This was posted 1 year 5 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2x Free Z Espress Hot Drinks @ Z App


Was mucking around with entering promo codes on the Z app and to my surprise 'Test' and 'Test1' worked and both gave 1x free hot drink voucher.
I don't know how long it'll remain valid and probably wasn't intended to work.

The vouchers appeared instantly (after refreshing the voucher area)
Expiry dates of vouchers are 90 days.

Proof of vouchers in app

Need to download 'Z' app on your relevant app store.

Hot Drink List

Americano, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, hot chocolate, espresso, long black, chai latte, lemon ginger & honey, tea, fluffy. Add any flavour shots at no extra cost.

For more codes (10c off fuel and hot drinks) see the new post by Wakrak

Referral Links

Z App: random (25)

Referrer gets 1 free coffee (up to 3 max).

Z Electric: random (25)

Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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  • +1

    Thanks for sharing Dealio, both worked for me

  • +6

    lol. QA left it

    • Yeah, definitely an oversight!

    • or perhaps yet another trick to lure us into their station for more petrol lol

      • +5

        Stop in on the way to Waitomo, then BP for a car wash and then Mobil for another coffee.

        • yes sir! and were you driving your tesla? prolly stopped in waitomo for some pies

      • +1

        A secret parting gift before new overseas owner takes over

  • +1

    Wow, they worked instantly. Thanks!

  • +9

    😄 Reminds me of the time I was able to access the members area of a website (looking for discount codes) with email admin@… and password admin

  • +1

    Lovely, thanks OP - I wonder how many other random words might be valid codes lol

    • +7

      40 or so Cheapies thrashing the promo code box with random words for the next 10 minutes.

      free, coffee, test100, Bennetts

      • +7

        I just tried "Testes" but unfortunately didn't work.

        • +3

          Maybe if they sold meatballs

          • @Wakrak: Free Italian meatball pie perhaps?

            • @NZBigC: Sì, sì - but it's pronounced z, z.

  • Hahahah thanks op 😁😁😁

  • Wonder if someone will set up a dictionary attack in the future

  • Noice!

  • +8

    Also remember you can get any hot drink, with any extras all for free using the voucher. Extra shot, flavourings, large size, plant based milks etc.

    • +3

      Take caution though, I got one too many extra shots and ended up like I had an enema.

  • +1

    Man this is so cool. Two free cofys

    I’ve been entering so many different words but unlucky. Thanks OP! 🙏

  • That's hilarious. Cheers mate. Will need this in the morning

  • Nice. Thanks for posting.
    Still getting through the last lot of free coffee codes.

  • Thanks OP! Best entertainment for a cold raining night☔

  • +1

    Nice find OP.
    Tempted to order a coffee under ‘Mr Test’ just for a laugh.

  • Thanks both worked for me 🥰

  • +4

    I don't always test my code but when I do, I do It in production…

  • Thanks OP! Please drop the Z stations you think have the best baristas below. Sometimes I find it’s hit or miss with their coffees.

    • +1

      Pretty much miss where I am (Nelson)… But you know, free coffee is just that.
      All the gear, no idea.

    • I usually go to Z Stadium (Mill St, Hamilton)

  • Cheapies community is the bomb

  • Nice one 👌🏻 Thanks!

  • Lol signed up and claimed cheers OP

  • +11

    Be honest.. how many of us tried “test2” 😂

    • Test1, Test12, Test123, Test1234, Test69, Test420, etc etc…

    • I feel exposed

  • Has anyone actually redeemed it for a coffee?

    It doesn’t work if you try and apply the voucher to a coffee order in app, get an errorn

    • What if you preorder? Worked for me all the way up to choosing a time for pickup (didn't want to waste it so didn't go further than that).

    • I did a pre-order this morning around 7am and it worked fine, redeemed without issue

    • Redeemed and working. Just encase they pull during the week when they realise.

    • Redeemed for 2x coffee/hot choccie yesterday morning with no issues at all - voucher showed up at checkout and upon applying reduced to $0

  • Thanks, worked for me :)

  • thanks, worked for me, if someone gets it working over the counter, please report back.
    Btw, is it just me, or is the Z app a pig. Its so SLOW for me?

    • got a coffe this morning waiting for the shops to open :)

    • i always wonder why it asks for root permissions

      • a coffee at the counter?

        • +1


      • I assume if you grant root permissions they would deny access to the app. The reasoning behind it is to prevent location spoofing for sharetank.

  • Does this only work for coffees?

    • +1

      Hot drink list

      Americano, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, hot chocolate, espresso, long black, chai latte, lemon ginger & honey, tea, fluffy. Add any flavour shots at no extra cost.

  • Thanks OP. Just redeemed my 2 coffees!

  • Coffee fix sorted. Love you OP!

  • +6


    Free coffee and $0.10/L off fuel.

    • +1

      I can't even begin to imagine how you found this code


        Cheapies of the past 🎖️

        • Also here + here

          • +2

            @Bill: Got another code as well. Post as a new deal or just slap em in here?

            edit - I now have 4x free coffees and 4x 10c off vouchers.

            • @Wakrak: @Wakrak Posting as a new deal seems sensible, as the old deal has expired.

            • @Wakrak: I reckon it's worth posting as a new deal. Gets more traction and exposure.

  • My friend just pop into Z for fuel and when she pay they just ask her "Do you want a free coffee?"

    • +4

      Is she good looking?

      • I was thinking the same thing 😂

      • Obviously good enough

      • Either that or the z station has a heap of test order coffees that no-one came to collect!

        • +1

          Or they got so many orders that they stopped checking if it was free or not lol.

  • Didn't work for my partner this morning…fixed maybe?

  • +5

    Just used one of my 8 coffee vouchers. Nice hot cappuccino on a foggy Hamilton morning. Didn't know which post to thank so thought I’d come back to the original. Thanks again OP for setting off CheapieZ week.

    • No problem, it provided some weekend entertainment


  • Anyone else who had 5 or so drink vouchers after the Z deals have their vouchers revoked or something?? Three of my vouchers are gone without ever having redeemed them

    • +1

      Just had a look on my app and yeah all my drink vouchers have disappeared.

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