User-Submitted Referral Code Updates (Request Referral System Additions)

This is a slightly edited cross post from the same OzBargain thread, the dates and time frames will be wrong, but the purpose is still the same.

This morning we pushed out a new user-submitted referral changes. This is an update to the previous attempt a year and half ago. Problem with the previous one is that it's difficult to add new stores that support referral benefits, and the feature ended up only supporting GreenManGaming and not being used much by our users here. What happened afterwards were wiki pages created for each online shop. Yes it's an interesting use of the wiki pages, but

Not a good idea to let any member to be able to edit everyone's code.
Free-form might not be the most ideal format, and hard to police everyone to edit in the same format.

The list is ordered rather than randomised.

What we have done now is having a single place for you to put in all your referral codes. Go to your Settings page and click on the referrals tab. You should be presented with a list of "stores" that we currently have referral support.

See full updated list.

New ones should be easily added as well if the method of referral is via a referral link (i.e. unique URL per referrer). Feel free to submit new ones in the comments. I need

  • The URL format for the referral link
  • Instructions to get the referral link
  • Benefit for the referrers and referees.
  • Another reminder that Affiliate Links and Referral Links are different and we do not allow affiliate links here on OzBargain.

Once a referral system has been set up for that domain, for every deal posted to that domain, a grey box will appear below the content and above the Share buttons containing a randomised referral link AND OP's referral link (if OP has submitted one for that domain and the deal has hit the front page vote minimum - updated 9/5/16). The benefits for the referrers and referees are also shown so people know what they (and you) are getting. In this case including your own referral link and link to wiki becomes redundant.

Yes this is still in beta and needs improvement. Some potential issues / possible improvements:

Since you do not really need to put referral link in your content, you can submit deals with your link in the referral box without the deal being marked as "referral post". This might lead to abuse of people posting excessive deals from the stores offering referral. I shall look at ways to prevent it. I don't want to mark them as referral post at the moment because previously submitter can pick and choose whether to include his/her referral link. Now it's always included. Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum to show.

A good idea to let people pick and choose? For example some people might not want to use OP's referral link, not a random one either but from a list of friends.

So here it is. Give it a try guys! I will start removing some of the wiki pages later today. Meanwhile, please leave feedback in the comments.

As of today, the system will no longer show OP's referral link in the referral block when the deal reaches the front page, but the OP's link will have a higher chance of being picked from the random pool. See updated help page.


Request a store to add to the referral system. Let us know if it's a code/link etc. We also need to know what the referrer and referee gets. Thanks.


  • Could Dropbox, Lastpass, and be added? They are all avalible on OzBargain and should work here. There are also wiki pages for vinomofo, Zen Market and stack social which could be added.

    • +1

      All added.

      • Think they should be added to this wiki page

  • Can I post a referral link as a deal? E.g Free 500mb extra Dropbox storage when click on a referral.

    • No you can't. Referral itself should not be the deal. However if there's a Dropbox promotion, you could post that and leave your referral link in the last line of actual content (but never the main link).

  • Maybe add flip to the system, as quote's got a referral link at least two users will have one.

    • Any details on the system?

      • Not with them myself but asked quote in the forum.

    • Flip has now been removed as there is no one in the system.

  • Could you add Top Cashback:

    Refer a friend and you'll get $10 free cashback
    and $10 free cashback for your friend

    Example referral: <MOD: Referral link removed>

    • Added.

      • Cheers.

  • NZ Forex and PP referral info appearing too big on mobile, the other ones are in a smaller font. Rather then going into two lines like the other stores it extends off the pages.

  • NZ Sale (Oz Sale NZ site)

    Join NzSale's Invite a Friend program

  • Dashlane

    To get link:

    If your friend signs up, you'll both get 6 months of free Dashlane Premium (normally $39.99 per year)!

    referral code:[REMOVED]

  • CowCow/Artscow like on OzBargain (instead of the wiki pages)

  • UberEats is now available in NZ, should be the same as AU.

    • Also $10?

      • Yep

  • Uber is down to $5.

  • Top Cashback UK?
    Referrer will receive £7.50 credit after referee earns £7.50 cashback or more.

