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107 Stores with Free Shipping on Orders $44.99 & Under @ The Market


What is this?
I have gone through all 800 or so stores on The Market and figured out which ones offer free shipping for orders/items under $45.

Go to store and add item that is $44.99 and under. Go to checkout. Check shipping cost. I used North Island as the shipping location. Stores that do not have an item that is $44.99 and under are excluded from the list.

I may have missed some stores. Thought this might be useful for people who have or might get voucher codes in the future. Some stores charge extra for rural deliveries (e.g., IBA Crafts). Some stores have a minimum spend (e.g., NZ Coffee Co. $20).


Store Category
Active Truth womenswear
Aimโ€™n womenswear
Amazing Deals home, mixed
Azura Runway home, mixed
Augustine womenswear
Aladdin Rugs NZ home
Aussie Wardrobe home, mixed


Store Category
Brazilian Piccadilly Shoes womenswear
Blenheim London watches
Bostin Life electronics, home


Store Category
Chia Sisters food, drinks
Cosmic clothing, home
Catelle Wax health & beauty


Store Category
Discounted Sunglasses sunglasses
Dear Addison jewellery
Don Vassie Decanters kitchen, drinkware


Store Category
Eagle Eyes Kids Sunglasses sunglasses
Edmund Hillary clothing
ECHT clothing


Store Category
Fresh health & beauty
French Kiss Boutique womenswear
Flickdeal mixed
Flight Coffee** coffee
Fashion Collab womenswear


Store Category
Gearbite home, electronics
Goslash mixed
Good Wood home, woodwork
GODMODE electronics
The Green Boutique home, fashion


Store Category
Halo.Living home, mixed
Health and Home home, mixed
Headstart health & beauty
Hair & Beauty Co health & beauty
HB21 - Clean Portable Power power, electronics


Store Category
Issue Clothing womenswear
IBA Crafts clothing, home, toys
ISL tools, parts
ihartTOYS toys
ICB mixed


Store Category
Jory Henley Furniture furniture


Store Category
Kids Cars toys
Kubb Brothers kids toys, clothing
Klika mixed
Kiwi Boutique mixed
Kidsway Shoes kids footwear
KRISP clothing
Kingfisher Gifts party supplies, lollies


Store Category
La Roche Posay health & beauty
LotusGrill New Zealand bbq, men
Loveprint art
LatestBuy mixed
Linen Connections home decor, mixed


Store Category
Mountain Jade jewellery
Mega Deal Warehouse electronics
MyTools tools, parts


Store Category
Nanuk NZ digital accessories
NZ Homeware home, parts
Nutratech Nutrition health, fitness


Store Category
Outbax Camping outdoors, camping
Ozone Coffee Roasters** coffee


Store Category
Playpark by Karen Walker womenswear, accessories
Pia Boutique womenswear
Piece-Makers home, bags
PSL Fire & Safety safety, tools
Paradiso Clothing clothing, accessories
PriceDumb electronics, home, stationery
Pop Phones technology, men's accessories
Playpress Toys toys
Podium Supply Co. clothing, outdoors


Store Category
Rembrandt menswear
Rainbows & Raindrops Wax Seal Co. stationery, office
RabbitRabbit health & beauty


Store Category
Sportsfuel health, fitness
Snappyone mixed
Standard Issue clothing
SafetyHQ safety, workgear
Silver Jewellery Boutique jewellery
smpli clothing
St Sana women's footwear
StyleRule health & beauty
Sprint Fit health, fitness
Stitch Ministry womenswear
Sanity Entertainment music, entertainment
Seat Cover Master automotive, car seats
Shaky Isles Coffee coffee
SPORX clothing, technology


Store Category
Tailor Skincare beauty
Tidal Hair hair, beauty
Teamsports sports
Trilogy health & beauty
ToMyFrontDoor books
The Dark Heart Grooming Co. beauty
The New Zealand Coffee Company** food & drinks
The Brandster mixed
Tech Crazy technology
Toy Central toys
Together games


Store Category
Vivo health & beauty, home
Velvet Heartbeat women bags
Veethree Gauges automotive, parts, accessories
Velettร  Skincare health & beauty
Vicoffroad home technology


Store Category
1 People womenswear
'47 Brand men accessories, headwear
14oz Jeans clothing
3 Wise Men menswear

** minimum spend between $20 and $30

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    Good post.
    Bit of effort gone into getting that list!

