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Crucial P5 2TB PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD up to 3400MB/s (TLC with DRAM cache) NZ$288.93 Shipped (US$182.32) @ Amazon US


Amazon US have the Crucial P5 2TB 3D NAND NVMe Internal Gaming SSD, up to 3400MB/s - CT2000P5SSD8 for US$149.99 which after shipping and GST ends up as US$182.32 or NZ$288.93 shipped using Amazon's conversion. It's currently in stock/no back order. This is a high end PCIe Gen 3.0 NVMe SSD using TLC with a DRAM cache. Gen 3 means it is not suitable for use with the PS5.

Performance wise, it doesn't generally quite match the Samsung 970 EVO Plus… or the Hynix P31 which is often considered the best gen 3 consumer SSD but not easily available to NZ. Like it's newer gen 4.0 cousin, the P5 Plus, it's also a but power hungry and gets quite hot so probably not a good idea for a laptop or small system. However it's still significantly better than the devices that are QLC or DRAMless or both, which is what you generally get at this price range; or even the older TLC+DRAM drives that top out at about 2100MB/s.

Note although the P5 Plus I posted ~2.5 weeks ago was 1/3 more for the device, after shipping (which is same for both) it comes to 31.5% more and with worse currency conversion it's closer to ~25% more or this is ~20% cheaper whichever way you want to look at it. So if you got the P5 Plus whether it was worth it, you decide. (Despite the earlier delivery estimates, mine already shipped so suspect you can't cancel and get this instead.) Of course SSD prices are also on a downward trend at the moment so even with worsening NZD, there will probably be better deals in the coming months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I wonder why Amazon US converts the total at checkout into NZ dollars but Amazon AU doesn't?

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      I assume you know you can turn off Amazon US's conversion and use your own card's?

      Anyway I've wondered myself why Amazon AU doesn't offer conversion. One factor may be other than to NZ, they don't sell much to other countries. So the hassle and costs of offering conversion just isn't something they've bothered to do. Amazon US sells a lot more to people in other countries so (like many stores) it's worth them offering it for customers who don't want to use their cards.

      Mind you, I find some of Amazon stores practices confusing. Especially why do ?all stores other than US and AU refuse to follow the NZ/AU GST regime and so still won't ship to us since it was introduced? It can be that hard, I mean the US store can do it. It doesn't matter much to Australia anymore since they buy from UK etc via Amazon AU and it's often a better deal since they get free Prime shipping, still seems weird though.

      • Each Amazon country is its own arm, and NZ requires GST registration if you ship more than 60k. You can't just post an envelope full of cash anonymously to IRD.

        So the other country arms probably looked at their profitability from NZ relative to the registration, accounting and return costs and said "CBF".

        Amazon AU probably did the same thing around foreign currency accounting.

        • Not sure why you were negged. You're right that it does take some work but IMO still doesn't make sense. The costs for anyone remotely competent can't be that much, I mean AFAIK Amazon UK for example still do digital sales to NZ (at least they say they do, never tried it myself) so I'm guessing they are already registered. Physical sales would add complexity, but if they really have no one capable of handling it (which reeks of major problems internally) they could always tell their head office they need someone to help because they lack decent staff. It's not like any other slightly major retailer has had a problem doing so. And frankly posting cash anonymously to IRD would be a lot more costly than doing it the properly. I'd suggest it's just dumb management.

          Handling currency conversion themselves is a different matter since it doesn't stop sales to NZ or wherever and is likely to add a lot more complexity and costs than GST ever will.

  • Also it's a great deal, I WANT to need this. But I just don't, weirdly I don't seem to need any more than the 256GB on my desktop, and my NAS can't take m.2/NVMe drives.

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    Coming up as NZD 402.84 delivered, which seems like a very poor deal. Maybe the price changed?

    Order Summary
    Items: USD 186.49
    Shipping & handling: USD 34.56
    Total before GST: USD 221.05
    Estimated GST to be collected: USD 33.15
    Order total: USD 254.20
    Payment Total: NZD 402.84

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    i get 380 but the seller is hot deals 4 less.

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