  • Alibonus
    Referrer will receive 20% cash back bonus.
    To get link:

  • PSA:

    We have made some changes to the referral posting guidelines. Users are no longer allowed to post a referral link in the description of a deal post. Please use the referral system exclusively from this point on.

    If a store is not in the referral system, you may add a referral code to the end of the description. We will then add this store to the referral system and remove the original referral URL from the description.



    2Degrees Data Hunt

    Double Data on the next pin collected for both the referrer and the referee.

    In app open the settings menu, select invite friend, and then copy your invite code.

    • This has now been disabled as there is no one in the system. Guessing this is no longer active.

      • Yes - it went away some time ago (can't recall when).



    Humble Monthly

    Referrer receives Humble Wallet Credit for (new) monthly subscribers. Usually $5 per new subscriber, but currently $8 "limited time offer".<CODE>

  • Can you add Yourdrive please

    $20 credit for new person on first use and $20 referer credit ($50 if the person lists a car)

    Others just need to change the part after "code=" with their unique code under Promotions in their account.

    • That has been added.

    • Yourdrive has been disabled as:

      Given the current economic conditions Yourdrive, in conjunction with its shareholders, has decided to temporarily cease operations effective from March 10, 2020

  • Can you please add CashRewards?
    Here's a link to the details:

    Referer and new customer both get $10 credit.

    Format: CODE


    • Sorry for the delay!

      That has been added. Cash Rewards

  • Lime
    Go in the app, click gift icon on top right
    3x $1 credit for both referrer and referee

    Share icon at top right of app
    Six character code eg: SAQIZJ
    $1 credit for both referrer and referee

    • Is Lime in NZ?

        • My worry is that it does something similar to Uber, where you'll get referral credit in the form of USD instead of NZD, so only useful when using the service in US. Perhaps we'll wait until Lime officially launches in NZ and go from there.

          OnzO has been added.

          • @neil: Okay, thanks.

          • @neil: It has launched earlier today and I can confirm the credits are available as NZD.

  • Howabout adding Rebtel for cheap calls? They offer unlimited phone calls in NZ including mobile phones for US$7/month.

    $5.00 for both referer and new customer

    Format: CODE


    Thank you!

    • That's been added. Rebtel

  • +1

    Perhaps adding Transferwise? Very convenient for sending money overseas.

    Benefit for the referrers: £50 reward for ever 3 new customers that transfer over £200.
    New users get a free international transfer of up to £500 (around 970NZD).

    The URL format:

  • Can we please add Hellofresh

    Give $50. Get $50.
    For a limited time, you’ll receive $50 for every friend that signs up with your unique code (and they’ll receive $50). No limits on the amount of friends you can invite, so start sharing!


  • Can we get a referral for Ola. Couldn't find any that works (looked on cheapies and internet) for NZ

    • Are you able to provide the detail of the referral - as in what does the referrer and referee each get? Thanks.

      • Both parties get $15 credit to their ola account if the referee uses the referral code at signup.

        From their site :

        Ola's Referral Program is a promotional scheme wherein you get a chance to earn exciting rewards such as a ride couponso by inviting your friends to Ola.

        All you need to do is to share your referral code with your friends, and ensure they use the code while signing up on the Ola App.

        • Thank you, the referral system has been set up.

  • +1

    Hi team, can you please set up Skinnny Buddy Rewards for referrals? This is a coupon code that is activated in the Skinny app (not a URL parameter) so will need to be presented as a popup.

    The deal is: referee gets 4GB rollover data, referrer gets $20 account credit. To get the deal, the referee needs to activate a new Skinny SIM, buy a $16 or above 4 weekly rollover plan, download the Skinny App for iOS/Android and enter the referrer's redemption code within 30 days after activating the SIM.

    Full details at


    • Can this suggestion be added please? I recently joined Skinny and had to dig around on Twitter for a buddy referral. Would be good to have on Cheapies!

    • bump

    • That's been added. Skinny.

  • Can we please add energyclubnz?

    Refer a friend and earn $50 account credit
    Give $50, get $50! Refer your friends and family and you will earn a $50 account credit on your energyclubnz account if they switch. We'll also give your friends a $50 account credit for joining the club.

