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Free Hot Drink & $0.10 off Per Litre of Fuel @ Z App


Found more codes that give free hot drinks and fuel discounts.

All inspired by this post from Whats The Dealio

ASKMIKE6 & ASKMIKE8 worked for me.

Hot drink list

Americano, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, hot chocolate, espresso, long black, chai latte, lemon ginger & honey, tea, fluffy. Add any flavour shots at no extra cost.

Referral Links

Z App: random (47)

Referrer gets 1 free coffee (up to 3 max).

Z Electric: random (30)

Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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  • Let me know if 1 & 7 don't work. I found em on Google.

    • Only 8 worked for me

    • Only 1 worked for me

    • 1 did not work for me, but 6/7/8 all worked!

  • +3

    6 7 8 worked for me all free drinks

  • No ideas what codes worked and which didn't, but I've got two extra coffee's and two 10c discounts. Thanks!

  • 6,7 and 8 worked for me

  • more drinks for me

  • Only 8 work for me, thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    Mikes 6,7 and 8 came through for me. Thanks

  • Only 7 worked for me
    I think since i have used 1,6 and 8 on the same account previously, it knows and doesn’t allow them again.

  • 6 and 7 worked for me. thanks!

  • +2

    can I stack the 5 10cpls in one transaction? 50c off per litre does sound pretty good

  • Only 6 worked for me

  • 1 didn't work, 6,7,8 worked for me. 3 drinks and 3 10c off

  • 6 7 and 8 worked for me. Cheers

  • Thanks Wakrak.

  • +1

    can we redeem the hot drinks all at once?

    • Yes.

    • yes, you can apply multiple vouchers in one preorder

    • didn't work for me today. App let me select one voucher only. Took a while to delete drinks and do 2 separate orders

  • 6 and 7 worked, and vouchers appeared, thanks op

  • None worked for me

  • Thanks OP. 1 & 8 didn't work, 6 & 7 worked.

  • Cheers for the investigative work OP. 6 and 7 worked. 1 gave me an error and then randomly a voucher appeared anyway so don't what happened there.

    • Maybe number 1 was still in ‘TEST’ mode?

      • Haha yeah. I’m quite amazed at the codes that are appearing.

  • Thanks OP.
    Does anyone know if you can stack the 10c off vouchers? And would they also stack with the 10c Wednesdays?

    • +1

      You can stack with the 10¢ off Wednesday up to 50L fuel… $5.00 maximum saving with one of these vouchers ($10 total saving including the Wednesday discount). These 10¢ vouchers can't be combined.

  • +1

    All said ‘unable to redeem voucher for me’ :(

    • Did you already have 4 coffee vouchers? Curious if there is a limit

      • Not 4, I do have 3 already…maybe location based? I’m in Canterbury

      • My partner has 5x hot drink vouchers and 5x $0.10/L off fuel vouchers.

        • Cheers. There goes that theory.

        • Accumulated drink for later use but find out Z fix the glitch 5 drink become 2……:p, any one drink their coffee in time?

    • ASKMIKE7 has worked today!

  • None work for me either

  • 6,7,8 worked for me, only 6 worked for partner's. Also my friend just pop into Z for fuel and when she pay they just ask her "Do you want a free coffee?", dont even need a voucher..

  • This is jokes lmao, appreciate it wakrak, I have 5x free coffees and 3x 10c coupons now

  • None worked for me. :(

  • None worked for me :(

  • Came here for the comments. Got 2 extra drinks now 😂😂

  • 6 and 8 worked for me. 6, 7 and 8 worked for me wife.

  • 6 worked for me. 🥰

  • Oh my caffeine!! 5 free z coffees accumulated within 24 hrs. U guys are awesome !!

  • +1

    Oh boy, thanks! Matariki party at Z for my whanau, invited them to bring their cars for a wash (have to use the vouchers today) and get a hot drink!

    • +2

      You don’t have to use the car wash vouchers today - just get them redeemed today for a code.
      If you do that then you get 30 days or so to use the actual car wash.

      • Oh great, thanks, I was wondering about that

  • ASKMIKE7 worked for me this morning.

  • I assume you can just pre order and pay with a voucher so you don't even really need to even talk to the cashier if you don't want to.

    Going to get our car wash vouchers cashed in this afternoon but might not actually wash the car if there's a queue thanks to all the cheapies members 🤣 I drive past 2 with car washes every morning so will just chuck it in one night when it's quiet on. The way home. It get dirty so fast I'm sure I can use all 3 in a month no problem.

  • Thanks. 6 7 8 worked for me all free drinks

  • Will expire deal until someone comments that these codes still work.

    • -1

      Just tried all codes and none work.

  • None of these worked for me 😪

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