Referral Links on ChoiceCheapies

IMPORTANT: June 2017: The ChoiceCheapies Referral system is out of beta testing and our main source for referral links. Please use this forum discussion topic for feedback.

On the deal page of merchants that support referral links, you will see a grey box at the bottom of the post (right above share buttons).

Referral Links

These links might benefit some community members who have registered themselves as referrals to these merchants featured on ChoiceCheapies. Making purchases through these referral links should not cost you extra. In some cases, discounts or financial incentives apply to both the referrer and referee.

If the OP of the deal has their own referral code for that merchant, it will show up as the first link in the Referral Block (but only after minimum front page votes are received, until then only random referral links will be shown). Clicking on that link will use OP's own referral link. A random link is also provided with total number of referral codes in brackets. Clicking on that will pick a random referral link from the pool.

As of June 14 2017, users can no longer add their referral link manually in the deal description for merchants already included in the ChoiceCheapies referral system. See here for more information.

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