  • Can you please add

    Refer your friend and get $5.00! We will also give your friend $5 for signing up. CODE



  • Hi Mods,

    It looks like the VinoMofo referral URLs have changed format.

    They are now:

    All in lowercase.

    Please can you update the existing referrals, and let us know when we can add new ones.



    • That's been updated. Vinomofo. Are they still offering $25 each for referrer and referee?

      • Hi Neil,

        Yes - $25 each.



        • OK, Great, thanks.

  • Hi team,

    My Food Bag currently has $40 off your first order on all My Food Bag and Bargain Box plans.

    Code is ashleighc031


    • That's already in the system. My Food Bag

  • Kia ora
    Seems MyRepublic have a referral deal.
    On sign up for a new 12m plan you are prompted to add referral customer ID:

    "Refer a friend to MyRepublic and if they sign up to any MyRepublic plan on a 12 month contract, we will give you and your friend a $50 (incl GST) account credit."

    There is no special link they need to follow, they just need to enter the ID during sign up, eg mine is C1071946 is their normal URL.

  • Hi admins/mods,

    Can you please add Zomato Gold referral codes?

    Referral gets 20% off Zomato Gold and the referrer gets 1 free month added to their subscription. There is a text code, for example mine is PHIL0866.

    From deal
    "Get the second dish from your order complimentary or Pay for 2 drinks, the next 2 are complimentary at over 150 select restaurants in Auckland."

    • Done.

      • Thanks! That was fast lol

  • Hi admin,

    Can you please Rotimatic to referral codes?

    Share your referral link with a loved one, and get NZD 105 cashback after 120 days. Your friend will also receive NZD 215 off their order, and enjoy FREE express shipping. Win-win!

    Thanks !

    • That's been added. Rotimatic

  • Hi admin,

    Can you please add Sharesies referral to referral codes?

    Each referrer gets $5 bonus.

    Thanks !

    • This was added in June. Sharesies

  • Hi admin,

    Could you please add DropIt referral to referral codes? Both get $5 credit on sign-up.

    Should DropIt be posted in deals site? Reverse auction app, generally getting 5-15% off petrol and supermarket gift cards, among other things.


    • I had a quick look at this, but it is 'app only' (no website) which makes them look a bit shonky (or straight out of the nineties when everyone wanted you to install their app!)

      Are they legit? I had never heard of them.



      • They seem to be - I've bought about 60 vouchers using it over the past year, all shown up within 5 days.

        Here's a recent article about them as well:

        • Good find in terms of the article - they definitely appear to be legit, and if you have bought sixty vouchers over the last year, and they were all valid when presented (at least the ones you have), then that pretty much nails it.

          For me at least, the lack of a functional website kills it dead, but hey :-)


    • Unique bidding sites are not permitted on Cheapies so we won't be adding that to our system.

      • Hi Neil, I don't think DropIt falls into the unique bidding site category - there is no fee to participate, and it is the first person to accept the price as it drops, rather than placing a bid for the item. Understand it can be a bit of a gray area though. Cheers, Matt

        • Hmm OK. Are they just codes or a link?

          • +1

            @neil: Ni Neil,

            For what its worth, and not having used the site to purchase anything, it looks to me to be a very standard Dutch Auction - nothing odd or unusual, and not a 'Unique Bidding Site' (at least as I understand it).

            It seems like they send you a physical voucher (presumably with a unique code) - its not a URL, but that might vary.

            Not sure if that helps - I'll leave it with you and MattK1 as I am only a bystander :-)


          • @neil: They send out physical vouchers via courier (free postage) - literally the same as what you'd buy in stores. Cheers

            • @mattk1: I meant what is the referral scheme, URL or a code?

              • @neil: Sorry, it's a url: Format is[unique code]

    • Drop has now been disabled as there is no one in the referral system.

  • Hello,

    Flamingo scooters just launched and have a referral for users to gain "free account credit".


  • Seems Container Door's referrals have changed. Anyone know what the new links looks like?

  • Suggestion to add YNAB (You Need A Budget)
    Format is

    The person signing up and the referrer get a free month of their YNAB subscription

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