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Free Freight on Selected Groceries @ 1-day, The Market


This is a great time to use the $5 off purchase of at least $5.01 ROMC7XMA Original Coupon Deal

Watties 3x baked beans $0.99 with coupon code
Simply Pure Rice Bran Oil - 1L $0.49 with coupon code
Dole Fruit & Custard - Peach $0.79 with coupon

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The Market
The Market

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    Milo Cereal - 350g
    Champion M6 x 1.00 Flange Nut

    $0.20 delivered with code ROMC7XMA

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      This looks like some kind of messed up cereal roulette in the making.

    • looks like they sold out of the nuts, any cheap alternative to add to make it jut over $5?

    • The Nut item got cancelled from one of my order. Refund amount is $0.01 lol.

      Reason :

      We’ve been informed by ISL that due to unforeseen circumstances they’re unable to fulfill your order.

  • With free shipping I now have a reason to buy the 4.5kg Toblerone

  • +2

    Thanks OP, 5kg bag of Basmati rice delivered for $7.99:


  • Excellent combo. This is an inflation buster.

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    Looks like my credit card got flagged. Unsuccessful payment even after entering confirmation code. Time to pull up new wise cards.

    • same so now using my wise card :-)

      • Guys how easy is it to use the wise card thing to generate new card numbers?
        Are there fees?

        • Generating a new card number takes a couple of seconds - very easy via the app.
          In order to get access to the digital card you need to order a physical card first though.
          Cost of physical card is $14 but it’s a one off fee.

          We’ll worth getting the card.

        • At a time you can hold 3 virtual cards. Instantly you can delete and generate a new number. There is a one time fee of $14 to order a physical card which will even activate virtual cards.

          More details here https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30857

          • @ace310: my digital card option disappeared all of a sudden. any one had that issue?

            • @LazyBoy: Refresh the app or wait another 5-10 minutes. Has happened to be in the past (working all good for me right now).

            • @LazyBoy: All good for me. maybe an one off issue. Try login in from browser just in case or see if there are any updates to the app.

              • @ace310: weird I wonder if my account got flagged. both browser and app still not showing either

    • Why would your card be flagged?

      • No idea, but too many orders maybe. I had my master card flagged and yesterday 2 of my wise cards also stopped working. Not sure what combination of check is happening.

        • It will be flagged for suspicious activity.
          A lot of times stolen credit cards are used with a handful of low value transactions to check they are working before a larger purchase is made.
          This is generally an automated process and in this case I would imagine is stopping your legitimate transactions.
          It will be your bank/credit card company doing this, not The Market.

          Solution is to either call the card company and advise them it's legit and ask them to remove the block or just wait a day or two and try again.

          • @bigcheese: Well if it was flagged by bank, I wouldn't have received the confirmation code right? Code was received on the registered phone and entered correctly. I understand about the suspicious activity being flagged.

            • @ace310: The only way to know is to call them.
              I've worked in banking a number of years ago and this was part of the checks introduced by the fraud teams back then to try and stop stolen credit card usage.
              Since I left there have been a number of additional measures (such as the confirmation codes) introduced to try and combat fraud.
              These unfortunately also trap legit transactions sometimes.

              • @bigcheese: Makes sense. Wise card to the rescue, just get new ones and move on. Have to make sure my main master card is not blocked.

  • +8
  • awesome, 3x baked beans on the way! was about to buy some anyway, thanks OP!

  • Cheap formula here, but expires next month

    Nestle Nan Supreme Stage 3 Toddler Formula - 800g

  • Perfect, just scored some fabric conditioner for $0.99!

  • Stocked up on olive oil. Good deal

  • +2

    The warehouse sells the same baked beans for $5.1 so if you live close enough to a store in Auckland you can C&C for 10c

    • Perfect! Thank you

  • Awesome, picked up the beans Ty :)

  • Baked beans and fudge, cheapied again.

  • Awesome score ! 👌. Thankyou.

  • 2l of rice bran oil for $4.99 :D

    • Or, you could get 2l for 98c :)

      • gah, what deal did I miss?

        • 1l bottle for 49c (2 transactions).

          • @kaitae: oh yep, 1l was sold out by the time I got to this deal. Good thinking though, forgot the coupon was multi-use.

            • @Aerol: The coupon is not multiuse

            • +1

              @Aerol: one use per account, so make multiple accounts. :D

        • Posted by OP as examples.

  • +1

    if anyone needs to replace their sistema containers, you can get the 2L Sistema Box for $1

    pick up only, no free delivery

  • A whole bunch of new items have been added if you filter by Free Freight

    • how do you filter by free freight? got a link to them all?

      • +1

        The Go to Deal link.

  • Is this a good deal?

    Huggies Pure Baby Wipes 56s x 10PK - $15 shipped

  • Wow, I think the coupon became invalid sometime in the last hour. :/

    • Yep - looks like that's expired now.

  • Any $10 off 50$ voucher working right now?

  • Anyone else's packages still sitting as confirmed and not shipped?

    • My orders are showing as being delivered this morning but I haven't been home to check yet.
      It took a week from ordering before it showed it was shipped though.

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