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$128 off First Box (4 Persons, 3 Meal Box $9.99 Delivered) @ HelloFresh


Hello Fresh seems to now have a two-tier referal system.

If you're looking for a free first box, use the referral system below that says $128 off first box. $128 is enough to cover a 4 persons 3 meals box, you'll only need to pay $9.99 shipping.

Note that some of the codes are not working properly. Just keep clicking on the random link until you get a code that says total to pay is $9.99 (shipping) for a 4 persons 3 meals box.

No need to message anyone, they won't be able to give you anything more than $128 off the first box.

Referral Links

Referral: random (68)

Referee gets $128 off their first box. Referrer gets $60-$90 credit.

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  • Referral solicitation, codes, links, asking to PM are not permitted in comments. I've updated the referral system and split the codes for $128 off (codes with FIH) and $50 off (codes with HS).

  • Seem to be for the first referral of a new account, just signed up and now my referal code says $130 discount in the url

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    Note: If you are in the South Island you have to pay an additional $5 surcharge on top of the $9.99 shipping.

  • I wonder if the mod can edit the referal system so that you know where to look for the $130 off codes instead of having to click through so many before arriving at a $130 off code.

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      Perhaps leave a message in the referral thread

      • Thanks, just commented in that thread.

        Btw, my code gives $130 off. If anyone wants one and doesn't want to click through so many links please DM me.

        • Think DMs the best option, probably not going to move fast on a Sunday. I'll get rid of my post if you are going to DM 🙂

          • @paratax: If you see anyone's request first please just respond to them.

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              @sunshinenz: Ok, thanks for the heads up on the deal though, appreciate it.

  • If I get a free box and pay $10 for shipping, am i eligible for the $15 kiwiwallet cashback?

    • No, because the $130 off code will displace the kiwiwallet code.

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    This is great! Thank you so much OP 😊
    Didn’t take too many attempts to get the code either .. took a good 5 minutes of trying but worth it!
    Might do another one with partners CC and get it delivered to our neighbours house that were house sitting hahaha

  • This is very interesting. I logged into my account to see the discount and mine one says

    "Share a free box and get $50 in credit
    Give friends a free week of meals, and you’ll get $50 credit when they sign up using your personal code."

    So, I guess everyone's discount is different now? If anyone wants a FREE box, just pm me your email address.

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    Everybody getting HelloFresh boxes while I'm reloading the FootLocker website (every minute) trying to get me cheap shoes

    • Were you able to get anything?

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        Just been trying to get the Salomon Ultra Raids. Keeps going in and out of stock. No luck so far.

  • Thanks for sharing this, new to this. Does it mean I can cancel after the first delivery or cancel right after registration?

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      Don't cancel straight away or you will also cancel your order.
      Wait until you get your first delivery and then cancel

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      11.59pm Tuesday is the cutoff so in theory you can cancel on Wednesday. However it's best to just skip the next week, then cancel after you receive the free box.

    • Best is cancel next week delivery after you order. Wait for the first order to arrive and cancel everything after that. Easy to remember

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    Anyone what a free box? Have two to give away.

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    • No need to send emails, just use the referal system in this post. You'll get $128 off the first box, which is a free box for 4 persons 3 meals.

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    Yes please jcroberts111 have messaged you

  • Is there any reason behind the different referral offers available to send?

    From my accounts, the active one is the free box, whereas all the deactivated ones are the lesser offer.

    Also weird how they still call the worse offer a free box when it isn't.

    • It's still a free box if you choose no more than 3 meals.

      • You misconstrue what I have said.

        The offer that some people have that only gives $100 off is still called a free box when you send it, but the receiver only gets $60 off their first box.

        The two offers are not the same yet hellofresh calls them both a free box

        1st offer is $128 off first box, referrer gets $25

        2nd offer is $100 off first 3 boxes, refferer gets $50

        Weirdly when you get sent the offer through email, it claims $100.01 off but when you click it is $100 off

  • With how expensive groceries is…. this is a great great deal. UPVOTED.

  • I have a few free boxes. Feel free to pm me with an email address for a code.

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      Is this the "old" free box ($145 off) or the "new" one ($128 off)?

      • Yes, now that the 4-4 plan has raised in price, you have to pay an extra $13 for the extra night of meals. If you intend on getting the 4-3 its better to use the referral.

      • Ohhhh has the “old” free box programme been replaced by this one?

        Looks like it benefits existing Hello Fresh users as there is a $25 discount for the sender. Whereas before there was no incentive.

  • I have a few "new" $128 free box, feel free to pm me

  • I presume the system knows your address, so even with a new account and email address you can't get multiple "new" boxes delivered to one address?

    • I think you can get 2 free boxes max per address. If you try to get a third one you'll get an error message something along the line you already have an account or the offer has expired.

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    Not happy! Used the link sent to me and have been charged $133. DO NOT DO THIS!

    • Sometimes some of the links are expired when you go to use them but it always tells you how much your order is going to be prior to charging you.

      I had an expired link the first time but it very clearly stated expired within the ordering menu and I just requested a new link.
      Go back to them and see if they will cancel the order for you.

    • You should go to Facebook chat, send them a message explaining. They will tend to refund you.

      HF free box codes turn "expired" if your address has been used to claim 2 free boxes, even if you yourself haven't had anything to do with it. You can chat with them and tell them you're new tenants, never claimed free boxes etc and they would make your address eligible again.

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      It's worked for a lot of people, including me and some friends. It clearly tells you how much you'll pay before you complete the order?

    • Sometimes they have problems with their systems, just contact them through live chat, they are pretty easy to deal with.

