boxes $50 of each of them

      • thanks, more expensive than hellofresh after codes but some more variation for us :)

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        100BB is another code that does first 2 boxes $50 off each of them

    • can you please share the 50% off codes?

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        iirc these should all be 50% off first box if they still work. People post a bunch of 40 and 50% off first box codes in the deal comments so it's worth looking at previous deals for them. You might need to deactivate the account to redeem if the code is still valid.


        Someone here also suggested you can sign up for multiple accounts in 1 household and rotate accounts and re-use the code on those accounts. I wouldn't recommend taking advantage of the free boxes etc as they will stamp down on you after a second(going from what others here said) but people rotate codes/accounts fine from what I hear.

        • Thanks a lot! will try them out.

  • Make sure to use KiwiWallet for $12 cashback as well, assuming it stacks.

  • This is the same code as previous I believe

    So should also work for 50% off extras such as fruit box (I think I also got a garlic bread?) :)

    • Didn't work on extras can confirm

      • Oh that's sad asf

  • Good deal bought the box

  • not one hellofresh code worked when i tried. signed up to bargain box 5 meals 4 ppl at $75. bargain

    • Is it $75 all up, do you have to pay extra shipping?

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        Delivered 👌

        • Cheers

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    Thanks OP. Will give it a go.

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    Just got a couple of different emails now from My Food Bag with a 4-day only deal so needs to be ordered by Sun 26th June.
    I've never used it before - just signed up at some point but never went through with an order.

    50% Off first delivery and 20% off your second.
    Good for new customers or anyone who hasn't ordered in the past year.
    Code is: SAVE70

    Order by Sunday night and save 50% on your first delivery, then 20% on your second with code SAVE70

    *T&Cs apply. Promo can't be used in conjunction with any other promo code. Promo only available to new customers or customers who have not had a delivery since 20 June 2021. Offer expires midnight Sunday 26th June for deliveries on 3rd or 10th July delivery weekends.

    Or use code: SLIDERS50 and get 50% off first delivery and a free pull-a-part Cheeseburger Slider Kit.
    Same conditions for ordering timelines as above but no discount on subsequent weeks.

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