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    Some posts deserve more than one upvote. Good effort bro well done.

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    Blimey, solid effort mate. Got another store for you here.

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      Cheers. Added

  • Wow - just wow Wakrak!


  • Wow hats off to you for the dedication man. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Hope you used a script.

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      I think Wakrak uses the โ€˜click, click, click and checkโ€™ script ๐Ÿค”

  • man hope you got paid lol

  • OG work

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    MyTools, ISL, & Sportsfuel are personal faves.

  • Amazing! wow

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    I haven't been on Cheapies for 1hr 30 mins, jump on and see this was posted 1hr 27 mins ago and already at 50 upvotes!!! Nice work Wakrak. Thank you.

  • Worth the upvote ๐Ÿ˜

  • Wow, what a post!

  • You're doing god's work son.

    • Surely worth an upvote for god's work?

  • Wow

  • I wonder if there are free pickup stores from the Market collection points under 45 like this

  • Amazing! You are always so helpful.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    I'm a simple man. I see a post by Wakrak, I upvote.

  • Please tell me you did a script for this!

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      ๐Ÿ‘€ Starts sweating because a script wasn't used.

      • In that case, I doff my hat. Great work!

  • This is extremely useful, thank you for your work on these threads. 10000% worth an upvote.

  • Far out wakrak! Youre amazing! Thank you for all your efforts put into this for us all.

  • Best post ever on the site, not even close.

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    @Wakrak is a real Cheapies hero that he deserves a permanent badge next to his name.

    • He does: 'Power User'

  • Nice one!

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    Person: "So what you get up to this weekend?"

    Me: "Oh I did a bunch of chores around the house…caught up on some shows…you know the usual."


    ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต slow claps ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Mate you are the MVP! I didn't even know under $45 free shipping was a thing, but today I learned thanks to you.

    What a massive effort for the community. Let's upvote this post into the stratosphere! ๐Ÿš€

    • It's already there.
      Second highest vote count ever - and that's in less than 5.5 hours since posting.
      Imagine what it will be by the end of the month…………………..๐ŸŒ•

  • Wakrak you are a legend mate

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    Wow - this deal is now the most popular deal on Cheapies NZ EVER!
    183 votes and climbing.


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      More upvotes than page clicks ๐Ÿ˜„

      • Yep - but pageclicks mean nothing.
        It's upvotes that give it the recognition it deserves.

        200 deal votes is rapidly approaching.

        • I got it to 199 .. 1 more upvote to 200 !!

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    Well done Wakrak!

  • These votes are well deserved

  • That's a mammoth effort.good work

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    Question - why $45? Is this a known number, or you just picked it? Would a subset say do under $20 free shipping?

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      Because you get free shipping on orders $45 and over with MarketClub.

      • Ah yes. I guess I just meant there might be one that gives free shipping for $40, but not $20, say.

        • You could definitely do different price ranges but the main issue will be product availability. Many of the stores above just got in because they had one item that was $30-44.99 in price. Wouldn't take long to do $20 and under. There might be quite a few other stores that do free shipping but just didn't meet my $45 criteria.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Interesting! I suppose some of them are niche and aren't doing $1 items or whatever.


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      It is free shipping for orders above $45 for MClub members

      Edit: you beat me by 13 sec..

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    • It's still going up…..

  • @Wakrak: You'd better hope that the vote counter is more than just 8-bits, else you might cause another Gangnam Style problem like YouTube had!

    If you actually hit Int_Max then there's no hope :-)

    • It's like Y2K all over again!

      • I spent eighteen months doing Y2K audits and helping people fix things up, and come midnight… nothing, nada.

        I must have wasted my time!


    • Think we might alright considering the number of โฌ†๏ธ on the most upvoted deal ever at OzB

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        Maybe - might be a 12-bit counter…. but you do have a ways to go to beat that :-)

  • Such an awesome effort mate. Absolute champion.

