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Keri Premium Apple Juice 1L - $1 @ Countdown
I've noticed this a few weeks ago instore and wondered if they were clearing out stock or maybe not popular, as all the other Keri premium...
16/06/2019 - 15:30
Went to local store before opening and was a line, but when I went up to line up there was a Noel Leeming guy outside, saying it was...
25/05/2019 - 09:09
Haha settle down. I only got an email from them 45 minutes ago stating 800 nationwide which is a couple of hours after posting my comment,...
24/05/2019 - 19:20
I wonder how much stock they will release for online only, as there will be a mass rush at 9am to buy. If it is very low stock online, it...
24/05/2019 - 15:53
Can you claim for more than one? as the conditions say: 14. Only one (1) claim may be made per Eligible Product purchased.
23/05/2019 - 19:37
Thanks, just picked up last 2 pairs in palmy for me and my friend.
16/05/2019 - 16:57
Thanks, I guess I'll have to try and price to sell quickly then.
03/05/2019 - 12:04
Thanks, have been waiting for one of these. Does anyone know: if you list tommorrow but your item doesn't sell first time so you have to...
03/05/2019 - 11:43
It reduces the 2nd Gen Chromecast (refurbished) to only $29.99 today.
02/05/2019 - 13:28
Eventually worked for me for a Sim I haven't used for couple of months. took about 20mins for text back.
11/04/2019 - 23:57
I upgraded my plan on existing number. I did ring 2degrees again before going and spoke to someone who clarified I would still retain $400...
11/04/2019 - 20:24
He is BS-ing you or he is ignorant. The Headphones have nothing to do with signing up for a plan, as they are a pre-order bonus from Noel...
11/04/2019 - 18:35
Just got back from Noel Leeming and signed up to get the P30. He said to come back tommorrow morning to pick up as they already received...
11/04/2019 - 17:55
Interesting, so you preordered earlier this month? Have you received the final bill for the P30 handset which includes the $400 discount?...
11/04/2019 - 15:54
Lol, let me know what they say to you, would be interesting to hear your experience with them.
11/04/2019 - 15:40
I'm thinking the the call centre rep could be wrong and just trying to make me not cancel or reduce my plan afterwards, as it seems some...
11/04/2019 - 15:30
I just phoned 2degrees sales, as I'm in a position where I'm already a 2degrees customer on the $30 open plan. because I would need to...
11/04/2019 - 15:06
Deciding whether the extra $400 is worth it for the pro version, as with the value of extras the p30 is an amazing deal.
11/04/2019 - 12:41
Yeah that zoom is insane,5x optical and up to 50x digital.
11/04/2019 - 12:40
My guess is this one, as only one Noel Leeming sell under JBL Everest name that is over ear....
11/04/2019 - 12:34
Out of interest what is everyone considering or buying between the p30 and p30 pro?
11/04/2019 - 11:55
Yeah thought that might be the case, the last couple of days Ive seen this deal through 2 degrees (already have a $30 plan) and vodafone...
11/04/2019 - 11:40
What do you think is better deal, PB tech or Noel Leeming?
11/04/2019 - 11:33
Haha so you did some battery surgery on your oral b. My previous Oral B was the pro 5000 with older nimh battery. I replaced maybe...
31/03/2019 - 01:45
I meant for NZ stock, with NZ warranty and correct plug. Also the one at Briscoes has the new lithium ion batteries, whereas older stock...
30/03/2019 - 00:18
Oral B Pro 2000 for $90 you won't find cheaper anywhere else.
29/03/2019 - 12:51
Thanks, got 3 black plain t-shirts for $1.98 each or $5.94 total.
21/03/2019 - 19:49
That's exactly what they hope for lol
22/01/2019 - 15:42
Yeah thanks Neil, it was part of my daily routine to come here and get those codes. Thanks for all your effort.
22/01/2019 - 15:40
That's popular one I was talking about it, couldn't find it last night, thanks. Yeah $539 is a great price for that one!
19/01/2019 - 11:12