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Something else to keep in mind, if you ever want to sell it, Lego will be worth something, copies won't be.
23/02/2023 - 22:07
Decent set for the money! I have a small Stanley 1/4" set and like it, nice metal case etc. Those cheap Bunnings ones belong in the bin.
23/02/2023 - 19:41
Used it before though? I think it's once per account, doesn't work for me again anyway.
20/01/2023 - 21:48
That's a good deal, I heart my static IP too much to change ISP these days.
10/01/2023 - 16:54
Is there something this offers that Amazon Prime as a perk doesn't? $59/AU for normal prime which as far as I can tell gives the same…
10/01/2023 - 11:28
You'll regret not getting noise cancelling earlier, it's that much of a difference. I have the PXC-550 cans, but same will apply to any of…
27/11/2022 - 14:45
I think they do the kits (garden at least) just for this sale. I hadn't seen the kit I got previous to the sales. The kit I got was a bit…
25/11/2022 - 10:13
Love mine, I have 100m of lawn and it works sweet. I got the combo last year, no regrets. No more petrol, heavy mower or excessive noise.…
25/11/2022 - 07:30
2x small this time around, got medium last time but most of my data is on wifi so have found I didn't need that much.
19/11/2022 - 18:38
Used this morning, still worked. Saw the 4/11 expiry and my heart sank, tried it anyway and success.
05/11/2022 - 10:54
You'd think so, or at least when it's Saturday, so could be after midnight.
04/11/2022 - 22:29
Never used it but would personally stick with a brand that won't discontinue the range and it's batteries anytime soon. Which happens…
27/10/2022 - 12:07
For a newbie, does the 7.5% come straight away or a bit later? I ordered on the right day but looks like I didn't get the bonus. TIA
23/10/2022 - 12:04
I'd just edit the auctions so that the number of days the listing is for, is reduced. I've done it many times in the past, set it to say 3…
14/10/2022 - 15:21
Fragluton was awarded a badge.
14/10/2022 - 13:38
Also been waiting, 25% off very recently was tempting. But not enough that I couldn't hold out for a 100% discount. Great time to clear out…
14/10/2022 - 10:47
You forgot to tick the "associated with TradeMe" box.
14/10/2022 - 10:46
These are the sets
04/10/2022 - 18:53
Buying non-rechargeable (AA/AAA) batteries in 2022, not even once.
27/09/2022 - 10:52
Baked beans and fudge, cheapied again.
30/08/2022 - 21:08
Had to have been a pricing error, all their other jumbo deals are actually quite expensive, some twice normal pack price. Good work if you…
27/08/2022 - 18:58
You know expenses like insurances count towards your outgoings? If you have enough outgoing, no matter what it's for, what they'll lend…
05/08/2022 - 22:27
I wouldn't bother to be honest. You'll probably find the factory speakers aren't too bad and install might be a pain. Unless you don't like…
30/07/2022 - 22:15
Thanks for the link, the price had me interested, the reviews had me not. Seems like a rubbish product which is a shame.
23/07/2022 - 22:12
Yeah agreed, yearly plans when they are half price and pretty hard to beat. I think I pay $10.xx/month for unlimited calls / texts and 4GB…
22/06/2022 - 20:58
Yeah pretty sure that's their point?
11/06/2022 - 12:27