  • 241 wow

  • This sites MVP thats for sure!

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    249 and I will make it 250

  • @Wakrak: More clicks for your Colmans Mint Sauce, but just a few less votes! lol

  • Very nice! Thanks @Wakrak appreciate your hard work

  • This is such a game changer thanks Wakrak.
    Makes the $5 birthday voucher so much worth it (Minimum spend $5.01, unlimited use until expiry date).

    Haven't found much good deal in $5.01 ~ 15. Anyone found any?

    • +1

      wow I thought it was only me that could use it unlimited times

      • Yeah I thought it was one time use only, until I used it and still had it. In the T&C it doesn't mention one time use, hence unlimited use before the stated date.

        • same here, under coupons it says all coupons are single use as well. Couldn't find the t&c's for the coupon specifically. Thought I had a glitch.

        • pm me if you want to discuss further

    • What $5.00 birthday voucher? The Market never send me one of those :-(

      • Someone shared the coupon code before and I managed to activate it months before my birthday month. I've searched for the post but couldn't find it. Will comment here if I find it again.

        I'm hoping they send me the coupon in my real birthday month lol, as my current one expires at the end of this month.

        • I think I got the same code as you did, perhaps it's just that code.

        • Maybe I missed it (binned as spam) - I will wait for my next birthday…. no rush :-)

        • +3

          I reckon keep it to yourself otherwise Cheapies will kill another good offer.

  • +1

    AZ eCommerce
    Tailor Skincare

    removed. Stores no longer exist.

  • Wakrak, you're a legend, thanks mate!

  • MusclePharm Combat Energy drink for $0.30 delivered if you happen to have a $5 birthday code.


    • Do you happen to have one Wakrak? Are they still able to be used by multiple accounts, unlimited times?

      • No they stopped that unfortunately.
        Now they are just like The Warehouse shipping codes - one use and once loaded on an account canโ€™t be shared.

        • Bugger, have you two just been farming accounts for them? I think I remember not recieving anything after I entered a birthday. Perhaps it was too close? Do you have it sussed yet?

          • @Bill: Iโ€™ve got a couple of accounts but thatโ€™s it.
            I got a code for one of them in the lead up to my birthday a few weeks back but nothing on the other account. They both have the same birthday loaded so not sure why one got it and not the other.
            Once you add the code to your account thatโ€™s it - canโ€™t be used by anyone else.

    • Quite tasty. Candylike. Don't be surprised if you don't get shipping updates from Sportsfuel. Mine just randomly arrived today. Pop Cola flavour.

  • +1


    Kingfisher Gifts also qualifies, party suppliies and lollies.

    • Thanks for the info. I'll add it in when I get to my computer. I should probably do a recheck every six months / year.

  • +1


    Stores removed
    * = shipping costs added
    ** = store no longer active

    • ALLDOCK*
    • Bamboo Body**
    • celebration giftware**
    • Hofdeco*
    • Low Cost Wire**
    • MyTools*
    • Office Furniture Warehouse*
    • Propaganda Streetwear & skate*
    • Prime Solutions**
    • Reytid**
    • Vellum*
    • Screenhug**

    Stores added

    • Aussie Wardrobe
    • Cosmic
    • Catelle wax
    • Dear Addison
    • Don Vassie Decanters
    • Fashion Collab
    • Flight Coffee
    • ICB
    • Kingfisher Gifts (thanks Dunno)
    • LatestBuy
    • Linen Connections
    • nztack
    • Nutratech Nutrition
    • Ozone Coffee Roasters
    • Pop Phones
    • Playpress Toys
    • Podium Supply Co.
    • RabbitRabbit
    • Shaky Isles Coffee
    • SPORX
    • The Brandster
    • Tech Crazy
    • Toy Central
    • Together
    • Velettร  Skincare
    • Vicoffroad
    • 3 Wise Men

    Other notes
    Added ** to store name for stores that have a minimum spend between $20 and $30. Coffee stores.

    Title updated from 96 to 111.

  • The Warehouse has free shipping as well if you live in Auckland.

    • I don't seem to be able to get this, shows from $0 in cart but when I check out it adds $6 shipping.

      • I could be mistaken then.

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