  • Those who happened to use an "expired" link — I have contacted Hello Fresh and this is what they say:

    Thank you for contacting HelloFresh! I am sorry to hear that the Free box offer you sent was not working. I can send a report to our technical team regarding this. However, it is highly recommended for your friends to contact us directly regarding the free box offer they received.

    I hope this helps but if you have other concern, just let me know so I can assist you further.

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    Update. Thanks for everyone's messages. I didn't hear back from my email to them but just spoke to someone on the phone. She could see I had a valid offer but for some reason it didn't come off (I wonder if it is because I cancelled so quickly?) She is going to refund my money and send the box. It was very good customer service actually.

  • Thanks OP. I now have $100 in my account thanks to the referral system. Guess I'll stick with HF for another week.

    • There are 40 codes in the system. If each code gets 4 referals then 160 new customers for HF over the weekend.

      • It's awesome - just checked now and I've had 6 referrals for $150 in credit.
        Thanks for the post.

        • Cool. I got $100. My code worked on Sunday but has stopped working since.

    • hey wakrak, I have a 20% discount applied to my second box/delivery can I still use my referral credit to get it for free?

      Got 225$ in credits thanks to this post

  • I went through the random links and found that quite a few codes no longer worked. If your code is in the system, could you please check that it's still working? If not could you please report to HF? I reported mine but HF can't figure out what the error is. If lots of people report it it might be easier for them to find out what's wrong I hope??

    Or perhaps there's a cap on the number of referals? But I have only got 4 referals while bigcheese already got 6, so apparently I haven't reached the cap?? Does anyone have more than 6 and the code is still working?

    • +1

      I've never had referrals before with Hello Fresh - in fact I had forgotten to put my referral details in Cheapies until I saw your post.
      So far only got 2 emails to say I have referrals yet when I login it shows 6 worth $150.
      Definitely can achieve 6, I just don't know if that is the maximum.

      • +1

        I've got six too now.

      • If you open up your own refferral link in a private browser, does it show the discount? Mine no longer does but when I click the referral generator above it does.

        • Yes mine still shows the $128 discount in private browser mode.

          Also, just got another $25 so now at 7 referrals worth $175 so not capped so far.

        • Mine doesn't show in either option.

          Congrats bigcheese, it's a free box for 4 persons 5 meals for you!

          • @sunshinenz: I'm stoked.
            Wish I had entered my referral details sooner!
            Be interersted to see if it keeps going or whether it has a limit.

  • So those getting referral credit - can you claim it all in 1 go or is it a max discount of $25 at a time?

    • Apparently they can only be used on full-priced boxes.

      If you have credits, they will only be applied after all discounts have been used up.

      My guess is that it'll use all credit that is available depending on box size.

    • +4

      Can use up to all the amount of credit available, however on full-priced boxes only. If you have a low discount (e.g. 20%) that you don't want to use, de-activate your account, the discount will be lost, then re-activate with no codes, so you'll be on full prices and can use the credit.

      • Great that is super helpful I couldn’t work out how to get rid of the discounted boxes so I could apply the credit. I have $175! Good to know that if you deactivate your account you don’t lose your credit (I was too afraid to try it out).

      • Brilliant thank you

      • "If you leave, you might lose them, try skipping instead."
        "You still have some credits left. Don't forget to use them before you leave."

        Have others been successful in deactivating plans and then still keeping credits? I get the above messages when I try to deactivate my plan.

        • +1

          Yes, have deactivated and credits are there when you reactivate 🙌

          • @ItsRachG: Yes my credit was there too so got another week for free!

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    I have one free box, dm me your email if you want

  • Hi checked their customer service, the refer code only can be used up to 10 times

  • I don't know why this deal is reported as expired. It's still working. Note that if your address has already received two free boxes then it's not eligible for more even it was previous tenants at your address who claimed the free boxes years ago.

    • You should actually report this to the mods as a Long Running Deal, now that this seems to be the new norm from Hello Fresh.
      Otherwise it will expire automatically next month, 45 days after you posted.

      • Just had an email to say my free boxes to give away expire tonight

  • +1

    Want to say thanks to OP for posting, thanks to admin/mod for getting referral links in place and thanks to everyone who used my link to get me another free box! 😜

    • Hi, maybe I'm a bit late to the party but just wondering what this is all about. Ie. "everyone who used my link" as I thought the above referral links available at random was of the OP's..? Can anyone add their referral code(link) to the 'random links' above perhaps? Sorry I'm a bit lost haha.

      • Yes, press edit and you can put in your own link

        • +1

          Thanks for your reply :)

  • Be careful as we used a $128.00 discount code for a 2nd time and they charged us full price ( $185.00 ) for our box . Rang them before delivery and got them to refund me back ( took about 3 days before it hit our account ) though they did state in the phone call that these $128.00 off codes can only be used one time per household ( not per person).

  • Just had an email to say my free boxes to give away expire tonight

  • Anyone been dissapointed in their veges received? Our head of brocolli was about 1/3rd the size of what you get at the supermarket and certainly not enough for 4 plates. Our parsnip was also really soft etc.

    It sucks because the likes of bargainbox which is priced $40-50 lower(rrp) is always good produce but hellofresh seems hit and miss on fresh stuff, we have had 2 average/poor ones and 1 good.

    • +1

      The leeks are the most disappointing. Keep thinking it's a spring onion whenever one arrives.

    • Food price inflation is 10% in the last week alone at my local supermarkets. Perhaps that's why HF had to find ways to cut costs, as they can't adjust prices as frequently as supermarkets.

  • +1

    Thanks for this deal post, maxed my 10 referrals via cheapies for 2 heavily discounted boxes

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