This was posted 1 year 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$5.00 off Minimum $5.01 Spend (One Use Per Account) @ The Market


Minimum spend $5.01 (excludes shipping and alcohol and Apple products). One time use only.

Stores with free shipping on orders $44.99 & under.

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The Market
The Market

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  • Is this a birthday code?

    • Don't think so. I used this code last week with no issues.

      • I thought these didn't exist anymore, where did you find it?

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    God dammit.

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      Just got up and grabbed some Whittaker's out of the fridge because of this.

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    Sweet, cheap as premium toilet paper 👌

  • They charge 5 dollars for store pick up now?

    • Depends on the store probably.

    • $6 (if you’re outside Auckland)

    • I feel like this is worth complaining to them about. It makes no sense.

      • They'll probably tell you to order through The Warehouse website instead. Free click & collect.

  • Are you all playing $6 shipping for a $5 item?

    • I bought stuff from a store that offers free shipping. $1.50 delivered.

      • Yes, but the ones above buying chocolate and toilet paper I would presume is from The Warehouse.

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        Is there a list somewhere of the stores on The Market that offer free shipping?

    • Nope, the Warehouse stores near me are always free to collect from

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    The warehouse gives free pickup. Not the warehouse stationery though.

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      Try changing to anywhere other than Auckland and you’ll notice that they charge $6 for pick up :/

  • Wondering why warehouse(Westgate) doesn't offer pickup option.

  • Come up 'No matching coupon found' for me - says it was used by someone else :-(

    • Might be limited uses

    • Just tested it on a random account I have. Worked for me.

      • Was it showing as available in your 'coupons list'?

  • Cheers OP. Just picked up some coffee

    • Which did you get?

  • Cheap stuff incl delivery fee

    Nitratech protein sample packs x2 = free
    Aeropress coffee filters $5

  • Just ran out of printing paper. Perfect time to pickup.

  • 4 packet of chips from the warehouse. Free pickup

  • How do you guys get free pickup at the warehouse? it still comes up with $6 for pickup for me.

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    • Same here - in Hamilton

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    This a one time use per account?

    • Yes. Mentioned in the post

  • the warehouse free pickup from noel leeming???

  • Cheers OP. Got some insulation tape with free shipping.

  • Thanks, got some protein bars for 50c each, shipped.

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    9 orders here lol

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    If you're in Auckland you can use this coupon to click and collect one of the Timex watches making the total $20. (Only two options available).

    Timex easy reader burgundy:…

    Timex easy reader tan/gold:…

  • Can't find an option to load the coupon code..

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      It’s not on the first screen.
      Add items to your cart and then go to checkout.
      On the checkout page scroll down until you see ‘ Your Coupons & Codes’ which is where you enter the code.

  • Any free shipping for 9v battery?

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    Thanks OP,
    Did this with the wife's account too.

    Came to 40c for two blocks of whittaker's picked up in Auckland

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      Yeah, same here, don't know what to buy, ended up buying two blocks of whittaker's…haha

      Thanks OP!

  • im in upper hutt im always being charged shipping wen i try to order something

    • Depends on what store you're ordering from.

      Just did a random test to: 9 Ormrod Grove, Riverstone Terraces, Upper Hutt

      Item: $5.06 (Store: ISL)
      Shipping: $0
      Discount: $5
      Total shipped: $0.06

      • wat did u add to yo cart to get free shipping to upper hutt?

        • Tape

  • +1

    lol. I added an Auckland address to my account so to check shipping prices elsewhere, but I forgot to delete the address prior to placing my order.

    So to whoever gets my order on Queen Mary Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland, enjoy your

    • Scream Supps - Pinhead Intense Pre Workout RTD - Single
    • Nothing Naughty Protein Bar - Single
    • +1

      NZ Post for the win. They've put a redirection on it. Thankfully it's still at the depot. Sorry # Queen Mary Avenue, you are no longer receiving:

      • Scream Supps - Pinhead Intense Pre Workout RTD - Single
      • Nothing Naughty Protein Bar - Single
      • 😂

      • +5

        Free shipping workaround?

        • iirc you can redirect to a new address upto 75km away, that being said I doubt it would work if the new address was RD

          • @Dunno: Mine is. But, my parcel was/is in the Waikato Forward PD Depot.

        • Ooh that's clever. Wakrak is now finding deals without even looking for them

      • Never mind. Queen Mary got the parcel despite the redirection request.

        29/08/22 08:13
        We have received your request to have this parcel redirected to another address. We'll let you know when it's on its way.

        30/08/22 13:36
        Your item is with our courier for delivery. It should be with you today

        30/08/22 15:23
        Your parcel has been delivered by your local courier driver based at Onehunga Courier Depot.

  • +1

    Looks like sportsfuel has removed all their low priced products

    • Happened around Sunday lunchtime I think. Noticed the two cans I posted as a deal were no longer on the website, along with every other item under $13. People creating multiple accounts just to buy more drinks and protein bars.

      • Yes and it was glorious. 1 dollar for 2 protein bars delivered.

        • 😄

    • they cancelled my order with no explanation :(

      • Yeah mine are cancelled too!

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